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himym doppelgangers meet

Just to recap: There are five doppelgängers in How I Met Your Mother. Twitter | @ meetatmaclarens. The five doppelgängers are one of the. The Five Doppelgangers are the five look-alike of each group member that the gang have come across during the series. They are, in chronological order: Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted, and Fertility Doctor Barney. The first doppelgänger the. "Doppelgangers" is the 24th episode of the fifth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and the th episode overall. It originally aired on May

Barney, hey, it's Marshall. So, you are at work? You're not, I don't know, driving a cab, wearing a wig? Yes, I'm at work. That's the sound of my stapler. That's the sound of my three-hole punch. And this is the sound of me filing my corporate guidelines on sexual harassment. Gotta go, Big Chief. That was the fifth doppelganger. I can't wait to tell the gang. This is one of those moments you dream about. Marshall, if we tell them, we're basically inviting them into the most private, intimate moment of our lives.

I'm not even here. But just for the record, having a baby, huge mistake. Now show me what you got. How are you guys gonna handle the whole Santa thing? I'm thinking, just be honest. Chopper 12 is live on the scene with Baby Watch: I won't tell anybody about the baby thing.

Guys, we saw the fifth doppelganger! Say what you will about the guy, but Barney seems right as a blond. Not every dude can pull off that blond look. That summer I was lifeguarding at the Chagrin Falls Country Club, I was lathering a little lemon juice into the old mop, playing with some natural highlights. Let's just say there were a few senior citizens who pretended to drown on my watch. And sadly, one who did. Anyway, I'd look good blond. Okay, people, we're in a delicate but very, very promising situation here.

If we play the next 30 seconds right, Ted will dye his hair blond. Guys, this is mean. How do we do this? What are we all thinking about? Ted Mosby responds to one thing above all else.

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This is because anything good that you do makes you happy and if you are happy, then it has selfish properties. She goes so far as to let a bee sting her, but is disappointed when she finds out that the bee likely died after this deed. It is extremely disheartening to her. Which show proved this? Question 13 A race car bed is accidentally delivered to their home. Friends How I Met Your Mother When in the market to buy a new bed, most adults would avoid the ones that are shaped like race cars or other childish things.

So when someone buys a normal bed and one in the shape of a race car arrives in its place, you can imagine the outrage.

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The owners also give them a problem returning it since someone else signed for it. One of the other characters on the show does enjoy the car though, until he is caught and sent home. Question 14 Everyone freaks out about their thirtieth birthdays. When one of the characters turns thirty and is quite unhappy about it, the writers dedicate an entire episode to show moments from the rest of their thirtieth birthdays.

Lots of tears from the characters fall as well as many panicked moments. Bucket lists are fulfilled and people get kissed.

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Question 15 They hunt for the best burger in New York. In one of the shows, they go on a hunt for the best burger in New York City. They have it in mind, but it seems as if the restaurant relocated. The entire episode is dedicated to their search and when they finally find it, it is a celebration for all.

Question 16 A vegetarian eats meat during her pregnancy.

himym doppelgangers meet

Some people find themselves craving foods that they had previously not enjoyed and others eat obscene amounts of foods they enjoy. It is different for everyone. In one of the sitcoms, a vegetarian becomes pregnant and craves meet. At first, she fights it and refuses but she eventually gives in and eats the meat. Her carnivorous friends promises not to eat meat until the pregnancy is over. Question 17 There is an ongoing slap bet.

Friends How I Met Your Mother A slap bet means that after making a bet, the winner has a certain predetermined amount of slaps that he can use at any point with no expiry date. The winner of this slap bet enjoys his win immensely and uses his slaps at perfectly opportune times.

It is an ongoing theme in the show that has everyone laughing whenever it comes up. On either Friends or How I Met Your Mother, the characters also enjoy this storyline, except for the one who gets slapped of course.

Question 18 Someone was a teenage pop star in Canada. This especially occurs in Friends, since Chandler so enjoys mocking everyone with dripping sarcasm. One thing that gets ridiculed above all else is when the gang discovers that one of them used to be a teenage pop star back in the day when they lived in Canada. The now respected individual will never let it down.

himym doppelgangers meet

Which show does the happen on? Question 19 A human thumb is found in a can of soda. Imagine opening a fresh soda, peering inside, and spotting a human thumb floating in your bubbly drink! This exact thing happens to one of the characters on Friends or How I Met Your Mother and is rewarded seven thousand dollars as an apology from the company.

The character had previously been trying to give away a different free thing that they had received so this is not greeted happily. Question 20 Someone gets beat up by a goat. There is a hairless cat, a chick, a duck, a rabbit, a baby pig, and some puppies to name a few.

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At one point, there is also a goat. The goat was rescued by one of the characters and brought home with them.

himym doppelgangers meet

The goat then attacked a roommate who lived in that same apartment and they were laughed at for being beat up by a goat. Question 21 Two characters have a sword fight.

Friends How I Met Your Mother Usually sword fights happen in shows that take place many years ago or in shows that depict an alternate, mythical reality. Not in this case! In one of these sitcoms, two of the characters have a sword fight with real swords and accidentally impale one of their friends. It is all completely not ironic and everyone gets a good laugh after the girl gets stitches. Question 22 Someone has sex with a minor. Friends How I Met Your Mother Usually all of the characters are very careful to make sure that they always date people who are legal.

There are some close calls. Ross goes out with a student who is 20 and Ted sleeps with a twenty-one year old. But they always make sure that no one is too young. There is only one mistake and the person who sleeps with the minor is immediately repulsed and feels like it was wrong when she finds out his age. Question 23 They tell the stories of their first times in the lobby of the Empire State Building.

This includes places like the Empire State Building. However, the gang goes to the Empire State Building when one of their little sisters comes to town. In the attempt to dissuade her from having sex, they tell her about their awkward first times and that it is better to wait. Turns out that it ends up working.

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Question 24 One of the characters hires someone to play his identical twin. One way to make quick cash is to participate in medical experiments. Hospitals will pay good money for people to take part in their experiments so one of the characters who is in a money bind heads over to the hospital and finds out that there is an experiment that will pay two thousand dollars for identical twins. Unfortunately, he does not have one but he thinks that hiring one will work just the same.

Question 25 Someone has to wear a duckie tie for a year. The slap bet is one example and another is the time when Rachel and Monica lost their apartment to Chandler and Joey. One of the most epic bets in all of sitcom history has the loser forced to wear a tie decorated with rubber ducks for an entire year.