It was nice to meet with you

English Phrase: It was a pleasure meeting you. |

it was nice to meet with you

I would go with the first version. Why? For two reasons. First, it's simpler, and in language as in engineering, simplicity wins. There is no reason. "It was nice to meet you yesterday" is correct, not "it was nice to meeting you yesterday." However, although this might be somewhat confusing, you can say. It was so nice to meet you, albeit briefly, last night at the signing! I was was the semi-awkward girl who said I'm working on my first book and like to.

Сьюзан, я люблю.

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- Слова лились потоком, словно ждали много лет, чтобы сорваться с его губ. - Я люблю .

it was nice to meet with you