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Naruto suggests that being with him is like having a father. In Konoha HidenNaruto asks him to come to his and Hinata's wedding as his father. Iruka himself disagrees with the sentiment, considering Naruto and his relationship to be a brotherly one. Possibly because he's only ten years older than Naruto. Even thought he's retired as a ninja, he's now the headmaster of the Ninja Academy in the Boruto anime.

Though he initially didn't like Naruto at first in a Filler arc, he quickly realized that Naruto was his own person and not the Nine-Tails' host. Iruka is implied to have been like this, having lost both his parents to the Nine-Tailed Fox. Unlike Naruto, he did not have to deal with being hated, but he acted the way he did to ease his loneliness.

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He reaches out to Naruto when he realizes they have this in common and becomes Naruto's first father figure. Iruka has a scar that runs across the bridge of his nose — which he has had since his youth.

Mizuki tries to convince Iruka to help him kill Naruto, saying he's a vicious monster who would destroy the village. Iruka appears to agree, then refutes Mizuki's statement by saying that Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Fox are not one and the same. So Proud of You: To Naruto on numerous occasions as he grows and matures throughout the series, but especially after Jiraiya's death and Pain's invasion of Konoha. Iruka is a strict teacher, but also also a kind one.

Despite his strict naturehe fits this personality more. Iruka, like Naruto, enjoys ramen, with Ichiraku Ramen being his premier choice. You Killed My Father: For a long time, Iruka hated Naruto due to his parents dying in Kurama's rampage. He comes to see past this and his acknowledgment of Naruto as his own person instead of the Nine-Tailed Fox in human form made all the difference. You Shall Not Pass! To Naruto, himself when he tries to leave the island and join the war.

Naruto shrugs it off, anyway. Though Iruka had a feeling it would go that way anyway. Kushina Uzumaki Voiced By: Thank you for being our son. Originally from the Whirlpool country, she grew up in a time of very many wars before eventually coming to live in Konoha after her country was destroyed. Became Kurama's second Jinchuuriki, after receiving it directly from the first one, the First Hokage's wife Mito Uzumaki; Tobi somehow discovered this and extracted Kurama from her, taking advantage of the fact that Kushina had just given birth to Naruto.

She dies soon afterwards, but not before taking part in the defense of Konoha by helping Minato seal the fox along with some of her own chakra into their son. Over 16 years after her death, the sealed chakra comes into play when she appears inside Naruto's head to help him defeat Kurama and to explain the details of Kurama's attack, as well as just to finally bond with the son that tragedy prevented her from raising.

Her hobbies were pulling pranks and chatting. Favorite phrase was "Don't give up until the very end" Action Mom: She even managed to survive having Kurama pulled out of her, albeit only briefly. She even took a freaking claw through the stomach and caught it on the way out to keep it from hitting Naruto.

She's gorgeous as an adult in both the manga and the anime, but her pudgy face as a child, which led to her initial nickname "Tomato", is an Informed Deformity in the anime while being much more apparent in the manga.

Kushina, knowing that their newborn son Naruto would have to walk alone on a very treacherous path in life by making him Kurama's jinchuriki, naturally objected to it before Minato managed to convince her that he's doing it not just to save the village, but also because he believes that their son would somehow make the world a better place. It would still be something that would haunt them both in death, till Naruto told them he understood. All of the Other Reindeer: Kushina was picked on in her youth because of her red hair.

Not only was Kurama's seal made from her chakra, but she was also the former Jinchuriki of Kurama. More exactly, the second one: She and Minato definitely count, as they worked together to seal Kurama into Naruto and play the Thanatos Gambit that would take their lives and be so important for their village and their kid. Because You Were Nice to Me: For most of her life, people made fun of her red hair. However, when she was rescued by Minato from the Kumo ninja, he boldly complimented her red hair by telling her that it was beautiful.

