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It gives me great satisfaction to look over and see our college's st. century also, they are ghting. for the same. Almost; 85% of us have been one or the other way busy in . Place of Publication: Motilal Nehru College, New Delhi. 5. I was quick to reach my classroom only to nd more seniors than freshers in the room. Me gusta · 12 personas están hablando de esto. KSO Delhi & NCR" &" KATHANGE " thucheng/lim anung/ama jao sah tei2 . 'Freshers Welcome CUM Career Guidance ' kin (program) ahung ki . guiadeayuntamientos.infon's College and Jesus and Mary College University of Delhi .. GENERAL BODY MEETING . A Som nga le nga channa (55th) KSO Shillong Freshers Social Shillong sunga college ho - Shillong College, St. Edmunds College, St. mi ijat hamkhat KSO Shillong Freshers Meet mangdin ahung uvin ahi. . Country Road take me Home #NH Vaiphei Cultural Dance perform by Zillai Delhi block.

NORTH EAST WELFARE ASSOCIATION : GURGAON [Formerly Gurgaon Eimi Organisation]

The men were then blindfolded and beheaded. The tensions started as early as the s. Among others, ethnic claims on overlapping territories have been a bone of contention between the two groups.

Historically, the Kukis and Nagas have settled in the hill areas of the State.

NORTH EAST WELFARE ASSOCIATION : GURGAON [Formerly Gurgaon Eimi Organisation]

However, as Naga nationalism and its secessionist movement grew, the presence of the Kuki population in the hill areas was seen as a hindrance to this political objective. On the other hand, the Kukis were demanding the creation of a Kuki state comprising all the areas they inhabited in Manipur.

Their competing demands triggered a chain of violence from to which resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives on both sides, destruction of hundreds of villages and displacement of tens of thousands of people from both communities.

The number of people killed or displaced on either side is itself a contentious issue between the two groups. Nearly two decades later, the significance of Black Day now evokes different responses. The Kuki Inpi Manipur KIMthe apex Kuki civil body in Manipur, for instance, believes that observing the day is the least that can be done for the victims in the absence of any redress by the Central or State governments.

The two apex bodies met twice on March 29, and on April 4, On the other hand, a section of the Kuki population including an armed group, the United Kuki Liberation Front UKLFhas demanded that the annual commemoration must stop. In the last few years, the UKLF has publicly stated that the commemoration brings more harm than good to the society.

In a statement released on September 6, the UKLF once again appealed "to the Kuki brethren not to observe September 13 as Kuki Black Day since [this] will only prolong the remembrance of those ugly days and it can affect permanent peace in the society.

For instance, the Meitieis, the majority ethnic group of Manipur, observe June 18 every year as "The Great June Uprising of ," to remember the death of 18 people at the hands of security forces for the cause of Manipur's territorial integrity. Success depends on you not on the target — big or small- that will transform your dream into reality. He opted the latter and elevated to Deputy Secretary recently.

There should be appropriate reason to answer this. You, young students must study in a selfish way.

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No one can study for you and you cannot study for others. One should pursue their aims with self-efforts and labours. Gangte soon cracked the Indian Engineering Service exam and while he was in service he cracked Indian Forest Service exam and resigned from the former and joined the latter. David Ngamminlien were very much a part of the day. They are absolutely the eyebrow-raisers of the crowd with their melodious songs.

Quiz and others An open quiz competition was conducted with instant prizes given after the answer. Who is the first Bachelor of Arts among the Gangte [Lamzasoi, ]? Name the first village of Gangte in Manipur [Siampat]? So on the questions goes. A traditional display of various tribal costumes was another curtain raiser of the day.

It was the time every one rushes the stage. This idea was born out of two young ladies, Lucy and Diki. A meritorious award was also given to the members. Election result Among the 24 candidates including 15 male and nine female, Mr. Mr and Miss Fresher Contest Over 50 freshers took part in the grand contest. Best Traditional Attires Among the audience, Mr. Muongboi Ronald, Miss Naro and master Lamlalhawl son of Pr Wilson bagged the best traditional attire awards in male, female and child category.

Gangte Gold Medal In memory of Dr. Gangte this award was instituted in Manipur University in