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jyj meet dbsk

On Oct. 2, TVXQ's Jung Yunho and JYJ's Kim Jaejoong attended the same for the potential reunion of TVXQ's Yunho with JYJ's Jaejoong and Park Yoochun. MXM to Embark On Their First Meet & Live US Tour in 동방신기 Members: Hero Jaejoong Stage Name: HERO | Young Woong Jae Joong (영웅재중 or 英雄在中) / Jejung (ジェジュン Jejun) Real. JYJ's Yoochun Reminisces Over His TVXQ Days During His Fan Meeting. He talked about Yunho and Changmin. Instiz | Published June 8th.

He can be honest and blunt about things he strongly believes should not be done.

jyj meet dbsk

He had followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award. Changmin has acted in one drama so far, although he has also had a few cameo roles. I discovered them while looking for videos of H.

I came across a video of them doing a cover of I-Yah and thought it was very impressive. So I looked them up and came across the music video for Mirotic.

Jaejoong wants TVXQ fans to 'keep the faith'

I fell in love. All of their songs were amazing. My favorite member is Micky Yoochun. And they both are doing wonderful jobs!

JYJ's Yoochun Reminisces Over His TVXQ Days During His Fan Meeting - Koreaboo

When I heard Ayy Girl, I thought it was good. I looked up the lyrics and listened to the song and breathed a sigh of relief. Both groups are producing great music. Each song that I hear from them is better than the last.

jyj meet dbsk

That was 5 years ago! I remember I liked their music but then when I stopped listening to asian stuff for a while I forgot which songs I liked haha. When I got back into it, I started listening to Kpop more and rediscovered them! As I listen to their music I fall more and more in love with it!

Kim Jaejoong talking about TVXQ

Their Rising Sun album is my favorite! I love every song on it! My favorite member is Jaejoong. Doing this post I learned more about them and it makes me like them even more!

Will JYJ and TVXQ meet for the first time since ?

SM and JYJ must not get in each other's way. The lawsuit fees must be paid by themselves, and all demand for damages is dismissed. In other words, the 'slave contract' that JYJ had insisted upon was not true, as if it were, the court would have ordered SM Entertainment to pay the full amount JYJ had demanded, not to mention dismiss that the contract had ever been valid.

jyj meet dbsk

Instead, the court only ordered SM Entertainment pay them the amount for that JYJ members had not received because of the lawsuit. As for unfair contract terms, the court had agreed that SM Entertainment's contract terms were not unfair.

All of the costs are taken in by SM Entertainment themselves, and the members get a percentage of not the pure profit, but the total sales meaning before costs and such are subtracted. It was also recognized that there is profit only after 50, albums were sold.

jyj meet dbsk

On top of that, SM Entertainment gives an incentive of 50 million KRW when they reach overalbums sold, and million when over 1 million albums are sold. This means that the members are paid extra when they reached that amount sold.

Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with

Additionally, for CFs and overseas promotions, the members' profit ratio to SM's ratio was actually 7: As for the 13 year contract, it was revealed that originally, the contract period was 10 years.

In a temporary disposition, made quickly so JYJ could promote, the court had ruled the contract unfair. However, that ruling was temporary and had already expired by