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fuglys meet 2

Fugly is an Indian Hindi comedy-drama social thriller film directed by Kabir Sadanand released Next we see Chautala meets Gaurav's father in an isolated region. Chautala true to his colour is attempting to blackmail the CM but is shot dead. The Fugly Series (2 Book Series) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: A USA TODAY Bestseller, from author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Fugly Poster. Four friends fight See all 2 photos» Machine depicts the story of racing enthusiasts, who meet each other under mysterious circumstances.

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She is just feeling like her life is starting to be okay, that SHE will be okay. Until Max walks back in to her life, proclaiming his love, and proposing marriage. Where has he been for the last six months? Lily is continually pulled back and forth between Max and Patricio.

They have a long standing feud between them and she is right in the middle of it. As details emerge, Lily find out just what Max has been doing for the last few months and it made me fall in love with him even more. But still, he makes a few mistakes, yes, they are serious ones.

fuglys meet 2

But once you see what he was trying to do, well… Patricio and his family were pretty hilarious. Until she can conquer her own inner demons, does she really have a chance at happiness?

Can she risk everything with a man that makes her want everything? Or should she accept something more comfortable, safer? I pretty much read this book in a day. I loved it that much. You really need to read Fugly first, so you can start at the beginning with Max and Lily. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, for another wonderful, sweet, funny book.

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These two will stay with me for a long time. Chautala kills Nunu in order to frame them in his murder case.

fuglys meet 2

In the morning after severe threat he puts up a demand of Rs. Gaurav is afraid to tell his father about the incident because he was actually involved in kidnapping of Nunu, since this would cost his father his CM chair. Somehow everyone is able to arrange 24 lakhs.

Chautala further blackmails them by recording them handing over the money to him, as an evidence of attempting to bribe a policeman. He gives them 3 more days to arrange for the money with additional Rs. The four of them are further forced to arrange a rave party with a drug dealer, which is again raided by Chautala. He forces them into drug dealing as well to extract more juice out of them.

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The four of them decide that they had enough and want to expose him in a sting operation. They almost succeed in extracting confession out of him on camera, but are busted and Chautala also kidnaps Devi. Chautala outsmarts them on every step and the four slip deep into trouble with every step they try. Finally they are arrested on false charges and meanwhile out on bail.

Dev in the end decides that he has to sacrifice his life to expose truth. The next scene we see Dev in hospital and his narration is interrupted by Chautala once again. He clears up the ICU room of everyone to have a private moment with Dev. Dev tricks him by cutting off his own life support and getting into a scuffle with Chautala. As the medics and reporters rush into the room, they find Dev dead and it appears as if Chautala has killed him. This is telecast live on the news.