How to meet looker in pokemon x

Pokйmon X & Y - The Looker Detective Agency

how to meet looker in pokemon x

When you go there, you will meet Looker who has set up a detective agency in Lumiose and wishes for you to assist. Do note, this page has spoilers. He'll ask you to find the five Looker Tickets hidden around Lumiose City. Inside the Pokémon Center, check on the sparkles on the floor to get. For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Cant trigger and I cant find Serena or get the call from Looker am I missing something?.

Looker claims he understands her, and runs out to get some tea. Looker will return, and Emma will explain the situation, eventually causing Looker to rush off to the Station. Answer Yes, and make your way to Lumiose Station. After exiting the Bureau, turn left to get to North Boulevard, and then turn right, going until you find the large, light brown building beside the two sleeping Skiddo.

Inside, go completely east to find Looker confronting a few Punk Trainers. Be sure to prepare yourself before battling them, as these can be some tough fights. Be wary of its high defensive stats. Both of these have strong moves and high Attack, so again, certainly worth watching out for!

Once again, these can be pretty powerful, so battle with caution. There will be some dialogue, and then the three of you will automatically return to the Bureau. There will be a cutscene between Emma and Mimi, and then you'll be free to walk around again.

Make your way back, and after speaking to Looker, you'll receive a second message on your Holo Caster saying someone has broken into the Lumiose Museum and damaged artwork. You'll be sent to the Museum, so go left to North Boulevard, and enter the large white building with columns just across the street to the right.

Pokémon X and Y - Episode 65 - Looker Chapter 1: That Man's a Real Looker!

Inside, you'll be spotted by an Artist who will tell you that the commotion, as well as the museum director, is upstairs. Go up the stairs twice, to the third floor, to find a man looking at a graffiti-covered painting in the middle of the floor.

This man is the director, and will ask you how you feel about the defacing your answer doesn't matter. After he finishes talking, exit the museum.

Outside, you'll get another Holo Clip message. You'll get another message directly afterward, from Looker, asking to return to the Bureau quickly. Head on back, and speak to Looker. He will have a plan and ask you to aid him. Say Yes, and he'll tell you to go to one of the alleys across from the Gallette Stand when facing away from the Stand, it's the alley to the left. Inside the alleyway, you'll receive another message from Looker. Head all the way to the back and speak to the woman, who challenges you to a battle.

She'll use a Jellicent L58 and a Volcarona L Be especially careful against this Volcarona, as it can use Quiver Dance to raise its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, as well as the powerful Heat Wave and less powerful Silver Wind to damage your team with.

After saying some strange, robotic things, the woman will leap away. This next alley is very close to the one you are in, also being across the street from the Gallette Stand. Simply exit the alley and turn left to reach it.

Once you arrive, you'll receive a new Holo Caster message from Looker. After you defeat her, she will turn into the woman in the suit once more, as Looker runs up. Exit the alley and turn right, continuing until you see the large, pale brown building with two sleeping Skiddo out front. Enter the alley across from it. After another message, talk to a distraught Black Belt standing in the back.

Looker will join you once more, and you'll figure out that the culprit has moved to South Boulevard. Exit the alley and go right briefly to reach South Boulevard. You'll see another dark alley immediately to your right, so head inside.

Looker will send another message to your Holo Caster. Afterward, go to the back of the alley and battle this next suspicious person. She will have a Persian L Looker will swoop in, and then Mimi will enter, treating the woman in the suit as if she recognizes her.

how to meet looker in pokemon x

Still, the woman will treat Mimi as an obstruction and try to harm her, in which Looker protects her, and realizes the woman in this suit must be Emma.

She denies, saying her name is Essentia. After some more dialogue, you and Looker will return to the Bureau.

how to meet looker in pokemon x

There will be a cutscene between Looker and Mimi, and then you'll be free to leave. To continue the story, you must once again walk around until you get a Holo Caster message to return to the Looker Bureau. Do so, and talk to Emma. A Fiery Woman and the Truth Revealed Emma will learn Looker is in the hospital, and end up leaving because she's late for Immediately after, a man will enter and ask for your assistance.

