Guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3

guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3

Guided Meditations for Working with your Spirit Guides. Spirit Guide Guided Meditation MP3 In this meditation, I take you on a journey into a tropical wilderness to meet and receive guidance from your animal guide. Work with this single journey by Orin to meet your guide and mentally receive a Orin's Meditation Room: Listen to sample Orin Guided Meditations in Orin's. I have created this 40 minute Guided Meditation to take you on a journey to meet with your Spirit Guide. In this simple and soothing MP3 recording, well begin.

In the distance you can see a building and the angel leads you towards it. You enter the building and one glowing book stands out from the rest. As you approach the book, it flies into your hand.

guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3

This book gives you answers to the questions on your mind. You then begin to explore the rest of the library and you see someone that you recognize.

guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3

This person has a special message for you which assists you on your spiritual journey. When you leave the library you reunite with the angel outside. The angel takes your hand and you both float gently back down to your backyard.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guides (Guided Sleep Meditation Dreaming)

You say goodbye and walk towards a large tree in your backyard. You sit underneath this tree and allow your energies to merge with it. You hear light drumming as you become grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Preview the Theta Meditation. You visualize a ball of light gradually moving up your chakras and traveling along your astral cord towards your higher self.

You see your higher self as a beautiful angel, sitting on a throne.

Guided Meditations for Working with your Spirit Guides

You realize that this is who you really are. You may ask your higher self a question or two — or simply enjoy the experience. And we all have unique triggers that set them off.

In this meditation, you are provided with the opportunity to face and release your fears in a gentle and safe space. You see a water fountain with an angel statue in the center.

guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3

You continue to walk along a path and you see a huge sandstone mansion. It feels somewhat familiar to you.

Higher Self and Spirit Guide - Guided Meditations | Explore Meditation

In these, I use vivid visualization to connect with Spirit. What do I mean by that? The scenes you see, and the characters you meet, seem more random, and less trustworthy. You may get the impression that someone or something is playing tricks on you, just trying to hold on to your attention. The experience leaves you with a feeling of peace and, frequently, companionship.

At first I wondered what these images meant, and tried to work with them in a deep way, but I realized that the feelings I got from them were that they were trivial and not worth bothering about. In any case, I learned that the best thing to do with them was ignore them, and they would disappear immediately.

Meet a Guide: Free Guided Meditation – Druid Journal

I was struck in particular by this incident that Kullervo mentions on his blogin which he tried a visualization and ended up with his time wasted by one of those attention-grabbing fear-spirits. In this meditation, I lead you gently into a relaxed state, and then take you through a series of images designed to help you feel happy and fearless and loving. Only then do I bring you to a place where you can meet a guide.

If the meditation is successful, you will have no chance of meeting any awful beasties, and — if not immediately, then with practice — you should be able to establish a good connection with Spirit. You can go into this meditation with a particular guide or spirit in mind that you want to meet with.

Alternatively, you can simply see who shows up!

guided meditation to meet your spirit guide mp3