Helena trojer my meet scores

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helena trojer my meet scores

Level, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA. 3, , , , , 4, , , , , 5, , , , , Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER PM 5/3/ Page 1. METRO LEAGUE TRACK Combined Team Scores 3 Kirk, My-Chelle 26 Conklin, Elena. 1 Helena Kompothecras [L1 s1 gp2]. Sarasota [L1 s1 gp2]. Gymnastics Etc - FL 3 Hadley Troyer [L2 s1 gp2]. Sarasota.

Cortical Lewy body disease LBD pathology appears to be the major contributing pathology to cognitive decline in PD[ 6 ], but Alzheimer disease AD -related changes are also present in a significant percentage of patients[ 7 ].

A range of neurotransmitter deficits have been implicated, including in acetylcholine[ 8 ], dopamine[ 9 ], and norepinephrine systems[ 10 ]. Finally, diffuse primarily medial temporal lobe, parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex gray matter atrophy and white matter changes have been associated with cognitive decline in PD[ 1516 ].

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The research on the neural substrates of the initial stages of cognitive decline in PD, starting with disease onset, are limited, with previous studies often characterized by single site participation, relatively small sample sizes, cross-sectional design, or a limited biomarker assessment. The goals of these analyses were to evaluate which baseline and longitudinal biomarkers may predict cognitive impairment in early PD.

At baseline PD participants were required to: The aims and methodology of the study have been published elsewhere[ 17 ] and are available at www. The overall study was approved by the Research Subjects Review Board at the University of Rochester, and the study was approved by the institutional review board at each site, and participants provided written informed consent.

Clinical data out to three years post-baseline was utilized. Data was downloaded on September 21, ; at the time of data download 38 PD patients had discontinued study participation 9. Experimental design Cognitive abilities Cognition was assessed at baseline and annually. In addition, a detailed cognitive battery, as previously described and referenced[ 18 ], assessing the following domains was administered: Level II PD-MCI criteria[ 19 ] were not applicable given the lack of a separate language assessment or 10 cognitive tests across 5 domains.

Published norms for each test were applied. Definitions of cognitive impairment For the purposes of these analyses cognitive impairment was defined three different ways: Additionally, MoCA score was also examined as a continuous variable.

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Single scores were generated for each test, except for the HVLT-T, for which two scores were used immediate free recall and recognition discrimination. Each site investigator was provided an instruction sheet that outlined how to assess cognitive decline, functional impairment, and general interpretation of cognitive tests to make a diagnosis of PD-MCI[ 19 ] or PDD[ 21 ].

Biomarkers Details about the biospecimen collection and analysis has been published[ 17 ]. CSF was obtained at baseline, month 6, year 1, and then annually using collection steps as described [ 22 ]. At the time of data download, values were available only for the baseline visit. The images were centrally processed at UCSF for cortical and subcortical morphometric measurements using FreeSurfer version 5.

FreeSurfer is a suite of algorithmic tools that automatically creates models of most anatomical brain structures on MRI based on a subject-independent probabilistic brain atlas in combination with nonlinear image registration of individual images to obtain subject-specific measurements. This strategy reduces the random variation in the processing procedure and improves the robustness and sensitivity of the overall longitudinal analysis. A previous test-retest study validated that the longitudinal processing provides consistent brain parcellation[ 24 ].

All raw images as well as the results of brain parcellation underwent a visual quality control by trained technicians. The errors also did not appear to be systematic and MRIs with a partial failure rating were still included in the analyses but only the correctly parcellated brain regions were assessed.

The outcome measures of the FreeSurfer workflow were 93 automatically-labeled brain regions, including gyri and subcortical structures, for each subject.

helena trojer my meet scores

MRI data for baseline, year 1 and year 2 visits were utilized for volume and thickness for 34 regions, with left and right hemisphere values averaged. Students need a goal statement, transcript, and three recommendations.

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helena trojer my meet scores

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helena trojer my meet scores

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