Jdm meet eastern creek 2013 nissan

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jdm meet eastern creek 2013 nissan

Custom Nissan Cube Daihatsu, Japanese Cars, Vehicle Accessories, Mazda dropped nissan cube Japanese Cars, Toasters, Jdm, Nissan, Cubism, Cool Cars . New Nissan cube Price Quote w/ MSRP and Invoice New Nissan, Price Quote . NISSAN CUBE Credit Check, Cube, Auto Sales, Fall River, Stuff To. It is of course a Y33 Nissan Gloria. We met Miyake Jyoko and his impressive Gloria while arranging our shoot of Last Friday was a special date on the calender, it was dubbed “S13 Day” 1/3/ RTR:: JDM Style Tuning Dyno Day held at the On The Run Motorsport workshop in Melbourne's south east. Community EOMM March Being a community meet the camera was shared around between the extended Golf, GTR, holden, JDM, jdm accessories, Mazda, meet, Nissan, Stance, Toyota, trueno, VW, zen, Zen Garage market cars lapping Eastern Creek Raceway my afternoon was set in gold.

Some of you may recognise this Vertex Ridge wide body S15 from our previous feature article. Cars were parked close together and getting up close was easy. It made spotting the real rarities a little harder since every display was so unassuming.

jdm meet eastern creek 2013 nissan

The challenge now is to drop times even further, and get back to Eastern Creek for another crack. The family who own it are very proud and were happy to chat about the car to anyone interested. Frequent trips to Japan by the previous owner led to one seriously big mod list, and Reggie has been making the most of it on the track and off.

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Guy has fitted extensive amounts of carbon fibre to the car including the side skirts and front lip. Look out for this R34 on the track at Wakefield Park early next month. JDM aficionado and all-round good bloke, Kevin, had his Skyline out in the sun. The S13 you can just see to the left of the Skyline is probably the cleanest Silvia of its vintage in Australia.

jdm meet eastern creek 2013 nissan

We could do a whole other post about the unique vintage stickers and badges at the show. This old Sport Corner decal is one of our favourites.

In the background of this shot you can see just how packed the car park was, and there was as much quality out there as there was in the show itself. The diversity was really something special.

A truly iconic piece of motorsport history.

The peanut track and skid pan was open on the day for aspiring drifters to practice car control. All Stars also had a bikini car wash up on the hill overlooking the first corner.

They were consistent all day, making a load of noise and smoke through all the corners.

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Juzo had his bright red S14 out all day making it look easy. Another driver not afraid to run a great wheel setup and still drive the car very hard.

jdm meet eastern creek 2013 nissan

The V8 made an awesome noise on track and there was always a huge cloud of smoke behind his car. Nick ended up placing 3rd at this event, breaking his curse of finishing 4th last year.

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Him and Jabbit another 3 Fingers Neat member were doing multiple tandem runs throughout the day. He was entering the first corner with such speed, he ended up mounting one of the tyre barriers on the side of track.

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Not a car that you often see on the track. This driver found that out the hard way when he entered too sharply and ripped the front bar straight off. Later in the day he lost his rear bar on another corner as well.