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The end goal was to help employees understand that they can grow their careers within T-Mobile, and T-Mobile is invested in their career success. Solution Perception surveys and employee feedback showed a strong need to showcase the various opportunities available across T-Mobile.

With more than 4, job titles, dozens of job families, and five different operating groups, the need implied a substantial initiative, and required participation from a broad group of functions and roles. The solution—an intensive Career Success campaign to drive renewed focus on career success opportunities.

The campaign highlights the message that "a career at T-Mobile isn't just a job; it's an opportunity to stand in the spotlight as we revolutionize the wireless industry.

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CareerFest was positioned as an innovative event to provide unprecedented energy and attention to the ways employees can identify options for career growth. The event provided a unique focus on careers at the Un-carrier, including activities focused on: Through the virtual platform, CareerFest offered a robust on-demand experience.

CareerFest offered an innovative look at different roles by featuring employee-generated videos.

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These videos featured more than 70 employees sharing information about their roles, totaling over four hours of role-specific insight. Career Advice from Leaders and Executives.

In addition to these role-overview videos, CareerFest offered over 20 hours of video content featuring insight into roles, departments and career advice from leaders and executives across the organization.

During the five-day CareerFest event, live interactive chat rooms were available for 35 hours, led by leaders, recruiters and career development team members across the organization—available to answer any question an employee might have relative to careers in any department. A company-wide contest was hosted to further encourage employees to explore the many opportunities across the enterprise.

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As employees found a role that piqued their interest, they would record a video of themselves "auditioning" for their dream career. Ten winners would gain the opportunity to travel to experience the role first-hand and network with employees and leaders of their dream career.

FollowFollowing Sep 7, Mobile app developers and designers tend to be an idealistic bunch. After all, the field is full of artists and entrepreneurs, people who take risks in a tough, competitive market to realize their creative visions. The same goes for mobile app developers, who also have to worry about a million technical details that can make or break an app. It can be all too easy, for mobile app developers and designers alike, to forget the big dreams that guided them to where they are now.

To see what makes mobile app developers and designers tick, we asked seven developers and entrepreneurs what their dreams were.

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Either way, these mobile app developers are chasing their dreams, and finding out how to make them reality. The freedom and creativity of creating indie apps is what drives Clark, and he hopes to continue down this path for a long time. The key to making it happen, he says, is listening to your users and always improving your craft: I have a lot of dreams of varying levels. The most basic, and most important is just to be able to continue working for myself on my apps.

I love being an indie mobile app developer as I have for the last four years, and I just hope to be able to continue that for a long time. As for making those dreams happen, we are really trying to get as much feedback as possible from our current users and deliver on the most desired improvements. We wanted to fill that void and create a brand that people can stand with. Collect useful information on military discounts that we can bring right to service members phones.

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My dream for the app is to enrich the lives of the military community by SCOUT being one of the most useful tools service members and their families use every day. This ties in with our dream to become the most comprehensive military discount app out there.

On top of discounts, we feature two military non-profits each month to be highlighted on the app. This is so our users can learn about other organizations aiming to serve them, too.

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The app is 10 months old. To be part of huge technological shifts. Even though our mobile apps have been downloaded millions of times, developing BeenVerified for Apple Watch was a fun challenge due to the space constraints.