Its nice to meet you interchangeable purse

its nice to meet you interchangeable purse

The most common way to reply is with "Nice to meet you too." Add comment You can say, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well" or "Same here". Meet handbag designer Katie Kalsi, our FACE of Memphis today! her painting and sewing skills to produce 23 hobo-style bags that were set off by handpainted, interchangeable leather straps. When did you begin on the path towards a design career? It's nice to see women express their personalities with my bags. At any given time, you can find my bag filled with a laptop, an iPad, a notebook, So while that Gucci bag is cute, it's just not a practical purchase for me. This bag is part of a “system” of interchangeable outer shells that all fit.

I thought the four-wheeled design was fabulous because I could pull the bag easily, or roll it along right next to me in the crowded airport.

FACES of Memphis: Katie Kalsi

This bag was incredibly lightweight with a nylon shell and brass hardware. It was spacious enough to hold clothes for 3 days, a pair of boots, and an extra jacket with room to spare. Inside the bag there was a zippered pocket for toiletries or small items and the outside has a zippered pocket where I kept my book, water bottle, and scarf while I was traveling. The bag felt really sturdy and durable and has a leather handle that made for easy transitions between subways, stairs, escalators, and overhead compartments.

As a carry-on this bag is great, but if you were to check a bag this small you might prefer a hard-shell suitcase to avoid the bag getting crushed.

Overall, this was a great bag. I would use this bag again and recommend it to a friend. As with all Tumi products, this one is stylish and attractive.

This bag also expands a full two inches; when not expanded, it meets the new carry-on size restrictions. Though the bag is obviously durable and well constructed, I would be reluctant to check it at an airport, as the semi-flexible exterior seems like it might dent if handled roughly. I had a lot of stuff in my office that I wanted to take home, so I packed it all up and carried it from Manhattan to Brooklyn. That said, the trip involved about 10 minutes of walking on sidewalks, two elevator rides and tons of subway stairs.

its nice to meet you interchangeable purse

The bag performed extremely well given the circumstances—it was filled with books, bottles of wine, and a few articles of clothing, more weight that I would normally take on a carry-on. In rolled over curbs and bounced up and down stairs with no strain or damage to the wheels, zippers, or handles. The best part of the bag was the compartments inside.

FACES of Memphis: Katie Kalsi

I loved the deep, zippered pockets for storing cords, socks and laundry. The only drawback to this bag was that the when the handle was extended, it was a bit wobbly. It could use a little more reinforcement.

I would absolutely use this bag again and recommend it to a friend. It held a pair of heels, a pair of sandals, two dresses, a couple t-shirts and shorts, a hard-cover novel, a packable down coat and scarf, as well as some bridal shower props. It was super easy to pack with a big main compartment, soft sides, and flexible cover that formed themselves around my items. I took it as a carry-on and it worked great—I was able to stuff my coat and scarf into the bag quickly once I got to the airport and take them out again easily.

The standout is the small size and the soft sides that adjust to what you pack. The flights were full and the airline decided to gate-check bags that did not easily fit into the bag sizer causing a lot of distress for some passengers, but I sailed by with this bag.

There is a lip over the outside pocket, which made it hard to stuff my novel into it.

It's nice to meet

I wish the lip was removed and the zipper was higher up—as a carry-on, it should be able to fit a magazine or hardcover without a problem. If you are a chronic over-packer, this bag may rein you in, but it may be too small for more than a long weekend. Yes, I would use this bag again for a short trip. That is a win to me! The bag is roomy, well constructed, and easy to transport thanks it to its four multidirectional wheels.

Have you always called Memphis home?

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Memphis is such an inspirational place. I loved growing up here, being in a city with so many great stories and now sharing the stories with my girls.

What better place to be creative? When did you begin on the path towards a design career? As a child, I was always making things.

its nice to meet you interchangeable purse

I designed jewelry and painted. A dream that began when I was six has definitely become a reality. One of my first memories as a designer was crafting earrings for my friends at school.

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So, my fashion mind has always been turning. Who knew it would turn into a career? About seven years ago I began focusing on selling my art. I realized that women not only love to look at art, they love to express themselves through it.

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I needed and wanted to do something that excited me. Painting and designing were stress relievers and very therapeutic for me. As a creative person, expression is a big deal to me. It also gives them a way to express themselves. Making my first 23 handbags at the kitchen table: Often the best ideas start with a small kernel and grow from there. I drew a design of a bag I would use, took my most popular painting and decided to use that pattern as my first strap.

I bought some fabric, some leather and some hardware to connect the strap to the bag. I taught myself to sew. I made about 20 bags at my kitchen table and asked friends and family to use them around town. Within months, I was getting calls from local stores. Katie Kalsi, LLC was born.

its nice to meet you interchangeable purse

Describe your family and how your job as a mom coordinates with your work as a designer. I am very fortunate to have my two girls, my parents and friends who support my vision and dreams. Having two girls who adore fashion makes coordinating my mom job and my designer job so easy.

What do you enjoy most about your work? From design to manufacturing a prototype to the finished product, I enjoy every step of the process. When I see someone carrying one of my bags, I always stop to introduce myself. I love hearing them tell me that it is their favorite bag. They love changing their straps depending on their outfit, their mood or just because they love switching them around. Describe your first handbag or collection. How do the original designs compare to your present collections?

The difference is that you can now change the straps. I have always designed with an artistic, Bohemian flair. I have also added a more classic line without interchangeable straps. They still reflect my Boho personality! Do you intend to concentrate on handbags, or will you expand into creating other fashion or lifestyle products? Designing handbags will always be my first love and the cornerstone of my business. If you look at some of the biggest names out there, they all have ventured into other areas of design.