How to meet tong si hung walkthrough

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how to meet tong si hung walkthrough

See our side quests page on completing that quest. There's also a vender, Lin Fu Ren, who runs a shop on the ground level of Hung Hua Hotel. . Now we're capable of going back up to the manager to find out about Tong. (7) Discovering van Bruggen's whereabouts Deus Ex: HR Guide. 0. Post Comment A more obvious way to do that is to meet Tong Si Hung. In this case you. Deus Ex HR/HRDC Persuasion Guide Below, you'll find advice on how to defeat all of your opponents in Darker Shades – Tong Hi Sung.

The device has a level two protection, so it shouldn't be a big problem. Once you've solved the mini-game deactivate the relay 2. Keep going in the same direction 2.

It might seem at first glance that reaching the control panel of the second communication relay is going to be difficult, because it's quite high 1.

how to meet tong si hung walkthrough

Thankfully you won't have to make any jumps or build any towers, because you may as well stop directly under the panel 2. Just as before, start and solve a level two mini-game.

Tong Si Hung

You may now choose a path leading north-east 2. You'll have to remain cautious here, because you're getting close to the Hengsha Court Gardens building again and the Belltower forces didn't leave this area since your last visit beginning of Hunting the Hacker main quest.

Start off by choosing the passageway leading to the left roof screen above. If the roof of this building is still being patrolled by two guards, then you'll have to get rid of them or use the lower ledge 1 to avoid them. If the roof has already been cleared and there are no enemy units, then you may proceed directly east 2 without making any stops along the way.

There's a small bridge leading to the roof of the eastern building 1 and obviously you'll have to use it. Look around to find the control panel for the last third communication relay 2.

Focus all of your efforts on the thing you're trying to achieve in this case it's finding van Bruggen and remember to stay calm, because no one likes outbursts of rage. You can achieve the desired result in this conversation by ignoring club manager's attempts to disinform you about van Bruggen's hideout and about what he knows. It's also important to use an opportunity to share your concerns about the importance of finding the hacker and to add that Tong must be helping him to escape from Hengsha safely.

Pinpointing and insisting during this conversation is a good idea to get what you want. At first the club manager will only reveal that van Bruggen is in a safe place, but if you manage to pass the whole negotiation process you'll be allowed to meet Tong in his office to learn the details.

A different way to end this conversation with success is to use the Social Enhancer augmentation to activate pheromones it's done by pressing the Z key. This would require you to choose the Alpha type of personality.

Succeeding here would allow Jensen to unmask the club manager as Tong himself. If you fail this conversation you will have to use the alternative method described later in the text overhearing the conversation in Tong's office without meeting him there personally.

Go back to the stairs 1 and head down.

how to meet tong si hung walkthrough

Instead of going back to the main area of the club turn left twice. Proceed towards a door leading to Hive's basement 2. If you've passed the conversation with the club manager, then you will be able to open this door without having to input a code. Turn right and then left, choosing the stairs leading to the basement 1. Ignore a guard patrolling this corridor and turn right.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Tong Si Hung Conversation

Proceed to the door located at the end of this corridor 2. Open the door leading to Tong's office and take your time to look around. A vent at the top leads to the top floor. An emergency exit door on the far side of the roof leads inside. There are two guards on the roof to be dealt with before you can reach it. From there, you can walk downstairs and call the elevator.

how to meet tong si hung walkthrough

It takes you directly to the top floor. The hacker's apartment is on the top floor. In the hallway are three guards, plus three in the Dutchman's suite.

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The apartment can be entered either through the hallway, or through a vent. This section is completed by hacking the computer inside a secret room.

Access can be gained to it either through the hole in the wall that is already blown open a small fire around the opening notes the locale or via the secret button in the kitchen area. On the kitchen counter is a teddy bear that opens a secret door when pressed.

This gives you no extra experience points. You can enter in one of three ways.

Hunting the Hacker

There is a sewer entrance but the way is blocked by poison gas. A valve to turn off the gas can be found behind a breakable wall 5 Nuke Viruses are also found hereor players with the appropriate lung augmentation can simply pass through.

The second entrance is through a duct located at the back of The Hive's building. Finally, you can enter through the front.