Well, right after a battle to test your capability, that is. This man, Butler Chalmers, has a Braviary L Following the battle, he will tell you to visit Hotel Richissime's Royal Suite. From the Bureau, get to the Hotel by turning left onto North Boulevard, and going right until you see the black building across the street.

Inside, take the elevator to 5F. Enter the suite to the west, and you'll meet with Malva from the Elite Four. She will challenge you to a battle, but don't worry, she will only use her Pyroar at L Afterward, she will talk about the mysterious woman in the suit, revealing that she is indeed Emma, inside a special piece of technology created by Dr.

Xerosic of Team Flare. After exiting the Hotel, go down the avenue straight ahead Hibernal Avenue. Head down here, entering Magenta Plaza, and go down the alley to the right, with the dark red building. Malva will be waiting inside. Follow her to the back, and she'll grant you access to a secret room where Xerosic is.

Take her out, and you'll have to navigate this hidden floor, which is the same layout as the first floor, previously explored during the initial storyline. First, take the spinner tile to the northwest pointing west. Take the warp panel just north of here, and then the green warp panel rather than the yellow one, which would take you back to the start.

Continue through the spinner tile pointing east that he was blocking, and then the one south. From here, head northeast, and take the spinner tile all the way at the east it is also pointing east.

This will be a longer trip, but eventually you will land next to another spinner tile. Take this one to land beside a Punk Girl. You'll then want to take the spinner tile just to the left of her, pointing south. Maneuver around the spinner tiles west and then south to reach another familiar Lumiose Gang Member, Eris, who battles with her Pangoro L60 and Bouffalant L Take the southwest warp panel, and head north to battle Scientist Justus and his Muk L Muk has a lot of Special Defense, so try to hit it with physical moves if you can, and watch out for its threatening Poison-type moves.

Step on the warp panel here, and you'll see the last of the three Lumiose Gang Members, Nix. Battle against his Druddigon L59 and Krookodile L61, and follow him inside the room.

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Interact with the shelves to read some notes on the technology created and used by Xerosic, and how Emma is involved. Keep reading check every spot on the front of every bookcase, starting with the blue ones in the back and working your way down until you finish Volumes 1 through 5.

Then talk to Nix again, and his shift will end. As soon as he leaves, Xerosic will enter, and eventually recognize you, calling the woman in the suit, Essentia, to battle you. After she falls in from the sky, speak to her to begin a battle. First, she will use the Jellicent L64 and Volcarona L Again, remember to watch out for this Volcarona and its potent moveset especially since it's even higher leveled this time.

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Keep your dragons away from this fight! The next battle will be a single Persian L After this fight, Mimi and Looker will enter and try to get Emma to snap out of the control she's under.

how to meet looker in pokemon x

It seems to briefly be working, but Xerosic soon regains control. Approach her to enter a final battle with her. This time, she will use a Crobat L68 and a Malamar L In the hotel North Boulevard: In the Museum Take the tickets back to Looker and the mission will be complete Chapter 2: It seems various children have been playing there rather than attending to their studies, and the parents in the city are worried.

Looker asks for you to go check it out. When you reach the end of the alley, you meet a girl called Emma and her Espurr, Mimi. However, Espurr suddenly runs off through the alleys in North Boulevard, and so you have to go find it. After doing so, Looker offers to give Emma and Mimi a place to stay. Detective, Tourist, Gang In this mission, when you visit Looker and Emma, a tourist will run into the building speaking a different language.

Looker tasks you with hunting down this gang and defeating them. This gang is found in Lumiose City's train station on North Boulevard. When defeated, Looker starts to talk about his overall mission, and how he has to go undercover, while Emma decides to look for part-time work in the city. An Unforgiveable Crime In this mission, you get informed of some vandalism that took place within the Lumiose Museum.

how to meet looker in pokemon x

It turns out someone has destroyed an important painting. Looker tasks you with investigating.

how to meet looker in pokemon x

Upon investigation, you learn that these thefts have been happening near the back alleys in Northern Boulevard.

Looker decides it's a good opportunity to set up a sting operation. However, each time you confront the person, they revert into a robotic appearance and escape.