Furry friend tag meet all my pets

Furry Friend Tag: Meet Lily ! - Vloggest

furry friend tag meet all my pets

May is National Pet Month and The Furry Friend Tag started by Amber is a fun way to get the month started! Meet The Golden Girls. A: Any information we have about the pet's background, foster home. Pet Tag! – Meet my puppy, Oakley! How long have you had your pet friend? 4. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? 8.

I was not expecting an adorable and sweet puppy for a gift because we already had a cat and a dog that I adored. But I was ecstatic because she was not only the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen, she was also affectionate without licking so much like most puppies do.

Zoey always stood out above the rest. She is incredibly smart; she learned how to sit, lie down, and give you dap her paw all in one week! She never needed a leash to know to stay close and in sight and she has a strong soul.

Unfortunately, she had an amputation, but very fortunately she continued to be herself and stood up and walked the day after her surgery! She is now an oldie goldie, but she would sprint, jump, and take on stairs like a champ in her younger years. She is simply amazing!

Post-Adoption FAQs

I passed out in the middle of doing highlights, was rushed to the ER, stabbed with an EPI pen and was told that my job was going to kill me. I loved doing hair, it was all I knew and everything I was, but I had to stop. I began helping neighbors out with their dogs and cats when they were away. Then one day it hit me…. Pets and the Sity. I started small and was still struggling with the loss of my career.

furry friend tag meet all my pets

I worked hard, hit the streets, tried to spread the word and a year later, I have been full time, I have 5 staff members, tons of amazing clients and more purpose then I have ever had in my life.

Pets and the Sity came to me and I was lucky enough to have faith and believe that I could make lemonade out of lemons….

furry friend tag meet all my pets

You had to package up your passion for hair, put it aside, because it literally would have killed you. But you picked yourself up and started this fantastic company. Tell us some of the services you offer at Pet and the Sity?

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Pets and the Sityoffers a variety of in home pet care services. Our goal is to make sure when the pet parent is away, the pet is safe, comfortable and happy in their own home.

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Whether it is a long day at work or a week long vacation, we are here to care for all of your pets needs. Dog walks, cat visits, play time, feedings, grooming, training, overnights and most importantly…LOVE! We believe pets were put on this planet to enrich our lives. Our mission at Pets and the Sity is to enrich the lives of your pets! Tell us about that. I came across Safe Haven 4 Pets doing a search for places that needed pet sitter volunteers.

Once I saw the website and did some research I was immediately drawn to this organization. What they are doing is incredibly close to my heart and I feel very strongly about their vision. She also really enjoys being with my while I blog. Peep that in the picture below She has to sit right in between my legs or on my belly every time I get the computer out to start typing for you all.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? To help me through all the tough days, give me something to take care of, and to always have something around that loves and needs me.

Essentially she is like my daughter. I know this sounds dramatic, but as somebody with depression and anxiety it really helps me to know I have something I have to do and take care of every day. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet? Another thing we both really enjoy doing is taking rides in the car. Do you have any nickname you call your pet?