Lady rockers track meet event

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lady rockers track meet event

Jessica Ozoude and Destinee Rocker set Colorado State freshman records in in the field events for Colorado State were performances in the women's at a pair of meets, the Stanford Invitational and the Tom Benich Invite. - Event Calendar. 05/04/19, Lady Rocker Invitational, Council Rock High School North. 05/05/19, Philadelphia CYO Region 19 Championships . Lady Rocker Invitational. May 7 Meet Results. Sort. Newest, Oldest, Most Viewed, Name. Elite Performances (4) · Field Events · Track Events.

Daemos views the Web as a license for debauchery, as the Weaver informed him that he would perish before his father and he wants to enjoy what life he had left to the fullest. Morlun responds that as Solus' chosen heir, the Great Web is his legacy and obligation. Solus says the Web is all things and everywhere and that it is their kingdom, making them the Inheritors of All Creation.

lady rockers track meet event

The Spider-Man from Earth calls the Inheritors thieves and warns that the other Spiders will stop them. On Earth, Spider-Man asks why he is special and is told it is because he is the only one who faced an Inheritor and won. Peter insists Spider-Woman of Earth stay behind. Old Man Spider insists Silk remain behind, refusing to say why.

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Silk waits until they have gone through the portal and then follows. Spider-Man is surprised that Daemos's body does not disintegrate as Morlun did when Spider-Man last killed him. Spider-Man explains they used technology to put Daemos' corpse in stasis. Old Man Spider-Man tries again to explain about the Totems, but is killed when a second Daemos plus Brix and Bora appears and snaps his neck.

In the ensuing chaos, Assassin Spider-Man is killed. Kaine and Ben Reilly deduce that the Inheritors are clones explaining why their bodies disintegrate upon death and Ben opens a portal to the Inheritors' home base. Ultimate Spider-Woman now going by the name Black Widow joins them stating she is a clone as well. Spider-UK opens a portal to Earth for the rest to escape.

Silk steals Spider-Man's portal device, intending to set right the deaths she caused and opens a portal while attracting the Inheritors' attention.

The surviving Spiders regroup on Earth, where Spider-Man is met by an angry Superior Spider-Man, who announces they are at war with the Inheritors and from this point on, he is in charge. Spider-Man realizes Otto thinks Peter is from before the mind-swap took place, not after. Taking advantage of this, Spider-Man challenges Superior Spider-Man to prove his superiority and kill him. Unwilling to create a time paradox, Superior Spider-Man backs down. Spider-Man tells Superior Spider-Man that since the Inheritors cannot die, killing is not the solution.

Solus commands the Master Weaver to send Karn to another more challenging world. Solus mocks Morlun's fear of the Spider-Man of Earth Morlun says he is concerned about the prophecy and that "the Other," "the Bride," and "the Scion" have all manifested.

Solus agrees they could end the Inheritors' reign, but rebukes him when Morlun says the Scion still lies outside their reach. Solus calls for Jennix to join them, claiming it is time to crush the Spiders' last hope. On Earth, Spider-Man tells Superior Spider-Man he respects his expertise and would be a fool not to seek his advice.

Checking with their away teams, Peter gets no response from Kaine's group, and is brushed off by Spider-Man Superior Spider-Man says he has located the Inheritors' homeworld, but they need a stronger army.

Spider-Man apologizes to Gwen for his prior over protectiveness. He confesses he failed to save the Gwen Stacy of his world and in turn, Gwen tells him of her failure to save the Peter of her world.

lady rockers track meet event

Solus arrives and reveals the Enigma Force is pure life force energy on which the Inheritors feed and devours Cosmic Spider-Man. He declines to return to the battlefield. Morlun takes Benjy to Earth Takuya charges Solus, but Solus destroys Leopardon. The Spiders open a random portal in order to escape. Spider-Man tells him he has a plan and swears to Spider-Girl that they will find Benjy.

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Silk, on the run from Brix and Bora, arrives on Earth, a radioactive wasteland. When Brix steps out of the portal, he is nearly killed by the radiation before Bora can pull him to safety.

Realizing that the irradiated world is off limits to the Inheritors, Silk covers herself in web for protection and sets off looking for a familiar location. The Spider-Army arrives on Earth Spider-Man tries to talk to Spider-Girl of Earth, but she refuses to listen to him.

