Gymnastics meet gym bag checklist

What to Pack for Meets -

gymnastics meet gym bag checklist

Nude underwear is a must have for any gymnast during competition. for female gymnasts to keep nail polish remover in their gym bag prior to competitions. Below I have put together a list that will benefit your gymnast and even . single time so packing a plastic bag in her gym bag will be easier for. Gymnastics Bags, Gymnastics Moves, Gym Essentials, Track Bag, Gym INSTANT DOWNLOAD Gymnastics Meet Good Luck Lip Balm Digital Gift Card.

If nothing else it will tell you where the restaraunts you like are. Inevitably she will forget to take it off before the meet at least once and coming prepared will save a lot of problems.

Having a pain reliever with you will really save the day.

If your gymnast gets hurt during the meet Tylenol or Ibuprofen will come in handy. Also, if she has a headache or any other problem with mild pain she will need this relief. For older girls midol can be good to have too. It will be a long day for everyone including you so bring something to occupy your time during the rotations or when the team has downtime.

gymnastics meet gym bag checklist

A good book or some other activity will be helpful. Also, if you have children with you giving them something to do will allow you to focus on the meet.

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Snacks for the siblings you may bring - the concession stands are available but its cheaper if you bring your own. Always have a bottle of hair gel or spray with you.

If your gymnast forgets hers or needs to slick her hair back coming prepared with a bottle of hair product will work wonders during the pre-meet panic.

Have plenty of extra hair ties and a pair of extra grips with you in your bag. It goes without saying that your daughter will need one or the other sometime during a meet and having them ready will save a lot of time.

Bring cash to the meets because there is often a concession stand or meet shop where you can buy t-shirts or new leotards for your gymnast.

Deodorant Your gymnast is out there sweating and working her butt off to receive those high scores!

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Naturally, our bodies sweat when we work out so deodorant will prevent your gymnast from smelling and absorb some of the sweat to also prevent sweat-stains. It is obviously super common to catch a cold, sneeze or even if your gymnast just needs a tissue to wipe something.

Tissues have plenty of different usage purposes so make sure your gymnast is always stocked up. Other Necessities Extra Clothes Gymnasts usually pack extra clothes to change into or put over their leo to make themselves comfortable after a long day of performing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that meet season is usually during the colder months anyway so you do not want your gymnast getting sick from just wearing her leo.

15 Gymnastics Must Haves

It is also important to pack an extra leo just in case something happens. Now, I know for meets the gymnasts wear a particular fancy leo but things happen so it is always best to be prepared.

Also, if an accident happens and your gymnast needs to change- your gymnast is able to throw her dirty garment in the plastic bag to prevent it from getting on other things.

gymnastics meet gym bag checklist

It is easy to become dizzy while performing a lot of tumbling and it is also easy for your gymnast to experience pain since she is using basically all of the muscles in her body; so having medicine for headaches or pains will help your gymnast continue on doing what she has to do during a meet.