This is the main reason why Kushina realized she was in love with him. When her spirit tells Naruto about her childhoodshe starts giving off Blood Knight vibes that freak him out, all while keeping a serene smile on her face.

In her youth she beat up everyone who teased her. She could form chains made out of chakra and her specialty sealing jutsus where themed around them.

Like her son, she scratched the back of her head when she felt flattered. She and Minato knew each other as kids, and couldn't have been more than about 14 when they fell in love. Red, given her fiery personality and beautiful red hair. She was even given the nickname, "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero". Her reaction whenever she saw Rin Nohara; she'd often hug her and kiss her forehead on site. You're just so cuuute!! You are such a good girl, Rin, you know? With Naruto, when he tries to defeat Kurama.

Minato had a sealed a piece of Kushina inside Naruto's seal for them to talk at one point. Her spirit even gave her own son a good thwack when he accused her of being Kurama's real form and how off putting she laughed, too. Though she acknowledged and apologized for her temperamental fuse. She was able to generate a powerful barrier ninjutsu with her chains.

She often acted ditzy or Hot-Bloodedexactly like Narutoand admitted her ninjutsu sucked. But she also taught Minato many sealing techniques. The kind for which her country was destroyed because they were so feared. They had a loving and close marriage when they were alive. She was pretty well-known by her loved ones for her burning temper, even in her adult years.

Though even she is a little off put by her natural impatience, when her spirit was too quick to thwack her son when he mistook her for Kurama and told her how unnatural her laugh is. While she was never shown using Kurama's powers, she was still his Jinchuriki from a young age. Despite being a demure housewife on the surface, she had a fiery temper. It was even part of her nickname. To the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. I Am Not Pretty: Kushina's spirit actually apologizes to Naruto for inheriting her face instead of his father's, but Naruto is glad she's so pretty.

Like Parent, Like Spouse: She and Hinata, Naruto's future wife, both went through a lot of the same life events and share certain hobbies, which is how the Generation Xerox sets in: Both have unique hair colors that match their respective personalities. Both were kidnapped by Kumo ninja when they were younger because of the powers they possessed. Both fell in love with their husbands because their husbands are good men who are attracted to their strengthand who changed them for the better.

Both are not afraid to die to protect Naruto because of their love for him. Both were bullied as children because of a physical feature of theirs—Kushina's round face and red hair, and Hinata's Byakugan eyes. Both enjoy knitting scarves. Both fell in love with their husbands via Rescue Romancewhich utilized the Red String of Fate in both rescue scenarios. Both are considered very beautiful by their husbands partly because of their long flowing hair.

Both are considered Supreme Chefs by their husbands. Both passed down their round face and eye shape to their sons. Finally, both are considered really scary by their sons when they get mad.

Her spirit explains to Naruto how she fell in love with Minato: Minato was the only one able to decipher the trail, ended up rescuing her, and then boldly complimented her red hair.

Her spirit tells Naruto that when she realized she was in love with Minato after he rescued her from the Kumo ninja, she had changed for the better because of him: That day, I saw Minato as an amazingly splendid ninja.

He made me believe that he could fulfill my dreams, and above all, he changed me. This ordinary red hair that I hated so much had led me to my soulmate. It became my own personal " red thread of fate. When Kurama tried to kill baby Naruto, Kushina threw herself in front of the fox so that its giant claw impaled her instead of her son, then grabbed the claw and physically stopped it from reaching Naruto.

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Keep in mind that she just gave birth and was slowly dying at that point. She died less than an hour after Naruto was born, but part of her chakra was set inside the seal, so happy reunions all around! She's very talkative and chatting is actually one of her hobbies.

Kisame Hoshigaki

With her husband Minato, whom she initially saw as a wimp. While she was a Hot-Blooded Tomboyhe was a very nice and polite man. After Naruto suppresses the fox, her spirit reveals that she's planning on rejoining Minato, indicating that she truly is dead. And this is confirmed later, as she fades away a while later. Like her son, Kushina would also play pranks.

