Great dane barks at strangers when we meet

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You need to keep an eye on potential Great Dane behavioral problems and ensure Great Danes have a tendency to whine or bark to grab the attention of their. So I have a great Dane name Charlie and he is such a sweetheart but I have a He is aggressive and will growl and bark at them without even provoking him. But I can't give him away either because of his fear of strangers. them and when safe and in a controlled way meet people he won't get "better". Learn how to train a great dane to be a guard dog using boundaries, bark, and You can then get him into a habit of deterring any strangers from approaching.

With a tip of the hat to Ms. Pryor, here are her 8 ways to deal with any problem behavior: Effective, but a bit draconian. Or you could get a cat, a lizard or a hedgehog. Individuals of these species are easy to teach to stop barking, because they never start.

Pryor reminds us, positive punishment is a very common and human response, along with being ineffective and the least benevolent way to handle the problem. I describe yelling at your dog to stop barking as doing little but barking back.

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Since barking is contagious, how would this cause your dog to stop? The Sound of a Language for an important reminder that barking is an important part of canine behavior. With rare exceptions, Method 2 is a lousy one. As example of this would be to stop yelling when your dog finally becomes quiet.

Except, see Method 2 for a reminder that yelling is basically barking and accomplishes little but a sore throat for you. Dogs can seemingly bark forever without getting tired, but yelling is no fun for most of us. Extinction, or letting the behavior go away by itself because it is never reinforced.

This actually can be an effective method for many problem behaviors. But, it could be effective for dogs who have learned to bark to get your attention.

How to Train a Great Dane to be a Guard Dog

Train an incompatible behavior. This is one of my favorite methods of influencing behavior. I deal with that by asking Willie to go pick up a toy after he gets a treat. This is, of course, especially tricky with barking because dogs can do any number of things while still barking. Put the behavior on cue and then never ask for it. Also a possibility, but it does feel like going backwards to some people, and can be a bit harder than it sounds.

Anyone want to jump in here? In the case of barking, it works beautifully for dogs who are alarm barking because they are nervous about visitors. If visitors toss treats before entering, the dog begins to associate visitors with good things instead of threats, and the fearful barking is replaced by tail ways and silly grins. See The Cautious Canine for details on how to do it. I simply loaded up with treats, walked to the door where visitors enter and knocked on it.

And by that I mean one inch away from it, or less. When he focused on the treat, I used it to lure him away from the window just one step and then gave him the treat. Friendly Many people feel terrified of Great Danes because of their size. So, the friendly Great Dane temperament comes as a surprise to many people. Gentle The gentle Great Dane temperament comes as a surprise to many people. I have found that in all my dealings with Great Danes, their temperament has consistently been that of a gentle, easygoing giant.

Great Danes aren't usually aggressive, but their size and deep, resonant bark is enough to put off any unwelcome visitors to my home.

This makes a Great Dane guard dog a wonderful security option.

Lounging cat ignores barking Great Dane puppy

You'll Need to Deal with Drooling You will always need a have a hand towel nearby to wipe up the excessive amount of drool he produces. Great Danes can easily knock a young child over and even step on the child without even being aware of it. Not because the dog is mean, but because older children are less likely to suffer an accidental injury from the family dog.

Behavioral Problems Associated with the Great Dane Temperament The fact that Great Danes are such devoted dogs can become a problem when it leads to separation anxiety. A lonely Dane can become bored and make his own entertainment, which can involve diggingchewing or destroying things around the home and yard.

Some Dane lines have aggressive tendencies that can make them dangerous dogs, while other lines are shy, nervous and don't like to meet new people. It all depends on their upbringing and personality. In both circumstances, these lines could be biters — in the first, because they are aggressive and in the second, because they are frightened.

6 Great Dane Behavioral Problems Owners Must Know

Managing Great Dane Behavior Problems The first thing to do to minimize your chances of getting a problem child of a dog is to leave your pup with his litter until he is 8 weeks old to give him the best opportunity to socialize with his canine family.

Then, when you finally do bring your pup home, book him into puppy pre-school straightaway, and follow it up with regular obedience classes. Start establishing the rules while your Dane is still small and reinforce them regularly. These dogs can grow up to lbs.

great dane barks at strangers when we meet

Socialization is a must to produce an even dog temperament. This is even truer if your dog has aggressive behaviors or nervous tendencies. Take your Great Dane out to meet friendly people and experience different environments while he is still young. This will help him develop the confidence he needs as an adult and will help him learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

How to Train a Great Dane to be a Guard Dog

He tends to view others to be equal to him, and he may play too roughly, thinking the dog is similar in size to himself. This means that he thinks animals smaller than him are prey, and he will give chase. Another important aspect of managing your Great Dane's temperament is to get him used to being on his own from a young age. This reduces the risk of his developing anxiety-related behaviors when you aren't with him.

great dane barks at strangers when we meet

Alternatively, you can consider getting him a canine companion to keep him company.