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Produced by Max R. Choreographed by Ed Hutchison. Phipps and Russell Medcraft. Directed by Edgar Kloten. Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Magic created by Doug Henning. Book by Emmet Lavery. Crane, Minnie Doysel, Louise Hawthorne, etc. Produced by Alfred E. Directed by Ira Hards.

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Directed by Carl Shain. Billed with "Where Shall I Dine? Directed by Peter Brook. Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Directed by Charles Marks. Choreographed by Jack Mason. Book by Claire Parrish. Produced at the Great Northern Theatre No location listed - c. Directed by Dale Wasserman. Music by Reginald De Koven. Directed by Klaw and Erlanger. Billed with "My Wife! Produced at the Theatre Royal, Liverpool Billed with "The Waterman". Billed with "The Pannel".

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Book and lyrics by Raymond W. Music by Percy Wenrich. Produced at the American Theatre St. Directed by Walter Wilson. Choreographed by Robert Marks. Book by Jean Genet. Billed with "The Widow" by Edwin Honig. Carroll and Frank Dumont. Directed by Whitaker and Crossley. Book by Beaumont and Fletcher. Billed with "Fontainebleau," ""Her Masquerade," etc. De Mille and Charles Barnard. Book by Jean Paul Sartre.

Directed by Marie-Louise Thyss. Produced by Daniel Frohman at various theatres - 91 starring E. Book by George Bernard Shaw. Produced by John D. Directed by Frederick Burleigh. Choreographed by Duncan Noble. Music and lyrics by Hugh Martin. Directed and choreographed by John C. Book by John Murray Anderson.

Music by Henry Sullivan. Lyrics by Ira Leff. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Choreographed by Richard Barstow. Music by Richard Lewine.

Produced by Joseph M. Choreographed by Lee Sherman. Directed by John Van Druten. Book by Frederick Lansing Day. Book by Alfred Sutro. Woodward at the Century Theatre St. Music by Helen Porter. Directed by Julia Limer. Directed by Tyrone Guthrie. Directed by Bob Murphy.

Directed by Alan Schneider. Book by James Thurber and Elliott Nugent. Originally produced and directed by Herman Shumlin. Book by Jacob S.

Directed by Augustin Duncan. Book by Bess Codling. Directed by Fred Benjamin. Clair, Telsa Hamlin, Greg Mirkus, etc. Various productions - starring Louise Pitre, David W. Directed by Priestly Morrison. Book by Richard Carle. Music by Alfred E. Aarons and Herman Perlet. New musical numbers by Carl Kiefert and J. Additional lyrics and scenes by Clifton Bingham and E. Directed by Robert Pateman. Choreographed by Madame Rosa.

Originally produced by Kermit Bloomgarden and directed by Martin Ritt. Directed by Lester Lonergan. Book by Terence Rattigan. Produced by Paul Elliott and Duncan C.

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Directed by Michael Benthall. Book by George Fleming. Backus, Jessie Millward, Lillian Thurgate, etc. Sumner, Rose Eytinge, Margaret Anglin, etc. Directed by Joseph Humphreys.

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Book by Githa Sowerby. Directed by Allen Cole. Original music by Allen Cole. Billed with "Grace Huntley! Weeks," "The Coronation," etc. Directed by Nikos Psacharopoulos. Choreographed by Geoffrey Waddell. Directed by Vaughan Glaser. Book by Anne Piper. Directed by John Hale. Produced by Sam H. Directed by Albert Lewis. Both share many songs, including many identical versions, and we had heard some of them already, but those new orchestrations and songs turned Dai Ikkai A perfect combo to remind those who think that anything made in Japan is just bubbly 8-bit pop, cheesy techno para-para boybands and bad hiphop that there's actual music there.

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Dax Riggs, if you know his music, you love it. Be it his metal band Acid Bath, his criminally underrated rock band Agents of Oblivion or his most well known Deadboy and the Elephantmen, Dax Riggs has always released concise, down to earth albums with some of the best vocals ever found in rock.

And I just can't explain how good We Sing of No contest, the best doom and metal album of the year. Double album, that is. Brilliant just like every single Reverend Bizarre album, filled to the top with crushing bass and guitar riffs, a great thick production, epic vocals like Candlemass' From the 13th Sun, and long, long songs that actually go somewhere.

Did I mention five-minute bass solos? If you're at all into metal, you'll like this, trust me, as it's easily the most epic album released in years They are no longer the Doom Over the World stoner doom band, they are completely original and they've thrown away most everything academical.

And now that they've broken up, I doubt we'll see doom this good for quite a long time. To this day, I still hate the fact that I missed them when they were playing 20 minutes away from here. I know that now that they're well known in the indie circle you might doubt their talent, but do yourself a favor and get it. If you're into math-anything, I mean. Great, great, GREAT math-rock with actual melodies, and a fair deal of postmodern angular rhythms and loop pedals.

Best straight-forward pop album of the year, bar none. I know, it's a trendy thing now to like Of Montreal, but they really are good baroque pop, especially if you're at all into catchiness.

Tied with Of Montreal's for 's catchiest record, Karate House shows a much more pop-oriented Polysics than the usual Devo worship, but with the same weird time signatures and all around incoherent structures, this time with actual choruses. The best avant-garde rock album released in quite a long time, nothing more, nothing less. Saying "original J-rock" is pretty much like saying "vocal post-rock" these days, but Termination is an original release that comes as the culmination of everything started in their previous EPs.

If emotional but heavy rock with polymeters and weird time signatures here and there is your thing, you should know about this crazy, out of the norm rock band that sometimes records some normal songs. And she's all over the news, and she's now known by pretty much everyone who watches TV or reads newspapers.