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Here was my first cut at a wiring diagram that should c transmission electric hookup similar to the TCI kit, plus this will have an indicator light and the ability to force the torque converter to lock up in any gear. You can either dump the "force TCC lockup in any gear" feature, or do some creative rewiring to move the control to the positive side of the system.

A different distributor is used with the lock up transmissions and the engine may be tuned for use with the transmission. Early Jeep THMs used an adapter between the engine and transmission bell housing while later models had an AMC specific housing - which bolted to its inline six and V8.

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No sense doing that more than once. Tailshaft There are several variations on tailshafts.

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You can see the valley and peak. Lockup engages within 3 to 4 seconds after the trans goes to 4th gear and disengages when the brake is applied or more heavey throttle is applied. Also, after playing with the wiring a bit on the vehicle while driving around, I could not get the indicator light to work the way I originally thought it should. The THM was the first three-speed, Simpson-geared automatic to use overrunning clutches for both first and second gear reaction, a feature that eliminated the need to coordinate the simultaneous release of a band and application of a clutch to make the gear change.

The indicator LED will likely need a dropping resistor of the proper size for whatever LED you choose and the overall brightness you want. Splice your toggle switch inline after the brake pedal switch and your good to go.

I had a heck of a time figuring this out from available information on the internet and eventually had to buy a factory manual for the year and model vehicle my donor transmission came from to confirm all the details. It also ensures that the TCC is off when you at sitting at a stoplight.

Geschirr Flirt Alina Kabaeva

The case connector is still available from GM if needed, complete with a new o-ring. This can be accomplished with simple kits from several places or with custom wiring of your choice. The pressure switch with the two red connectors on it is installed into the "3rd Clutch" location and is a normally open unit that is not grounded.

You need to install a normally open switch. After researching and seeing the great reviews for the kit, the price and free shipping from Jegs couldn't be beat.

Installed a switch to lock-up my torque Converter from 2nd gear up!!!!

c Transmission Electric Hookup

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