For those whom i have yet to meet

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for those whom i have yet to meet

Either as a relative pronoun or question word, whom is rarely used in conversation. He is the consultant who can answer your question. Striking a more formal, educated tone doesn't have to be the only reason to use whom as the object pronoun. You can still use the he/him test if you rephrase the question and ask. Hi, Could you please explain the meaning of the construction "have yet to meet"? What does it mean? Thanks. "I've yet to meet anyone who can. If you can substitute he, she, we, or they in the clause, and it still sounds okay, then you Example 3 (whom): The stranded motorist whom I helped was very grateful. . e.g. 'Yous went to the shops,' 'Her and me want to meet up with yous.'.

Она подавляла его своей красотой, и всякий раз, когда он оказывался рядом, язык у него заплетался.

for those whom i have yet to meet

Сейчас она держалась подчеркнуто сдержанно, и это пугало его еще сильнее. - Так в чем же проблема, Фил?

Poldark // I've yet to meet the man who could better me(2x09)

- спросил Стратмор, открывая холодильник. - Может, чего-нибудь выпьешь.

- Нет, а-а… нет, спасибо, сэр.

for those whom i have yet to meet