How to meet mu gong maplestory link

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how to meet mu gong maplestory link

You're already playing Maplestory. What's Total = Mu Gong's Emblem As you can see, it gives you 70 Charm EXP each. In addition, Evolving world: Link 2 gives 20 charm once you complete the quest in that room. The brand-new Reboot world is getting added to MapleStory! The Reboot Meso Sack is intended for players who reach Lv. and wish to ease .. [NEW] Soul Link: At Master Level: MP Cost per sec: 15, Can be toggled On/Off. The current Mu Lung Dojo is getting overhauled to become ranked content for players Lv. You'd better head over to Mu Lung Dojo Entrance and start sweet-talking So Gong. When you brought the Healthy Bellflowers to him, So Gong discreetly told you the way to Mu Lung Dojo Entrance's back alley. Talk to So Gong in Mu Lung Dojo Hall.

If you have at least 1 Psychic Point, the effect will activate automatically. If you have 0 Psychic Points, your HP will be consumed instead. Increase your attack speed for a certain period of time.

Increase your attack speed by 2 stages for seconds. Using the power of telekinesis, push Kinesis forward. While jumping, you can jump up to two more times in a row.

how to meet mu gong maplestory link

Jump a certain distance. Extrasensory power enhances all the cells in your body. Using the power of telekinesis, lift up surrounding enemies then smash them into the ground. Using the power of telekinesis, create an area which attacks enemies quickly and recovers Psychic Points. Recover 1 Psychic Point every time this skill does damage. There is a cooldown of 3 seconds. Create a giant rock with telekinesis then crush enemies by disassembling it at high speed.

Enemies hit will have all of their buffs removed. Use the pure strength of telekinesis to defeat all enemies in your way.

Mu Lung Dojo Guide

Using the power of telekinesis, pick up monsters and objects around you. Using Psychic Force, create a psychic area. Demon Avenger Blood Pact: The stage of the Exceed skill you are using goes out if you use a different Exceed skill while using an Exceed skill. Overload 2 is additionally increased if you use a different Exceed skill while using an Exceed skill. The logic for Exceed not being reset when Demon Strike is used while using a different Exceed skill has been removed.

MapleStory Phantom clears Dojo in 240 seconds

Hyper Skills Thousand Swords: Battle Mage Draining Aura: Hyper Skills Sweeping Staff: Cooldown increased from 9 sec to 13 sec.

Wild Hunter 1st Job Summon Jaguar: Cooldown increased from 6 sec to 7 sec.

Fastest, FREE-est way to get Level 30 Charm

Duration increased from 28 sec to 31 sec, Attack rate increased from 4 sec to 3 sec. Cooldown increased from 25 sec to 30 sec.

how to meet mu gong maplestory link

Another Bit stacks reduced from 3 to 1, Cooldown increased from 12 sec to 14 sec. Duration decreased from 60 sec to 40 sec, cooldown increased from sec to sec.

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Changed so that the skill is cancelled if you hang while using it. Roll of the Dice: Duration decreased from sec to sec, Cooldown decreased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced.

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Hyper Skills Salvo - Reinforce: Cooldown increased from 90 sec to sec. Cooldown is decreased to 60 seconds, Area of Ice duration has been increased to 30 seconds. Reactivation cooldown of 9 seconds has been added, the cooldown is decreased by 1 second per attack. Each skill additional directional attack's damage is now decreased differently, cooldown is increased. The final damage boost has been increased.

Cannonball preparation time is increased.

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Damage decreased, cooldown is increased to 8 seconds. Chance of reactivation is increased, Damage and cooldown has been decreased. Damage boost has been changed to passive effect, cooldown of seconds is added, duration decreased to 90 seconds.

Damage boost effect has been added. Cooldown fixed to seconds, Duration has been adjusted, final damage boost has been added.