If we ever meet again lyrics song meanings album

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if we ever meet again lyrics song meanings album

Lyrics to 'If We Ever Meet Again' by Timbaland. What's somebody like you doing in a place like this? / Say, did 18 Non-Traditional Yet Perfect Wedding Songs. What's somebody like you, doing in a place like this? / Say, did you come alone or did you bring all your friends? / Say, whats your name, what you drinking. and meanings behind the songs, with songwriter interviews and lyrics. Music and politics collide when Elvis Presley meets President Richard Nixon at the.

Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again Lyrics

The Tour on October Writing for BBC MusicLizzie Ennever exalted her vocal performance while commenting that the song possesses "edge" and "rawness" that, according to Ennever, are characteristic of the "real [Perry]".

Giving it three stars out of five, he wrote: Well, certainly not for want of trying.

if we ever meet again lyrics song meanings album

He contrasted the song—which he described as "gently and compellingly angry"—with Perry's singles of sexual themes, and concluded that "feeling deeply is shocking enough". Three weeks later, [13] it entered the primary Hot chart at number 79; [14] having climbed to number 50 in the following week.

Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again Lyrics Meaning

It rose fifteen spots one week after, giving the track the title of "Greatest Digital Gainer" for that chart issue. Following a chart progression of 34— [21] 44— [22] 51— [23] 55— [24] 67— [25] 68— [26] 84, [27] it left the chart at number 91 on the May 9 chart issue.

In Europe, the song received moderate success.

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  • Thinking of You (Katy Perry song)

The song debuted at number 63 on the UK Singles Chart. After seven weeks on the chart, the song peaked at number The song peaked at 38 on the Irish Singles Chart.

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In France, the song was much more successful, debuting at number 11 on the singles chart, and stayed in the charts for 32 weeks.

In Brazil the song peaked at number 1 and stayed there for several weeks, partly due to the use of the song in the Emmy -winning soap opera India — A Love Story. The single stayed in the charts for six weeks.

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The song did not chart in New Zealand, becoming Perry's only single not to chart there. Original version[ edit ] Matt Dallas portrays Perry's soldier love interest in the commercial music video The first music video was released in and surfaced on YouTube in May Problems playing this file? New York magazine writer Willa Paskin observed that Perry did the obvious with the song's hook "she used a common word for penis and made it mean penis!

Paskin also wrote that "Peacock" could perhaps be the most outrageous example of an entirely obvious double entendre. During an interview with MTV Newsthe singer said that she is a fan of using puns and double entendres and often looks for ways to incorporate it into her material.

if we ever meet again lyrics song meanings album

Greg Kot from the Chicago Tribune said that "Peacock" adapting the beat from Basil's "Mickey" into a suggestive metaphor "barely qualifies as an off-color joke let alone a song. It's tiring because, at her heart, Perry is old-fashioned and is invested in none of her aggressive teasing.

if we ever meet again lyrics song meanings album

He believed all reviews of Teenage Dream will discuss the track, which will be because it is "potentially historic in its badness, to the point that, once you've heard it, you too will have to describe it to other people just to convince yourself that it really exists.

Klapper also said the lyrics do not compliment Perry's writing skills. Talking about how hooks on Teenage Dream are catchy, but quickly start to erode if listeners pay more attention to the words, he cited "Peacock" as an example of this.

Describing its chorus as "an earworm of the highest order," he said some of the lyrics are enough to make people clench their teeth.