Lets meet safer

Let’s create a safer society together - Safer Society Group

lets meet safer

Lets back Mansfield. Tel: / Taking action day and night to make Mansfield safer. A police sniffer dog, Meet the Team. Nikki Rolls - BID. Bodega owners are meeting with the NYPD in the hope of creating a safer work "Let's not sit and wait for this to happen again,” said Lara. Ash Ball, a young person in Australia, is working to end cyberbullying as part of the Project Rockit team. Ball, one of the Internet Society's

Meanwhile, make sure you are seeing threats clearly, appreciating your resources, and feeling as safe as you reasonably can.

Gavin De Becker | Summer Travel: 3 Tips For a Safer Trip — Gavin de Becker and Associates

Seeing Threats Clearly Pick one thing that worries you. It could be an illness, finances, or a conflict with another person.

lets meet safer

You can do this process by reflecting to yourself, journaling, or talking about it with someone, and you can use it with multiple things that worry you. How Big Is It? Be specific and concrete about the size of the challenge. In effect, put a fence around the issue rather than letting it be nebulous and overwhelming.

Bound the issue in space and time. What part of your life does it affect — and what is unaffected? When does it happen — and when is it not very relevant? How Likely Is It?

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What are the odds, actually? But today, things are different, and the chances of a bad event are probably much lower. What would you experience if the threat did come true?

lets meet safer

OK, suppose the feared event occurs. What would you actually feel if it happened? Our system is vastly superior to the similar existing systems with the ability to protect its users from potential threats.

lets meet safer

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lets meet safer

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lets meet safer

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Let’s Make the Internet a Safer Place for Everyone

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