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/ Chair: CBC/Radio-Canada – Meeting Room: Conference Centre insights into CBC/Radio-Canada's production of the Rio Olympics. 23, RE: Draw FINA Men's Water Polo Olympic Games Olympic Games Qualification Tournament was conducted by. Mr. Gianni may change the order and schedule of games to meet with the requirements of. minutes from 1 meeting during and minutes from 1 meeting during Please attach samples of the Program's current letterhead and business cards.

A few athletes have stayed home to avoid contracting Zika, and a large segment of the Russian team has been banned for doping violations, but no country has withdrawn its entire team. Eighty years ago, participation in the Summer Olympics, held in Berlin, was much less certain. It also provided a distraction from the increasingly inhumane policies designed to purify the German population by excluding Jews and other minorities from all aspects of German life, including the realm of sport.

Fair Play and the 1936 Berlin Olympics

The use of the games as propaganda for this terrible regime was greatly disturbing to observers such as Henry Smith Leipera leader in the international ecumenical movement who traveled extensively through Europe in the s. He reported his observations of the changes in German secular and religious life, as well as his growing apprehension about the Nazi government, in a series of detailed letters sent home to family and friends.

In late August, he traveled to Berlin to look into the recently closed American Church in Berlinand to meet with German church leaders, academics, and expatriate friends. He also met, at her request, with Dr. Read the full letter here. Access via Pearl here.


Returning home from Europe in the fall ofLeiper joined a group of 46 religious, civic, business, political, and sports leaders in the newly formed Committee on Fair Play in Sports. He served as co-chair of the committee, along with George Gordon Battlea prominent New York lawyer and an outspoken advocate against anti-Semitism. Other Committee members included Dr.

Unless they vote en bloc they scarcely have a voice in the process dominated by the various European blocs. In the Submissions that have been received, only a few of the emerging nations have bothered to state their preference. And those that have participated generally opt for a minimum of change The Gender dilemma in Sailing is that the sport has 10 Olympic events currently split into four for women, five for men and one mixed.

That gives male sailors 16 medals with 13 medals for womens events. Ben Ainslie wins his fourth Gold Medal in the Heavyweight Mens Singlehander "The WP recognises that there may be some athletes at the extreme ends of the size range for the current Olympic events that could find they do not have a suitable option for This issue is particularly acute for men over 90kgs.

In Rio men and females competed - six shy of the allowed maximum for Sailing. The Olympic Sailing Regatta has been cut to sailors, or men and women.

Rio Replay: Women's 100m Final

Clearly some juggling of numbers needs to take place - with women picking up 12 spots across all classes. The men have to drop 36 spots from Rio to get equality of participation at a new lower level. That included selecting five of the ten Olympic Sailing events for Review.

A further two Events and four classes are being investigated for compliance with European Anti-Trust regulations, which can, in theory, be extended world-wide. A Working Party was set up to evaluate the five Events in the first Review. They will make recommendations on the various options which will be decided by World Sailing's Council on May 14 and Next, in NovemberWorld Sailing's Committees and Council will select classes that fit those events selected this week, and if new classes are required then trails will take place over the following 12 months.

A final decision on the Events and Classes for Marseille will be made by World Sailing's governing body in November More opinion expressed as fact from the Working Party: X - any of those can also be changed out depending on the outcome of the review. The decision on what happens following that Review will also be considered in November - and if there are changes to be made, then further trials will be held for new classes.

  • IOC Executive Board

If World Sailing's governing body accepts the recommendations of the Working Party, then World Sailing could be holding trials in up to five events. Previously World Sailing has struggled to hold one or two sets of trials for new classes, per year, so five is going to be a massive stretch of resources and process. Anyone who has even been just on the periphery of class selection trials knows they are very fraught and rarely fair.

They usually raise more questions than answers - particularly when manufacturers break the rules of the trial, or turn up with so-called production boats that keep breaking down. Setting a date for the trial is fraught - for the simple reason that if the wind fails to perform as bid, then the trial has to be packed up - and those involved have to return at some later date in the hope of a spread of conditions across the wind range. That's relatively easy for the Europeans to manage, and difficult for anyone else.

Of course builders are expected to carry the costs of the trial in the expectation of a bonanza if they are successful, and have the booby prize of a hefty tax write-off if they are not. Safe from the event-fiddlers are the 49er and 49erFX classes which escape any review completely in this cycle.