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My first foray into the delightfully wild world of Homestuck fanfiction! actually finishing a Homestuck fic, let alone a Johnkat one, but here we are. and he was instantly met with a pair of obnoxiously familiar shades, blonde. go find my previous, short story "The Mysteries of Chocolate" in the JohnKat section. . He slowly pulled Karkat closer, until their lips met. Read story My Guardian Angel. ((HomeStuck Fanfic)) by by_anonymous_ ( Pawsai) with reads. john, johnkat, homestuck. My Guardian Angel. Copyright (C).

A few other assorted trolls and humans were gathered around the kitchen table: Rose and Kanaya, Vriska, Feferi, Terezi, and, to Karkat's surprise, Gamzee, who looked as though he might have wandered in by mistake. Gamzee moseyed over and gave Karkat a lazy smile with half-lidded eyes. His face paint looked the same as ever. You're a real motherfucking bro," Gamzee said. He walked over to the fridge, dug through it, pulled out a 2-liter bottle of orange soda, and walked out of the kitchen contentedly, passing Jade on the way out while she was on the way in.

Someone drank all the punch. Jade sat herself on the edge of the table and looked around at them all. He also noticed that he and John were the only guys present. What the fuck was up with that? Karkat couldn't tell if he was faking enthusiasm for his sister's benefit or if he was genuinely excited to be playing this dumbfuck game.

He glanced around at everyone, considering his options. His eyes lingered on Karkat for a moment, making him exceptionally nervous, but he soon flicked them away and settled his gaze on his blonde friend across the room. Kanaya nodded like she agreed with Rose's logic. Rose surveyed the room, choosing her victim carefully. On her, the expression was terrifying.

John held the door open, and they all watched, half horrified, half amused, as Terezi walked up to each and every person and gave them a friendly lick on the cheek. Some people looked confused, some looked disgusted, and most looked like they were used to this. Dave looked all three, but also slightly fond. Soon enough, Terezi was marching triumphantly through the kitchen door once more. Vriska held up a hand, and Terezi high-fived her.

Terezi thought for a moment, and then her face lit up. Her green eyes locked onto Karkat's. It may have been a stupid taunt, but it had the desired effect. He had a feeling this was more than just a moldy broom or a squeakbeast. She smiled like an evil mastermind. Yup, Karkat was definitely scared of Jade Harley.

I don't need John to go with me! If you two are man enough. John looked down at Karkat. Karkat rolled his eyes again. He'd probably have a headache from doing it too much at the end of the night. We'll look in your closet, Harley. They all made enthusiastic noises and followed reluctantly as John and Karkat led the way, a parade of assholes. Soon, they reached the door to the closet. They both looked at it for a moment.

Their spectators gathered around, and a hush descended on everyone as they awaited the proceedings. John looked down at Karkat, whose arms were crossed and who was glaring at the door as if it were all the door's fault that he had to go along with Jade's stupid game. They gazed inside the extremely dark, tiny walk-in closet. Even with his keen troll eyes, it would take a minute to adjust to the lack of light.

John looked deeply confused and concerned, but stepped in after Karkat nevertheless. After a moment of them both fumbling around and searching the floor in the dim light from the hall, Karkat faced the doorway again. Jade stepped toward the door, grinning sweetly. They both stared at the door for a minute, uncomprehending. Let us out right now! And then I will let you out. The two boys heard retreating footsteps, and then all was quiet.

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Karkat still couldn't see in the dark yet, but he could sense that John was about two inches away. Which was not far enough away for Karkat's taste. How is that funny?! What the fuck does that mean, anyway? A short silence followed. He always blushed when he stammered like that. Karkat hated that he found it almost endearing. They stood there in silence for a few moments.

Play cards or something? I've got a deck in my back pocket. Uhh, I guess I'm just I swear I had no idea. I know why, but like, why do they insist that there's He squinted and then his eyes widened. He saw the glint of John's stupid white buckteeth as the human smiled. I am the reason, Karkat," he teased, "It's me. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with the situation.

Do you wanna talk? Karkat felt a twinge of pity. Platonic pity, gogdamn it. Numb my brain with your bulgebendingly stupid prattle. What the fuck else do I have to do in here? I said I'd watch a troll movie with you if you played the human game? It's going to be a fucking classic, though, so you should feel blessed that I'm even gracing you with the opportunity to watch it, especially after this disaster, you piece of shit. She has all kinds of wacky thoughts that I couldn't possibly predict!

