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Meet Joe Black is a American romantic fantasy film directed and produced by Martin Brest . Official website · Meet Joe Black on IMDb · Meet Joe Black at AllMovie · Meet Joe Black at Box Office Mojo · Meet Joe Black at Rotten Tomatoes. Buy Meet Joe Black: Read Movies & TV Reviews - (1,) IMDb /10 . Beautiful love story by Joe Black and his "love interest". Anthony. Meet Joe Black summary of box office results, charts and release information and Box Office Mojo and IMDb are trademarks or registered trademarks of.

Bill's 65th birthday on his large estate is a wonderful, perfect event. Joe attends, pretending to be an Internal Revenue Service agent.

Brad Pitt: Joe Black, Young Man in Coffee Shop

Bill makes a last attempt to demonstrate to Joe the meaning of true love and all it encompasses especially honesty and sacrifice. Joe comes to understand that his love for Susan means he has to sacrifice his desire to take Susan with him and allow her to live her life, and he abandons his plans to take her. Drew capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior. He uses information inadvertently given to him by Bill's son-in-law Quince Jeffrey Tambor and convinces the board to vote Bill out as Chairman.

He also persuades the Board to approve the merger which Bill had decided to oppose. Quince is devastated by what happens to Bill as all but one other member of the board vote him out. Joe, as the IRS agent, uses his knowledge of Drew's actions and intimidates Drew into resigning from the company and Board and to leaving Susan.

Joe helps get Bill reinstated as Chairman of the Board.

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Bill devotes his remaining hours of life at the party to his daughters Allison and Susan. Joe says his last goodbye to Susan, admitting in veiled terms that he isn't what he appears to be. She senses something of the truth behind his words but is unable or unwilling to vocalize this realization. A fireworks show marks the end of the party and Joe escorts Bill to the edge of the garden and Susan follows them. Joe takes Bill over the bridge and the two disappear. Susan saw them walking away and runs up to the bridge.

She is surprised when Joe reappears and walks back over the bridge. Death has left with Bill.

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Joe is now the young man Susan met at the coffee shop at the start of the movie. The young man, unaware of the events which had transpired from the time of his death until his return, talks to Susan.

After a few moments, Susan suddenly realises that Joe is not the person whom she fell in love with. In sorrow, she realises that Joe Death has left and she is now talking with Joe young man at coffee shop.

imdb com meet joe black

She gazes past Joe's shoulder at the spot where she last saw Joe Death and Bill. Tearing, she says to Joe young man"I wish you could have known my father".

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She then asks him, "What do we do now? He replies, "It'll come to us. She nods and agrees.

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And this is Bill's time. But before he goes, the Grim Reaper pays him a visit and offers him time. And in exchange Bill will show Death what it is like to be alive. A bit of an oxymoron for sure but true nonetheless. And what happens when Death starts to learn about what makes our life so precious is really something that has to be seen.

imdb com meet joe black

Because what we take for granted, he sees as innocent and pure and magical. For instance, peanut butter. Joe Black tastes it and decides that it is the most amazing food that he has ever had in his short existence. And when people are eating their caviar at dinner, he refrains and has more peanut butter.

This scene is one of the purest and most honest scenes in the film. Not for what is on the outside, but what it means, what it wants us to see. To me this scene is the microcosm of what the film and what life should be about. Life is a gift. There are so many wonderful things that we have as human beings that we seem to forget what they are.

imdb com meet joe black

We are so consumed with other things that at the time seem important but when you look at them closely they are trivial and it's the little things in life that bring us so much joy. Like peanut butter, aka tossing the ball around with your kids, aka.

The point is that life is serious enough and it isn't until others are gone that we fully comprehend that.

imdb com meet joe black

Brad Pitt is perfect, absolutely perfect as Joe Black. He conveys the innocent wonder and pure joy of discovering human elements like the aforementioned peanut butter and more serious issues like falling in love. Meet Joe Black has been criticized for its length but like all movies that are three hours plus, there is a reason for that.

And that is because it has something to say. Something important to say. Meet Joe Black wants us to look at this film and then look at our lives and realize that there is a lot to live for.

You just have to get through all the mist and cloudiness and you'll find it again. There is an innocence about how this movie feels and it is such a wonderful picture. It makes you feel good. Good to be in love if you are good to want to be in love if you are not already and good to be alive. It will make you glad that you did.

I know I was and my life doesn't seem so bad right now even though there are many things that I could complain about like Ah hell, what's the point.