Lake barcroft va swimming meet

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lake barcroft va swimming meet

Generally speaking, the Lake is safe for swimming, boating and other . However, in West Virginia issued an advisory recommending that no more than. Authority of Water Safety Personnel. Lifeguards on duty have complete authority over the beach and demarcated swimming area for which they are responsible. Find Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland homes, apartments and real estate. Swimming, fishing and wind surfing are allowed on the lake, as are in Lake Barcroft,] that keeps coming to the newcomers club," she said.

Further, the risk of some types of infection is increased when entering any body of water and Lake Barcroft is no exception.

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Those with open wounds should stay out of natural waters. As always, the youngest and the oldest and those with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible. Are there other risks? Lake Barcroft is a natural body of water with a variety of physical and natural risks. Physical risks include such things as storms especially lightning, currents during and after a storm, debris of all kinds, unstable bottom, drop-offs, etc.

Most of the physical risks are transient; therefore, common sense is warranted when swimming or wading. Although much of the bottom is mud, there is always a potential for sharp rocks, sticks and even glass to be on the bottom. At the first sight of any lightning or hearing thunder, one should leave the water and not return for at least 30 minutes following the last sign of lightning or thunder.

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Additionally, diving from either the shore or a boat can be dangerous because the water depth varies considerably around the Lake. What is Swimmers Itch? It can be caused by algae although it is usually associated with a parasite trematode whose life cycle includes birds and snails and occasionally some mammals. It causes a patchy red itchy rash on the skin; it is rarely severe or widespread and usually goes away on its own in a few days.

It is rarely reported but may be present anytime.

Beach Conduct Rules | Lake Barcroft

Certain types of algae can also cause a skin itch dermatitis or eye irritation and under certain conditions some individuals may be susceptible. These are typically minor affects. What can be done to reduce the risk of Swimmer's Itch and the like? Aside from staying out of the water, it is always an excellent idea to dry off after leaving the water.

Better yet, hosing off or pouring a gallon of fresh water over yourself or your child after swimming is a very wise idea. One could carry a container of water to the beach just for that rinsing. However, in a free flowing lake such as Barcroft, pathogens are very rarely in such high numbers that they would be a severe problem.

lake barcroft va swimming meet

Is the Lake safe all year around? During periods of drought, the Lake may have outbreaks of algal growth and potentially higher levels of pathogens. In severe droughts when algal blooms are seen in the water, it would be best to curtail swimming as some people are sensitive to certain algae or other microscopic life in the water.

lake barcroft va swimming meet

Certainly the ice in the winter can be problematic. The currents of the Lake and incoming waters do cause a great variation in ice thickness and no ice can really be deemed safe so neither WID nor LBA endorse walking or skating on the ice at any time.

Are there times when I should not swim? After heavy storms a great deal of debris including large, partially submerged limbs and even whole trees are washed into the Lake. When high volumes of waters pass through the Lake, there can be submerged currents so one should not enter the water for swimming or boating.

Additionally, during a storm, the upstream properties are flushed of all sorts of debris and residue from pets, wildlife and the like. It would be prudent to stay out of the water long enough for the upper parts of the Lake to flush this residue.

After every storm, the WID staff is out on the Lake assessing its condition and removing debris. Picnicking and cooking are permitted only on the grassy area adjacent to the beaches. Smoking on the sandy areas of the beaches is prohibited.

lake barcroft va swimming meet

Glass articles other than eyeglasses or sunglasses on beaches and other common property are prohibited. Inherent Risks and Dangers of Recreational Waters There are other inherent risks and dangers attached to any activity in or near a body of water. Lake Barcroft is no exception. The following list constitutes some of the risks and dangers for which the LBA assumes no responsibility and, therefore, cannot be held liable.

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The Association maintains certain areas to which qualified lifeguards are assigned during limited times only. Some or all of the following life threatening situations can occur even in the presence of lifeguards. A partial list of inherent risks and dangers includes: Submersion due to inadequate swimming ability. Heart attack, stroke or severe muscle cramps while in or near water.

Submersion due to a head injury resulting from collision with a boat, capsizing or falling overboard. Submersion through thin ice. Lightning strikes which make open water and beaches more dangerous. Infants and young children left unattended on any lake shore, including the beaches, whether guarded or unguarded.

Diving from watercraft or docks without first checking water depth. All guarded swimming is limited to the designated rope boundaries which shall not be crossed from either direction.

Beach and Lake Water Safety Rules

Residents with beach tags are allowed to be on beaches until midnight. Non-swimmers and toddlers must stay within the boundaries of the shallow swimming area. All questionable swimmers are subject to a swim test by the lifeguard on duty.

Throwing sand, rocks or other debris is prohibited. All sand holes must be filled and sand piles leveled when finished playing.

lake barcroft va swimming meet

Playing games or conducting any organized activity around the lifeguard stand is distracting for the lifeguard.