Peter is contacted by Spider-Woman, who has infiltrated the Inheritors' house by impersonating her Earth counterpart. As her communicator is damaged, Peter loses Jessica's signal. Peter ask Miles to help her, along with his new recruits. Miguel tells him they have discovered the Inheritors' cloning facility, but before he can say more, Jennix cuts the transmission. Since the Spiders have been moving and speaking across the dimensional threads of the Great Web, Jennix has been monitoring them the whole time.

On Earth, the Master Weaver tells Spider-Woman that Solus has forced him to reveal knowledge that has helped the Inheritors gain dominion over reality. As an act of rebellion, the Weaver has created seemingly insignificant threads that can change the design, allowing Spider-Woman to reach him so that he can give her the prophecies.

These scrolls contain all they need to know of the Other, the Bride, the Scion, and something else. Morlun arrives and gives Benjy to Brix and Bora. Jessica manages to use her damaged transporter to send the scrolls to Peter before Morlun discovers them. On Earth, Spider-Man receives the scrolls and is also contacted by Silk.

She tells Peter to get to Earth before Jennix blocks her. They find Sim's bunker, which Spider-Man knows is designed to hide them from the Inheritors. Inside, they find Silk, along with Earth's spider-totem: All went well until his nemesis the Emerald Elf this world's version of Green Goblin discovered his secret identity and killed Aunt May and Peter.

Brokenhearted, Ben gave up being Spider-Man. When Ezekiel Sims told him he was in danger from Morlun, Ben accepted his offer to stay in the bunker. Some time afterwards, this world's Doctor Octopus held the world at ransom with nuclear weapons. With no Spider-Man to face him, the ransom was paid, but the bombs were accidentally detonated killing everyone on this Earth. Angered by the actions of his counterpart, Superior Spider-Man attempts to translate the scrolls using his holographic assistant.

Spider-Girl reveals that due to her original powers having come from a cult that worships the Master Weaver, she can read the text.

lady rockers track meet event

The first scroll contains a prophecy that the Inheritors will lose to the Spiders years in the future, and the only way of averting this fate is by sacrificing the Other, the Bride, and the Scion, which will stop new totems from existing. The Inheritors, sensing the presence of the Other and the Bride, go on the offensive. On Earth, Spider-Girl states they can use the contents of the second scroll which contains Karn's life story to turn him to their side. Spider-Man contacts Kaine, who reveals he is on Loomworld and intends to kill the Inheritors.

Spider-Man contacts his away teams, ordering them to rendezvous at Earth Kaine impales Solus on multiple spines, killing him. An enraged Morlun rips off one of the Other's legs and stab it through the head, apparently killed Kaine. On Earth, Peter tries to talk Uncle Ben into joining the fight, quoting his Uncle Ben's lesson that "with great power must also come great responsibility".

Ben, however, is afraid to fail again. An angry Superior Spider-Man upbraids Ben, stating that he lost more times than he won but that did not keep him from fighting. Superior Spider-Man's rant inspires Ben to put the costume and the Spider-Army sets off for the final battle. Meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man's plan to put an end the Inheritors' reign by killing the Master Weaver does stop the Inheritors, but also causes the fabric of reality to unwind.

Spider-Girl threatens to destroy the crystal that contains Solus' soul, but changes her mind after realizing that "heroes don't kill". The Inheritors are exiled to Earth, where they are forced to hide in the Sims bunker to avoid death by radiation, while feeding off the radioactive spiders.

However, his experiments have failed because he has not been able to clone the essence of the spider which the Inheritors feast on into the cloned body.

lady rockers track meet event

Unable to activate it remotely, Spider-Man is forced to explode the device manually, sacrificing himself in the process. Kaine is furious and steals Jessica's teleporter, then heads directly to Earth to kill the Inheritors.

Followed to the future by a new Daemos, Six Arm Spider-Man creates a distraction, but is killed before Miguel traps the Inheritor in stasis field. The trap is short lived, as Daemos kills himself so another clone can be activated.

Miguel enlists the help of the Earth Punisher to hold off Daemos until Spider-Man and Lady Spider can transport back to the safe zone of Earth, only to find that it has been destroyed by Solus.

