How did samantha brown meet her husband

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how did samantha brown meet her husband

Samantha Brown's Twitter bio says she is the "girl with the best job in the her husband, Kevin O'Leary, are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. Samantha Elizabeth Brown (born ) is an American television host, notable for her work as the host of several Travel Channel shows including Girl Meets On January 17, she and husband Kevin O'Leary welcomed twins, a son, Ellis. Samantha's husband, Kevin James O' Leary, is a specialist in computer servers and Brown's Inside the Suitcase (), The Trip: () and Girl Meets.

Her advice is simple and genuine. Slow down and understand where you are. Americans never want to go down the same road twice. They want to visit different places for lunch and dinner. Take the time to just be in the location. I was carrying a heavy backpack filled with camera batteries.

We get free breakfast, free Wi-Fi with plenty of outlets and lots of space.

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She wants hotels to be clean and centrally located, within walking distance of major attractions. Now that she has children, however, she notes that in-room refrigerators and microwaves have taken on greater importance. Her family did not travel much. She recalls that her lone international experience as a teen was a vacation driving across the border to Canada in the family station wagon.

She attended Syracuse University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater, and a week after graduation moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being on stage.

Brown spent eight years waiting tables and getting small roles in theatrical productions. Her big break came inwhen after a series of auditions, the Travel Channel selected her to be a travel host.

how did samantha brown meet her husband

In addition to juggling a hectic travel schedule and parenting toddlers, Brown has a branded collection of luggage, travel bags, clothing and accessories that she markets on the Home Shopping Network. When they are not working, she and her husband enjoy hiking in Brooklyn and at their getaway in upstate New York. As the children get older, she envisions cashing in her mounting frequent-flier mileage rewards for family trips. With all my travels, it should be something really good like churros with chocolate or paella from Spain, but nope.

Samantha Brown's "Vacation" Spot

Do you have any family holiday traditions you'll be passing down? In my family, we always had a taco bar on Christmas Eve, and then we were able to open one present from a family member. The next morning is when Santa's gifts arrived. I would love to bring back taco night. Will you be raising the twins in New York? I actually think things are easier in the city.

I know a lot of people think living in the city is so hard, and yet it isn't. Everything can be delivered. Everything is walking distance, so you don't have to load them up into a car every time you want to go out.

On the Road with Samantha Brown

There's such a community of family here in Brooklyn, and city kids are just cool. There's a whole sophistication of being a city kid that I love.

Where are the places besides Disney World that you can't wait to take your babies? I can't wait to take them to the beach in Maine, where my mother lives. I have always loved seeing fat babies on the beach, with cute little bonnets.

There's something so wonderful about a Maine beach. We would also love to take them really anywhere in Europe.

how did samantha brown meet her husband

What is a favorite family-friendly hotel of yours? The kids can go crazy, but you can just float along. I think a spa is a must when you're a mom so you can get away, and they have a great one. It's all about the family coming together, so I would love to go back there. I was born in Dallas, so it would somewhat be getting back to my Texas roots. What is a favorite hotel for when you just go with your husband? There's an amazingly beautiful small hotel called the Wheatleigh in Lenox, Massachusetts.

how did samantha brown meet her husband

You can walk to Tanglewood, where the Boston Pops go in the summer. But it is one of the most stunning hotels, and they've had so many cool people stay there like Leonard Bernstein. They also have amazing food.

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Is there still a potential book on the horizon? You know, I realized that I didn't love the book-writing process. I like doing things and going to camera right away to talk about something. I've gained a tremendous respect for writers, because it's tough, and I didn't want to hire a ghostwriter. What we've done is channel it into a websitewhich became a better place for me to share my experiences.

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Hopefully, people can learn from them, laugh from them and get to know me better. A book isn't completely out of the question, but not right now. A lot of shows are being greenlit on Travel Channel that have little to do with travel or, as you joke, are "men eating shows. Travel television really has changed. While I love the idea of doing another "Passport to Europe," when shows like "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" do well, it becomes obvious what the viewer is demanding.

It's not great ideas about what to do in Europe. You could pick on Travel Channel, but they're a business, and they have to produce shows that people watch. I think they've done a great job in the new crop of shows. I think "Hotel Impossible" is a great show, and Anthony Melchiorri is a fantastic host. He's an absolute expert in what he's talking about. I would love to redo "Passport to Europe" because things have changed and my perspective has changed, but it might not be on Travel Channel.

What would Samantha's "Ultimate Eating Show" look like? The ultimate eating show that I would love to do would be to go to the strip malls across America. I read this great article about how there is this amazing cultural minority population, and the first thing they do when they start to have their own success is to move out of the urban centers and into the suburbs.

That is the American dream, to have a house. Then they open up their restaurants in strip malls. You could have the most amazing Egyptian food next to a Radio Shack. I've been to places with the best hummus in Pennsylvania and Vietnamese in Maryland. It would combine my love for that cultural sense combined with the American dream and, of course, food.