Global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

Chhattisgarh to get its new 'green' capital Naya Raipur on November 1 - India News

global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

Chhattisgarh was in news in mostly for wrong reasons as it and the first global investors' meet in the state were some other highlights. The Chhattisgarh government under CM Raman Singh has invested Rs 6k Sahar Khan: Raipur; October 27, ; UPDATED: April 18, IST The Raman Singh government will host the state's first ever global investors' meet at. Investor friendly Key strengths ▻ Power rich state with over MW by end of 12th Plan ▻ Strong investors' confidence: MoUs worth Rs 1,92,

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global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

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global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

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global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

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  • Chhattisgarh to get its new 'green' capital Naya Raipur on November 1
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Marketing of Bamboo products, both in India and abroad. In 46 Vanaushdhalayas situated in interior part of the State, primary health care is provided to the villagers by the traditional healers Vaidyas.

global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

Social and economic upliftment of the rural collectors by the employment generated in non-nationalised MFPs collection. Captive media in Chhattisgarh have played up news of road shows by chief minister Raman Singh and his colleagues highlighting the virtues of investing in that state. Investing will be a great leap of faith, of course.

2012: C'ttisgarh saw collector abduction, Sarkeguda encounter

Not a word, either, about the coalescing of resistance to such projects at proposed project sites—away from the bright lights of Naya Raipur that link the nearby industrial hubs of Durg and Bhilai and urbanized Bilaspur in the relatively safe middle of the state. I, for one, will be in Naya Raipur to see how business responds to this latest all-is-well exercise of the state administration.

global investor meet 2012 chhattisgarh government

I want to see if business will again weigh opportunity more generously than risk, as they have done repeatedly with mining, metals and power projects. The Naya Raipur-Raipur area in the conflict-free centre of the state is pegged as the new growth zone.

Indeed, there cannot be any other that can offer a sanitized version of Chhattisgarh—or its most secure version, for that matter—a decided island in a sea of restlessness and bloody-minded policymaking.

Year-end The year that was for Chhattisgarh - India News

Visitors from the construction, consumer durables and services sectors visiting Naya Raipur for the investment meet will bypass Raipur because of the positioning of the airport access road.

If they visit Magneto, the brand new mall near the airport junction, they may be astonished to see showrooms for Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, all in one mall. New clusters of suburban condominiums dominate the skyline. After a loop of overpass, visitors will arrive at Naya Raipur. It is unlikely that visitors will take the trouble to travel even a little to the north—let alone somewhat to the south in Maoist battle zones in which Tata Steel and Essar are improbably planning to set up new operations.

A little to the north the districts of Korba, Janjgir-Champa and Raigarh are to be the new hub of electricity generation. Indeed, nearly all of the 59 memorandums of understanding MoUs signed in the past five years for power locate units here.