Kisame loves to fight. He is quite sadistic and demonstrates no hesitation in mutilating his opponents, as seen when he suggested cutting off Naruto Uzumaki 's legs to make him easier to carry and to prevent the latter from escaping on foot. Also, due to being paired with Itachi, Kisame is usually unable to finish or even start his battles with Itachi around because the latter doesn't enjoy fighting as much as Kisame does. He would often inform his opponents that they "don't know how lucky they are".

Kisame also has a deep loathing for Might Guy since their first encounter, with Guy's inability to remember Kisame prior to his death agitating him. Over time, however, Kisame became one of the few members of Akatsuki that got along well with his partner despite the fact they had opposite personalities. The only common ground between both ninja being that they betrayed those close to them.

Kisame was perfectly aware of his weaknesses and shortcomings and is aware Itachi is perfectly capable of compensating for him. As such, he was perfectly loyal to Itachi as he would only take action after being ordered to or after being given permission by him. While he was excited about fighting Kakashi, he had no complaints about letting Itachi handle him when Itachi pointed out his capabilities and personality were not the best way to handle the situation.

He immediately obeyed Itachi's order to capture Kakashi and kill Asuma and Kurenai without any questioning and despite his love for battle, retreated when Itachi ordered him to do so.

Despite his pride, Kisame acknowledged Itachi as the stronger and more intelligent of the duo, as was evident by Kisame saying to Itachi that he himself was no match for Jiraiya, but stated that maybe Itachi could go one-on-one with the Sannin. Kisame's loyalty to Itachi is so great even Zetsu thought he only stayed in Akatsuki because of Itachi and couldn't help but wonder if Kisame would stay with the organisation with Itachi dead. During his last moments and recalling what Itachi said about no one ever truly knows who they are until just before they died, Kisame hoped Itachi also realised who he really was before he died as well.

Kisame questioning his place in the world. Kisame was motivated to help in completing the Eye of the Moon plan because of his own disillusionment with the world he lived in. He never felt as though he had a place or knew who he truly was as he was often ordered to undertake gruesome missions such as killing his own comrades because Fuguki ordered him to protect information above even the lives of his comrades. This experience caused him to develop a guilt that lasted until just before his death, causing him to believe he was a worthless and terrible person.

This would cause him to warn anyone he works with to be wary of him as he may be forced to kill them one day. Later on, he discovered Fuguki, a man who he respected and trusted, was actually selling intel to their village's enemies. As such, he came to the conclusion that his entire life has been a lie. Because of this, he was somewhat nihilistic, believing himself and Itachi to be destined to die meaninglessly due to their crime of comrade-killing.

It was only with Itachi's advice to the otherwise that Kisame saw, at the end of his life, that he did not die as meaningless as he originally thought he would because he did not waiver from his ideology of protecting information at all costs, even at the cost of his own life. Kisame had a playful and morbid sense of humour and would often make light of serious situations while sporting a sadistic grin.

This trait would even show during his fights as he would often mock his opponents as seen in the cases of Killer B and Guy. Upon hearing of the death of Hidan and Kakuzu, he referred to them as the "Zombie Brothers" in reference to their longevity. He was also a very appreciative person. When Obito had disguised himself as a useless, incompetent, and clumsy person and having no idea of who he really was at the time, he still enjoyed his upbeat nature as he thought he livened up the mood of Akatsuki's meetings.

He also reprimanded Tobi for taking so long to come clean that he was in fact alive after most of the members believed he died from Deidara's C0 suicide attack. Kisame preparing to commit suicide in order to protect Akatsuki's secrets. Other than believing everything he knew was a lie and desiring to see Tobi's "world of truth", Kisame lived strictly to protect valuable information as reflected in killing the Cypher Division to keep their intel from Konoha and executing Fuguki for selling their village's secrets; on a related note, he refused to bond with his team-mates when they were on a mission together.