They borrow the lab of Lord Harry Osborn, who mentioned to his father that he knows Lady Spider, not realizing that his father is this the Green Goblin. The find uranium in Dr. Octopus' backpack and use it to get Leopardon fully operational for the final Inheritor showdown. The first is Earth, or Marvel Mangaverse. On Earth in a steam punk version ofMay Reilly's father kept animals in his study. One of these animals was a spider. One day, May Reilly tried to pet the spider, but it bit her.

According to May, the spider taught her an important lesson: After her father died, May used spare parts of his garage to create a suit with four mechanical arms and mechanical web-shooters. During a ball May was attending, Electro took the mayor hostage. May used this as the opportunity to debut as the Lady Spider. She confronted Electro and webbed him up. After taking some plans the mayor had hidden in his tuxedo, the Six Men of Sinestry were forced to retreat due to the opposition Lady Spider posed for them.

Believing she would miss the ball, May left the scene to return there. Earth is the world of Penelope Parker, who is bitten by a radioactive spider. She puts on a hoodie and a paper bag over her head and rescues Flash before falling off a ledge. Morlun is unable to proceed since each "strip" is a repetition of the previous strip with only a partial progression in the story line. A frustrated Morlun leaves without killing that Spider-Man.

The Master Weaver tells him that universe collapsed on itself, but he secretly hides that universe from the Inheritors. Capcom franchiseSpider-Man is confronted by Morlun and announces his intent to kill him. Spider-Man goes on the offensive using his most powerful attacks, but Morlun is uninjured and defeats him with a single punch.

Leaving the young video gamer boy playing the video game not surprised and outraged. Kwaku Anansi of Earth is a spider totem that is recruited by Spider-UK, but before he can join he needs to trick a demi-god Mister Mighty after stealing his sheep, then escape from Shangothe storm god.

On Earth, Hobart "Hobie" Brown was a homeless teenager transformed by a spider that was irradiated as part of President Norman "Ozzy" Osborn's toxic waste dumping. After President Osborn is dead, Spider-Punk unmasks himself to the crowd as their savior. Junior is the son of a Luchador who died after unnecessary roughness organized by the mob.

It is never explained how he got his powers, but he is recruited by Spider-UK. Turn Off the Dark. A "Spider-man that kept trying to teach people how to read" a reference to Spider-Man's appearances on the education children's show The Electric Company. During the fight, they are paralyzed by poisoned knives thrown by the Vultures. Ben manages to break free due to having fought a similar type of control when he was bonded with the Carnage symbiote.

He webs one of the Vultures, causing him to throw acid at one of his partners. They escape to Earth In the s he was a captain in the U.

Central Bucks East girls track wins five events at Lady Rocker Invitational

As the current director of sports for the National Federation of State High School Association, Oakes works directly with track and field, cross country, gymnastics, swimming and diving, water polo and volleyball. Jeff Mlynski, 5-C Representative: Mlynski resides in the Indianapolis area with his wife, Laura and son, Graham. Finke is also co-owner and executive vice president of business development for Milesplit.

She also is the founder of Wilder Running and Writing Retreats, and currently coaches a small group of elite distance runners in Bend. Representing the Youth Division on the board, Sam Germany was a champion high school and collegiate football player.

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Serving as an assistant AD at UNLV, he was the head recruiting coordinator and assistant track and field coach from She set multiple records during her career and still holds the world record in the heptathlon and the American record in the long jump. Recognized by Sports Illustrated as the greatest female athlete of the 20th century, she was a two-time winner of the Jesse Owens Award. Since retiring from the sport, she has been a community activist via the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation and as a cofounder in of Athletes for Hope, a charitable organization of professional athletes who get involved in charitable causes and inspire millions of non-athletes to volunteer and support their communities.

Department of Agriculture and Farm Foundation to promote the availability and consumption of healthy foods by Americans and she is a nationally sought-after speaker. For the last 16 years, he has been employed part-time by a large funeral service company within the Columbus area, where he resides with his wife, Karen. His expertise is in business development, creating new markets and strategic alliances and he hopes to bring the same commercial attributes to the USATF.

Bill was also a distinguished entrepreneur where he was recognized in the U.