How to meet a client

how to meet a client

Sales great Brian Tracy once spent an hour with me one-on-one, coaching me on how to meet face-to-face with new customers. Here's a list of. If it looks like a tornado hit your office, or if it's just plain disorganized, then meet your prospective client in a meeting or conference room instead. You've just started your own business, and are planning to meet your first client this weekend. Not sure how he will react to your price quotation? Will he reject.

Let them talk for as long as they want. One of the great listeners of modern times was Sigmund Freud.

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A man who met Freud described his manner of listening: He had qualities which I had never seen in any other man. Never had I seen such concentrated attention. There was none of that piercing 'soul penetrating gaze' business. His eyes were mild and genial.

how to meet a client

His voice was low and kind. His gestures were few. But the attention he gave me, his appreciation of what I said, even when I said it badly, was extraordinary, You've no idea what it meant to be listened to like that. Your time will most certainly come to speak. Until then, just sit back and listen.

Have some success stories ready to show off. Dig your website or portfolio out, and talk through previous projects.

how to meet a client

Think of each case study as a story and structure them accordingly, i. Have some statistics ready, if possible. For example, have you built a website that increased traffic by 20 per cent? Tell the prospect all about it. Did a marketing campaign online lead to lots of new enquiries? Whilst talking through your work, throw in some of your own USPs. Will he reject your proposal straight away or give you a chance to explain everything? What if your inexperience and young age turn him off?

These are some of the questions that cross every entrepreneur and freelancer's mind when he's about to meet his first client.

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If you've already spent some time in the industry, then you probably know how to deal with different clients. But if you're yet to begin your journey as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you need to be extra careful while meeting your first client.

While a good preparation can help you succeed at both, an adverse result is also possible if you neglect to do your homework. In order to get the desired results, make sure you do your homework well in advance.

5 Tips for Meeting New Clients

From updating your digital portfolio to practicing your pitch, researching about the client's business and putting business cards in the right place, take a look at each and everything carefully. Be On Time Time mismanagement is the worst mistake you can make on your first client meeting. No matter what, reach the meeting venue on or before time. It's always good to arrive there a little earlier than the client. While he or she may be the final decision maker, it's likely that you will have to convince others in the room to do business with you and your company.

As you present, speak to each section of the audience, making sure that you make eye contact with each of the people in the room. Make a point, looking at one person, then continue, making your next point, looking at another person. Discover the buying time-frame.

how to meet a client

It's a big mistake to focus on customers who aren't really going to buy. The classic way to get this information is to ask: When you're reasonably certain that a particular objection will surface, preempt it by admitting it before the customer brings it up.

Never criticize a competitor.

The Most Important Questions to Ask New Clients

If a competitor comes up, praise them honestly for what they do well, but then show the customer why it would be a better business decision to work with your company. However, I believe, based upon what you've told me about your needs, that we can satisfy them better because Show how you can meet the customer's requirements.

Because you've done your research, you know in advance that this is a customer who actually needs your offering and you have a good idea how to position your offering so that it meets the customer's needs.

The golden rule of selling is to sell to your customers the way you'd like to be sold to yourself. Close the business or confirm the next step.