I would like to meet you cortana

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i would like to meet you cortana

(Jump to page 2 if you're just interested in seeing what Cortana can do to your location data, et cetera—as well as the name you'd like her to. Monthly Payouts For Life. Like millions of others, it's likely that you've missed out on Public Law Unless you're already on this. Just click the Microphone button and tell Cortana want you want to do. Click the For example, you could tell Cortana “Schedule a meeting tomorrow”.

And she never takes the day off. Personal digital assistant, that is … Based on a 26th-century artificial intelligence AI character in the smash hit Halo videogame series, Cortana made her grand entrance as part of Windows Phone 8. After more than two years in development, she arrives at a crucial juncture for Microsoft. Indeed, we will cash in.

i would like to meet you cortana

You speak a question into your phone and have the results come back to you via the wireless Web. AAPL counterpart to Cortana. And Microsoft believes Cortana can advance a tech platform that will change the way we interact with our mobile devices, our cars… and even our homes. Because we understand this, we have an advantage. I use it all the time to send text messages to my wife and kids. Ditto when I want to quickly reply to an email on my iPhone.

When I want to make a call or set my navigation system to a new address, I just push a button and talk to the friendly female voice assistant.

I'd Like You to Meet "Cortana"

The market has grown from there. And now Microsoft has entered the fray. In fact, the company actually traces its roots back to two legendary tech pioneers. The first is Ray Kurzweil, the noted futurist and author, who founded an optical-character-recognition OCR firm back in Inthe forerunner of Nuance was itself spun off from SRI to commercialize speech-recognition technology originally developed for the U.

What followed was a series of complex mergers and acquisitions that in created the current Nuance Communications.

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The Nuance File Today, Nuance is a thriving multinational software company specializing in both voice recognition and imaging technology. It has about 4, patents covering all aspects of both tech fields. Nuance services a dozen industries, including mobile, automotive, legal and medical. The company has more than 1, speech scientists. No wonder it has a voice assistant that speaks 38 languages: The company works with more than 2, global partners.

Some analysts have suggested dark days are ahead for Nuance because Apple has recently shown an interest in moving voice tech in house. After all, Novauris itself was a spin-off of Dragon Systems, a voice tech firm owned by — Nuance. Nuance has developed an advanced Cloud-based artificial intelligence app dubbed Project Wintermute.

i would like to meet you cortana

Not only does it work on smartphones, it also works with smart TVs and other Web-connected devices. The company simply plays too big a part in the global tech ecosystem to let the loss of one customer, even a prestigious one, hold it back. Report shows all similar-named documents Folders: Bob Dylan shows all related songs and albums Photos: Birds shows images with the similar names Settings: Region and Language shows the asked settings Videos: Vacation in Venezuela shows all similar named videos Web: Windows 10 shows info related to this query from the web 2.

Ask Cortana a silly question…

Track Couriers and Flights As a smart assistant, Cortana also tracks flight numbers and courier packages via their tracking numbers. It auto-tracks the flights and couriers with the details found in your configured email. Follow these steps to track flight or courier information manually: Set 3 Types of Reminders You can set up time-based, location-based or person-based reminders using Cortana on your PC, and get the reminders on your mobile device. Time-based reminders are of course based on time, whereas location-based reminders are based on the tracked location on your mobile device.

If it is a perso-based reminder, the reminder will pop up when you receive a call or message from that person. Follow these steps to set the reminders: Question for Technical Support Cortana helps you get technical support for specific queries and provides the asked information within its app window. Here are few example queries to get technical support: Translate Words and Phrases Cortana can translate phrases and sentences in 50 different languages.

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Follow these steps to translate using Cortana: You can still use this tool to send a text message from your PC which is actually sent from your phone.

Follow these steps to send a message: To do this, you can install People app in Windows 10 and save the number there it synchronizes with your phone. You can follow these steps to search in natural language: Identify Music and Songs Cortana has got various tricks up its sleeve and identifying music or songs is one such awesome feature. It not only can listen to and identify music, it also can search the web for additional details and description for the playing music or song.

You can achieve the same using the following steps: You can click on the song to purchase the song or its album from the Windows Store. Calculate and Convert Numbers Cortana, apart from its other features, can help you do basic arithmetic operations and simple conversions.

i would like to meet you cortana

The tool can convert between various numeric units such as currencies, temperature, length, weight and liquid quantities, etc. You can perform the following steps to calculate or convert: Find Facts and Get Answers Cortana can even become your tutor and help you find information quickly than ever. The assistant can give you basic information on several topics and niches including but not limited to important public figures, definitions, public holidays, movie information, travel destinations, currencies, time zones, etc.

Find Places and Get Directions Cortana can help you locate an address with turn-by-turn directions using its companion app, Maps.

i would like to meet you cortana

Do note that this feature requires you to have Maps pre-installed in Windows 10 and if not, you can get it from the Windows Store.