Gran turismo 4 new york track meet

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gran turismo 4 new york track meet

Currently owned by Toyota, the track is where the Lexus F a mile long, and has been a GT series staple since Gran Turismo 4 on PlayStation 2. Gran Turismo Sport Gets Red Bull Ring and Eight New Cars in Free Update . China's New York City-Sized 'Earthquake Warning System' Sounds More Like. Maserati takes part in the GT4 Championship: discover the Squadre Clienti Maserati team, China - · Geneva - · New York - before the 18 September meet at Sonoma (California) and the grand finale at Laguna Seca's time we go out on the track we learn something new and improve our performance. Circuit Length: miles ( km) Track Type: Real Life Street Circuit Appeared in: Gran Turismo 4. Prologue, Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo.

Believe it or not, GT4 is a significant step-up from GT3.

Maserati Squadre Clienti debut at the GT4 Championship

Car and track models are more detailed than ever, with some of the replays looking like real sportscasts thanks to its photo-realistic graphics. The game's attention to detail, a hallmark of the Gran Turismo series, is frankly bordering on obsessive compulsive. Each car took game programmers three months to build, and are based on more than photos per vehicle.

gran turismo 4 new york track meet

The sound each car's engine makes was also recorded to make sure of authenticity - Polyphony says each car make and model can be identified purely by the sound of the engine. The tracks in GT4 each took six months to build, and are apparently accurate to within 15mm of the real thing.

As an indicator of how close the cars and tracks are to the real thing, Polyphony proudly boasts that real race drivers testing the game found that there was only about a second's difference between their real-world track times and game ones.

gran turismo 4 new york track meet

Backseat driver Anyone familiar with the Gran Turismo series will feel right at home with this latest version. Players will easily recognise the in-world map, which has various checkpoints to start races, buy or tune cars, perform license tests, and much more.

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You start off with 10, game credits though if you have a GT3 save game on your memory card, you're given an extra, which you can use to buy cars and start racing immediately. The cheapest cars can be found in one of several used car lots specialising in '80s, early '90s and late '90s carsbut you can go directly to a manufacturer's section and buy direct.

A new Holden Monaro, for example, will set you back 48, game credits. Beginners should start in the license tests area, which takes you through various aspects of car control.

Experienced gamers also need to complete the tests, as the various licenses are needed to compete in certain events and it's a great way to score some free cars early in the game. Races are broken up into categories such as beginners' events, professional, dirt and snow, extreme events, and more.

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Races for specific vehicles are also available through accessing a particular manufacturer's section. As usual with the Gran Turismo series, you'll be facing off against five other drivers in any given A-Spec race. You don't always have to do the driving, however. A new addition is the B-Spec mode, which allows you to take the role of pit manager while the in-game AI takes control of your car.

gran turismo 4 new york track meet

All you need to do is send messages to your "driver", such as how aggressive to chase the other vehicles and when to pass. Polyphony describes the B-Spec mode as a way to play GT4 while having a cup of coffee, and while it's a nice diversion, it adds little to the overall game.

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It is handy, however, if you want to earn some extra credits while you give your thumbs a sorely needed break. Rides around the world If you needed any further proof that GT4 is the ultimate game for car lovers, look no further than the game's innovative Photo Mode.

Accessed through the main world map, Photo Mode lets you simply take pictures of your cars in various world locations. You can take any of the cars you own and place them in such scenic spots as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York and many others.

gran turismo 4 new york track meet

Photo Mode gives you a remarkable degree of control over your shots, such as placement, shutter speed, aperture and more. The snaps you take can be collated to form a slideshow, or can be printed out by connecting a printer to the PlayStation via USB.

With the resulting print-outs looking eerily realistic, now you can pretend to your friends that your other car really IS an Aston Martin Vanquish: If you can read this, then you're too close GT4's racing is once again superb.

The two-day session is organised by SRO, the official promoter, and will see the Balance of Performance BoP take place to define the GT4 cars' technical spec for the upcoming season.

gran turismo 4 new york track meet

Alongside these teams will be other, private, drivers who purchased a car and will line up for the occasional GT4 event, in one or more series. Maserati will ensure technical support and trackside spares, both in Europe and the USA.

This will give the teams the chance to compete on a level playing field. The main modifications have been the addition of an air duct to reduce the engine's power by 35 hp, a newly-designed spoiler and a rear diffuser that has been tweaked to compromise its aerodynamic efficiency so that it conforms to GT4 rules.

It is then onto Pau, France, on 15 May. Silverstone Great Britain is up next, on 12 June, for a three-hour endurance event and then comes Spa, on 10 July, for another long, two-hour event; both in combination with the British GT Championship. Once the summer break is out of the way, it will be into the home straight at the Hungaroring Hungaryon 25 September, and Zandvoort Netherlands on 9 October.

The drivers and car showed their potential but a pit stop glitch and early finish a red flag was brought out influenced the outcome. Things get underway on 6 March at Austin Texas with the second round held just seven days later at St Petersburg Florida.