Kitchener video game swap meet

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kitchener video game swap meet

People start a retro gaming collection for many reasons. . Video Games and More (Yulee, Pecan Park); Game Swap (Green Cove Springs . (Milton) toyratt. ca; We Got Games (Brampton); KW Vintage Games (Kitchener). 1 review of Waterloo Video Game Swap - CLOSED "A Huge video game swap meet that happens twice a year in Waterloo. If your into games this is the place to . Reviews on Game Store in Waterloo, ON - J & J Cards & Collectibles, Good Time Video Game Collectors Community, KW Vintage Games, Nexus Games & Hobbies, Microplay, Buy 'n' Sell. They throw some huge swap meets and events all over the place. check out their annual read more Kitchener, ON N2H 2V5.

kitchener video game swap meet

No rare resources were being revealed so I was focusing on claiming tiles and trying to end the game quickly. My wife was doing a little bit of everything but had the majority of the Viziers in a 2 player game I tend to ignore the Viziers as you'll get at most 10 bonus end game points. I was winning at a comfortable distance until she bought the Djinn Sibittis which allowed her to draw 3 Djinns and keep 1 every round at the cost of 2 elders or an elder and a slave.

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At this point the game completely turned around and she ended up beating me by quite a bit. She did get lucky with finding Jafaar your Viziers are worth 3 points instead of 1 but I can't help but think Sibittis is one of the most powerful Djinns and a real game-changer. Wednesday we played Dungeon Lords for the first time actually finished the game Friday night and I really enjoyed the theme and humour.

Games galore at annual game swap

I always like the evil overlords Doctor Doom is my favorite comic character and this game let's you play one. The game doesn't have much player interaction but it's fun building your dungeon - until the heroes come and smash it all down. Those heroes are tough!

kitchener video game swap meet

The game is rule intensive so I'd like to play it again while it is fresh in our memory. Since he'll be out for a while, the other member and myself decided to start playing Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: I don't feel like looking up the various threads, but those were sometimes held literally the day before the official CGCC swap meets.

You could go to one of his events on Saturday which would last late into the night, then get up early the next day to go to the other swap meet.

kitchener video game swap meet

Or just attend one of them. I thought Brent WAS gecko?

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Either way, a show is a show. I'd like to go to both as no one will have the same stuff anyway.

CGCC Video Game Swap Meet 2011

If it's too pricey, you just keep moving, right? As for the Ratt, yeah he's a total douche when it comes to details in emails if you're reading this, Ratt, you know it's true!

Games galore at annual game swap | CTV News Kitchener

He had to get a good deal in order to get the stock in the first place so you shouldn't expect amazing prices. But he sure has a lot of oddities and stuff, something everyone wants but hasn't found in the wild.

kitchener video game swap meet

No idea if he's gecko, I thought that was a rumour or theory that was never varified. I've had numerous bad experiences with this Brent guy at several different meets that I could get into if needed, that's why I was wondering if he was still allowed in.