How did anthony robbins meet sage

Sage Robbins Tony Robbins' wife (Bio, Wiki)

how did anthony robbins meet sage

Robbins is a father of four and devoted to his second wife, Sage. who has interviewed Donald Trump and Calvin Klein for Playboy, met up. 46 years old Sage Robbins is happily married to Tony Robbins. She was separated from her first husband by the time she met Tony at one of. Years before Robbins married his current wife, Sage, he was married As fulfilling as his work is, Robbins continues, it is his marriage to Sage that go rip open the moment for every human I can meet who wants it,” he says.

The marriage turned out to be a very good decision for the following nine reasons: Tony was not happy with his previous marriage and needed someone who had a vision similar to his, who understood him better and helped him get the peace of mind that he for so long desired.

In a sense, Tony felt that he was becoming less ambitious by being with his former wide and needed someone with the similar values and goals in his life so that he can remain on his track. Sage was the perfect partner he could have asked for.

Tony was a better person when he was around Sage and she had a positive effect on him which showed in his professional as well as personal career. Be it doing humanitarian work for the impoverished and poor or helping people develop, Tony always got encouragement from his spouse and that pushed him to set the goals posts far and wide each time he achieved what he had set out to do so. This meant that Tony was achieving one feat after another, yet he was determined to keep on going.

Instead, it strengthened their bond and made them stronger as a couple. Their affection for each other, as well as friendship, meant that they could tackle all the challenges that life could throw at them by being together. Sage helped Tony replenish the mental resources that he needed to help the millions of people who required someone to guide them in their lives. She also helped him find the perfect balance between his personal and professional life.

Sage provided Tony with the much-needed emotional support and a sense of personal strength by being at his side at all times even when he was traveling and also in his seminars. By being with Sage, he felt comfortable and at home. This enabled him to carry on ruthlessly in his professional career. The marriage provided stability to Tony and he became content which was essential for him to accomplish the big goals that he had.

Tony could very effectively communicate with Sage and they could very easily talk with each other about all the issues and come to a solution together. Sage was the ideal mother who could be in charge of the entire family while Tony could focus on his work. Tony Robbins kids and Sage Robbins children formed a complete family which Sage managed perfectly. Sage treated Tony Robbins daughter as well as sons like her own and that depicts her qualities not just as a mother but as an amazing human being too.

There was trust as well as honesty in their relationship. As the oldest, I was her support system. I took care of my younger brother and sister, did all the shopping, made the meals, fixed the garbage disposal while she stayed in her room. What was she doing? She loved her kids immensely. What effect did the violence have on you? It made me hate suffering.

And I think suffering was a great gift in my life. But you must have felt angry about it. I used to live in anger and used my rage as energy. When I was 17 I got kicked out of my house on Christmas Eve. My mom chased me out with a knife. How did you survive?

The 'Stupid' Reason Tony Robbins Went Through With His First Marriage

I could fix anything, so I supported myself by knocking on doors, doing repairs for people. Did you give up on the idea of going to college?

I wanted to be a sportscaster but had to figure out how to support myself. Then I heard Jim Rohn, a personal development speaker, who shared a philosophy about how to grow and make your life better. I was on fire. I wrote him a letter and wound up working for him, making good money and reading everything I could about human psychology. I got exposed to neuro-linguistic programming, Gestalt and Ericksonian hypnosis.

how did anthony robbins meet sage

Then, at the age of 21, you started doing interventions, right? I was driven, hungry, and I had to sell confidence. And the results I got fed me. During those first years of success, did you go a little crazy with cars, sex and women? I bought a Rolls Corniche convertible when I was 23 and took my father over to our old house and did the tour. He lit up like a Christmas tree. I would have a dozen relationships simultaneously.

But all that stopped quickly when I got married at 24 to a woman 11 years my senior. She had three children and had been married twice before. What drew you to an older woman with children? I met her at one of my seminars. We developed a relationship, and she became my personal assistant. It was one of those small commitments that enlarged. But you went ahead.

Tony Robbins Kissed My Hand and I Liked It - TIME

I was such a pleaser; I wanted to make her happy. But the -beauty that came out of it was my ending up the father of four. One of my sons was addicted to drugs and alcohol, so he became one of my first clients. We got him through it, but traveling around the world while trying to be an effective father was challenging. All the things I treasured—including a sense of passion and intimacy with my wife—were interrupted continuously.

how did anthony robbins meet sage

My wife and I were very different. As time passed, we were no longer aligned. Did it end acrimoniously? The divorce process took three years because we had a certain amount of assets to go through. At the time you met Sage, you were still married, and so was she.

How tricky was that? Well, I was stubborn. I stayed 14 years. But you have to see how your natures are aligned. Sage and I are a natural match. We have the same values and beliefs. I was a militant guy. After my divorce, before dating Sage, I was at a stage where I thought that would be totally impossible.

I was a single, successful man. I was so stupid. What most guys think would be their ultimate fantasy was the worst experience of my life. I was miserable because these women wanted to marry me after a week—my idea of hell on earth. And did your women fans express interest in you?

You must have been tempted. I was beyond tempted at times. There was no drought, for sure. I was like a kid in a candy store. Having all these different women I could be with was the ultimate fantasy.

Yes, she was the woman who had become my best friend, though for the first six months we were just buddies. She helped me get all those women off the island in Fiji, and I ended up making the choice to be with her. That was the ultimate test. So you believe in monogamy? But I believe in it percent today. How, as a married man, do you handle your sexual attractions? When I met Steven Tyler, I asked him what kept him going in the band for 35 years, and he laughed: In my seminars I could be ugly as hell, but when you have a position of leadership, women will throw themselves at you.

But I knew the difference between what the animal and what my soul would be fed by. Is the passion alive, or has it gotten boring? I expected it should just happen.

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I was just stupid. Now I make it my focus. We both know how to trigger and arouse each other, which is a useful thing, without going into any detail. What do you mean by triggers? That allows you to take that desire and fire on it. Do you have sex more than once a month? A lot more than that, yes. See what she tells you. The happiest I have ever been. When telling a story about someone kissing someone else's hand, Robbins kisses my hand. Which motivates me to yank my hand back.

After hearing all about his show and his estate in Fiji, I ask Robbins to guide my life. After asking me a bunch of questions about what I'm proud of my career, my involvement in my community Throughout, Robbins quotes a shocking number of articles I've written, which makes me feel very, very loved. I am so enthralled by Robbins' figuring me out that I try to trick him into telling me another story about men kissing hands.

I ask him how I can accept my imperfections, which seems easier than actually changing my life. To which he says, "Your model is not to accept," then asks, "What is it? Robbins fist-bumps me hard, which takes me by surprise after the hand kiss.

It's to understand and help. But he argues no.