How did tamra barney meet eddie

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how did tamra barney meet eddie

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge | Denise the Housewife graduated to her own spinoff but met while on Housewives count. Then he did. The Real Housewives of the OC star caught husband-to-be Eddie Judge on 'Is that a boob in your mouth'? Real Housewives star Tamra Barney walks in . He added later to the camera: 'When she did it in Mexico it was okay, and .. in plunging pink dress at Gold Meets Golden Party The pro-dancer, Posts about Eddie Judge written by HousewifeGuy and mommyrou. Tamra Barney (left) and Gretchen Rossi (right). “Joe and Teresa will be meeting with officials from the probation department Reportedly, Teresa's bosses at Bravo are extremely upset with her after she did not show to the Bravo Up-fronts last week.

I bet that is the kind of single mom Vicki was. Those are not children; they are animals. Yes, yes that is true.

how did tamra barney meet eddie

Gina does a great job with them at a messy dinner, mostly trying to make sure their needs are met but ignoring them just enough that she can have some nice time with her friend Miss Vicki. Then one of them pushes Gina in the head and she chucks him off to her room like [insert sports metaphor here I guess? Um, this seems like a very bad idea.


This is like having a baby-themed party for someone who is infertile or throwing a shindig at Hooters for Tiger Woods. Anyway, Eddie is the only good man that any of these women have. He is a nice, genuine, loving, attractive man. But now we need to talk about his former headshots. Man, are they bad. Since we have discussed the one good man on the show, now we must talk about all of the bad ones.

First of all, Shannon had to coach Kelly about how to talk to someone at a party like a human being. Kelly gets Shannon to unclench and not take herself so seriously and Shannon gets Kelly to behave like something resembling a person with social skills. I could also spend an hour watching them try boba tea for the first time or trying to light a propane lamp.

Steve just starts giving her the side-eye right away and is totally dismissive both in content and tone. She was being respectful and, while Kelly does have a bad track record, I think that Steve should try to have an honest conversation with her. Tamra hovers over the dining room table and makes a point of pointing out customized "special glasses for special friends" a. Over classier stemware at Chez Dubrow, Gretchen and Heather pregame and mull over the what-ifs.

Gretchen thinks it's crazy that Alexis is going to the event, botches a "Mean Girls" lunchroom metaphor, and intones that Alexis is "asking for it" by attending the party.

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Meanwhile, Vicki, Alexis and Lydia convene at Vicki's place. It turns out that Lydia, in addition to being a hugger and 'roiding Christian, is also a "Woo-Hoo"-er and hence, Vicki is enamored. The lines of demarcation are clearly drawn.

It is deemed that all will be well in a few weeks hence, but not tonight. I understand that these two have issues.

how did tamra barney meet eddie

We know that Alexis or her Disneyworld Country Bear Jamboree husband Jim threatened to sue Tamra after alleged derogatory comments last season. But Alexis was, albeit as a plus-one, invited to the party.

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Tamra had the option of turning her down. So, the right thing to do is to welcome her and be as decorous as possible, correct?

how did tamra barney meet eddie

As un-bullying as possible? Instead, as the group enters, Tamra goes crazy-shark-eyed and intones, "There she is. The girl that wants to sue me. Walking into my business.

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There are stilted greetings all around. Gretchen and Heather arrive. Alexis tentatively congratulates Tamra on her business acumen, saying, "It takes a lot -- anything, a small dress line, it takes a lot. Two couches, two sides: Lydia gives Gretchen a backhanded compliment about being too pretty to not be married yet.

Tamra touts the industrial nature of the space, and then Vicki announces that her company, Coto Insurance, is just across the street, which is perfect in the event that someone gets injured at Tamra's gym. As viewers of these shows, we've collectively sat through a lot of tense dinners, but this one takes the crab cake.

how did tamra barney meet eddie

Tamra stares smoky-eyed daggers at Alexis and says, "I have to be percent honest. I don't know why you wanted to come here. The last I heard from you, your husband wanted to sue me. Heather counters, "Don't point your finger at me. I can't hear you anymore. Then, she demands Vicki to choose sides -- now. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I've certainly found myself on the wrong side of a good friend and it feels, for lack of a better word, miserable.