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Pasta Dinner (for city meet swimmers & their families) GPSA City Meet at Fort Eustis* . of team records, and submits meet results to GPSA. The graduate and professional students association, GPSA, describe how we set out to accomplish the goal as well as the results. GSG presidents were invited to meet with the GPSA Executive Board and Assembly representatives. to programs offered by the city of Pittsburgh for young professionals. Click the link below for directions to GPSA pools. Click below for Rules for Interpool Meets:

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Attended Pueblo South H. Lynch was a member of the baseball squad for two years playing in the outfield and behind the plate as a catcher He also competed high jump on the track team for a season John competed in basketball as a guard for the Armory and many other teams for four years and competed for 14 years in numerous city leagues and tournaments He also had a passion for recreational tennis and softball Mike started his coaching career at Air Academy AA Junior High in Colorado Springs, where for three seasons he coached the eighth grade football and boys basketball teams At AA High School, Lynch was a varsity assistant on the football team for nine yearsthe head varsity boy basketball coach twice andthe girls basketball coach and the boys golf coach Lynch taught Physical Education P.

Using his own personal reflection, it guided him in the topics he taught and the method for how he conveyed this information to his registrars. Rohan took the onus upon himself to create his own session plans, based on common areas that he would provide to his registrars early on in their training.

The primary areas he covers in his early workshops are asthma, cardiovascular, hands-on minor surgeries, ingrown toenail management and other common minor procedures.

In his eyes, this allows the registrar to gain an insight into areas beforehand; and this provided a systematic approach to GP training as opposed to relying on reactive training. You make it clear. Dr Wendy Page has worked and supervised at Miwatj Health Centre for many years and continues to have an unwavering passion for what it means to be a GP supervisor in the Northern Territory.


These are her insights into why remote health and supervision is so important. Smaller communities give a feeling that you can be part of an extended family. There are no traffic lights and perhaps an extra two hours in the day that might have otherwise been spent commuting in city traffic.

gpsa city meet results

Who influenced you to become a GP supervisor? Many GP registrars have come through Miwatj and have been a backbone to providing health services to the region.

Some fellows have come back and contributed years to this region. What motivates you to be a GP supervisor? GP registrars are our future GPs and we have a responsibility to support the next generation, as the generation before have supported us. The enthusiasm and openness to learning and commitment to providing the best health care we can, is what I see in GP registrars.

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What is your advice to a GP supervisor who may be interested in coming to a remote clinic? Miwatj needs GP supervisors so that in partnership with community we can work to close the gap in areas of need. The patients are our teachers and they have so much to teach us when we can hear their stories and support their journey for improved health outcomes.

A side benefit is the opportunity to meet with inspirational health professionals sharing our journey. This is your first post.

We also met with each delegate and asked them to provide GPSA with reports from their committees detailing what was covered in the meetings highlighting information pertinent to graduate and professional students and the dates and times that their committees met.

This information was filed at the GPSA office to help future delegates understand their committees. At present, almost every committee seat has been filled, and the new administration has been provided with a list of positions that will need to be filled in the coming year. These groups did not have representation on the assembly board and were not actively participating in GPSA events.

A goal of our administration was to contact each of these groups and attempt to get them involved in GPSA. Through a combination of contacting the absent schools through e-mail and talking to students enrolled in these programs, all of the GSGs represented on the assembly board have been contacted and are regularly attending assembly board meetings.

Handbooks were created for Assembly Representatives to help them perform their duties more effectively.

gpsa city meet results

These handbooks provided the representatives with relevant information on GPSA as well as the University administration and a list of their duties. They were designed to be up dated every year. This two-page news letter was meant to keep delegates, representatives and students at large aware of what was going on in the GPSA.

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Each executive board member wrote a small snippet on their activities for the past semester and their goals for the coming semester. Throughout the term, attempts were made to contact students and get them involved in GPSA. GPSA attended many new student orientations on campus.

gpsa city meet results

These committees were designed to attract students who were not part of the assembly or executive boards of GPSA and give them a role in the organization. They continue to work with OIS to keep international students informed about visa status and other important events. The IGSC has also begun to sponsor social activities to strengthen the international student community and get more involvement on the committee.

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The Social Activities Committee was very active this year. This event gave graduate and professional students exposure to programs offered by the city of Pittsburgh for young professionals.

We also held a successful winter reception for administrators and GPSA representatives and delegates that was attended by both Chancellor Nordenberg and Provost Maher. Our Elections Committee organized a very successful election which had higher voter turnout then previous years in part due to the addition of satellite voting stations at various schools.