Glen powell interview on meet

glen powell interview on meet

Meet Glen Powell One of Hollywood's Hottest Rising Stars. by Katie Powell grew up as the middle child and only boy in a Texas family of five. When Glen Powell moved to Los Angeles, it was at the suggestion While in Los Angeles for the film's premiere, Powell met with Limato again. Glen Powell: I used to be a script reader at Sony for a while, for this very about early was The Philadelphia Story and When Harry Met Sally.

Rick and I had some really great breakfast conversations where we sat down and pondered what college life is and what life is about, and the most fun guy to ponder with is Rick. It was one of my favorite memories of the whole thing. It was interesting talking to him about the idea of memory. He remembers events as they took place, whereas most people do this revision of history—they want to remember their experience the way they want to remember it.

There was this one scene [in Fast Food Nation] where he wanted me to have this awkward goodbye with this girl. Hug her as hard as you can. Rick knows how to create those moments that feel organic. He can get those kind of performances out because he knows what it feels like. Were you always going to be Finnegan? Were you considered for other roles? Everybody auditioned for six roles at the top, but I felt a fondness for Finnegan right off the bat.

I heard Rick gave the cast some movies to watch before hand, like Animal House. Did you watch Dazed and Confused or would that have been weird? We watched Animal House, Airplane!

Meet Glen Powell One of Hollywood’s Hottest Rising Stars

I feel like we watched Dazed the first night and it was put to bed after that and we never talked about it again. In the film, your character and various members of the baseball team go to a country music club, a disco club, and a punk club. Which was your favorite?

The punk club was the last night of shooting, so there was a lot of bro-hugging that day. But we all prepped for the Sound Machine [disco club] so much.

Glen Powell's College Years - Interview Magazine

The dancing was one of the things that Rick was really specific about. We worked hard to show those dance moves. Rick has a reputation for being quite a vague director. Did you find that to be true? Russell is known for being a very combative director. You want to do anything else? Everything is offered in a question form: We put our hemispheres together and came up with something even more genius.

glen powell interview on meet

I know you try to get your mother into most of your films as an extra. Was she in this one? She loves being on set, she gets a kick out of it, and nepotism is kind of an expectation at this point.

What am I going to do? How did it first start? When I was in Spy Kids 3 she was on set and she played an adult spy. She had such a good time; it was such a fun thing for all of our friends and family to do, pause the TV like a replay from the NFL. Do you have siblings? I get to be a double uncle. Do you have uncle plans?

When I first moved out to L. He acts, he writes, he produces, he directs. I always respected that guy, especially with The Expendables franchise, which is very much the type of movie that my dad and I loved when I was a kid.

Powell recalls Washington telling him: Radwell is a pompous, yet likable character with a sensational wardrobe and hysterical one-liners. In Everybody Wants Some!! The star-studded cast includes Taraji P.

glen powell interview on meet

Powell is also in the upcoming film Sand Castle. Military Special Operations forces unit that goes to fix a broken water supply unit in the dangerous village of Baqubah, Iraq, and then things go horribly wrong.

In high school, he considered joining the armed forces, which is why he had such a wonderful time making Sand Castle.

glen powell interview on meet

I got to be in a kill house in Jordan on a Jordanian military base, and literally all day, all I did with these special forces guys was save hostages and kill terrorists that they planted in this kill house.

You go in there with your unit and basically clear this entire house. It was the best.

glen powell interview on meet

While shooting in Jordan, he befriended a Green Beret and the two have plans to attend a jungle warfare school in Belize. What will he do after that? Probably head home to Texas.

glen powell interview on meet