She's fucking clever enough. Karkat shoved him lightly again, and John backed into one of the supply shelves, laughing. There was a scraping and shuffling sound. The back of his head throbbed where it had struck the ground and something sharp was digging into his stomach. What the hell did she have in those boxes?! The one I fell onto feels kinda warm and soft. Were there old clothes up there? But a moment later, he gave a grunt of pain and collapsed back onto Karkat. What the nookbiting shit, John?!

There had to be a way to get loose. His knee jerked up and banged into something. Your elbow is digging into my nutrition sac. Your head is so close to my face that I'm surprised I haven't gotten hair in my mouth yet. Karkat felt the pressure on it lessen after a moment. He tried to wriggle his arm out from under himself, where it was trapped against Karkat's stomach, and finally pried it loose, laying it down on the ground beside Karkat's shoulder.

John's hair smelled like lemons. Probably got sidetracked or some shit. You are slowly crushing the air from my respiratory sacs. I kneed you in the groin. What the fuck is that even about, anyway? Couldn't you find any clothes from your own time period?

Karkat did, taken aback by John's response. I didn't want to give them away. I'm sorry, John," he said, abashed. This isn't even a costume party.

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Karkat supposed he had to at least give him that. Feel connected to him again or something. After a moment, he felt John lay his head on Karkat's chest. My neck is tired from craning it all this time! Karkat's face flushed at hearing him say something like that. It sounded like something somebody would say to their matesprit in one of his movies or something! There's no need to be so defensive around me, you know. We're—" "If you say 'friendleaders' in this closet right now, John Egbert, so help me Gog, I will find a way to kill you.

Karkat could feel John smile against him. John lifted his head. You're pretty much the one I'm always hanging around at these kinds of things. You're the only one I really know. I mean, all the other trolls are great. And I love Jade and Dave and Rose, but they're like my family, you know?

But when we were playing the game And we led our teams together. I guess I just feel like we have a lot in common. Yeah, I guess that's true. He sounded scared, or worried. I'd rather be trapped with no one. Or not trapped at all! That would be the most fucking preferable thing!

This is the part where you say 'Thanks, John; I like being around you too! He'd never admit it, but it was sort of true. Okay, it was a lot true. He was quiet a moment. His bloodpusher was working in double-time. John was close enough to kiss. He would just have to lean down and close the small distance between them and he would be kissing John Egbert. Karkat had skipped enough school as of lately, and just thinking about returning sent scattered shivers down his frail back.

He received flashbacks whenever he thought of it, flashbacks of the terror and ridicule that plagued his memories and association with that simple building.

A simple building so devoid of any negative connotation. It was a plain and practical facility, with bright, lively trees blocking the sides of it ever so slightly. An outsider may consider it visually appealing, and they would be right. But for Karkat, all positive thoughts of it ended there. Nobody would understand the anxiety that high school evoked in the Cancer.

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Mustering the courage as he had to every morning, Karkat slammed the door to his small, cramped trailer and opened the door of his father's truck. Surely he wouldn't mind this once.

He didn't have the energy to take the bus and face the assholes he encountered there, and by the time he had the car in his possession, Karkat would be long gone with nobody to stop him. Egbert, John As he sped down the highway at his usual outrageous speed, the Cancer heard the noise of soft vibrations against the cheap leather passenger seats. He leaned over to the side, all the while keeping his left hand on the steering wheel simultaneously, making sure to keep his gaze at least partially on the road.

Grasping the phone, he jabbed the keypad to view the text, then promptly dialed the callback number he knew by heart. Are you trying to get me killed? Karkat set his mobile on speaker phone, and placed it on the dashboard ahead of him, awaiting John's reply. A shrill car horn honked suddenly, and the short Cancer jumped at the loud auditory activity. His hands regained their grip on the wheel, and he flung it to the side violently to swerve out of the way.

The teen's heart raced aggressively as his eyes remained fixed on the cars in front of him. No accident was caused thankfully.

His startled emotion quickly shifted to rage as he extended his two middle fingers to the car responsible. The lady inside of it gawked at him, then looked about ready to smack him. The feeling was mutual on Karkat's behalf.