Level 5 state gymnastics meet mn twins

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level 5 state gymnastics meet mn twins

Location: MN State Fair Grounds Session 2: Level 4 & Gold (87). pm. Stretch. pm. Stretch. pm. Competition Twin Ports (5) MN Aerials (8). MN has two gymnasts competing at the City of Jesolo Trophy Competition on Grace McCallum (Twin City Twisters) . Level 9 Western Championships. Gymnastics South Mobility Meet1/3 - 1/3/19 - Littleton, CO · Coloradical Ice Breaker Invitational1/4 - 1/5/19 - Twin Falls, ID · Reach for the Garden State Classic1/4 - 1/6/19 - Boonton, NJ · Happy New . Iron Maiden1/5 - 1/6/19 - Minneapolis, MN Level 3 and 4 Sectional #21/6 - 1/6/19 - Eastampton, NJ.

The economic downturn was particularly hard on Duluth's West Side, where ethnic Eastern and Southern European workers had lived for decades.

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Duluth and the surrounding area from the Enger Tower in Canal Park Lakewalk carriage ride in May With the decline of the city's industrial core, the local economic focus gradually shifted to tourism. The downtown area was renovated to emphasize its pedestrian character: These changes developed the new Canal Park as a trendy tourism-oriented district.

The city's population, which had been declining sincehas stabilized at around 85, At the beginning of the 21st century, Duluth has become a regional epicenter for banking, retail shopping, and medical care for northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and northwestern Michigan.

It is estimated that more than 8, jobs in Duluth are directly related to its two hospitals. Arts and entertainment offerings, as well as year-round recreation and the natural environment, have contributed to expansion of the tourist industry.

Duluth has been called "the San Francisco of the Midwest," alluding to San Francisco 's similar water-to-hilltop topography. This similarity was most evident before World War II, when Duluth had a network of streetcars and an inclined railroadthe 7th Avenue West Incline Railwaythat, like San Francisco's cable cars, climbed a steep hill.

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The change in elevation is illustrated by Duluth's two airports. The weather station at Sky Harbor Airport on Park Point has an elevation of feet mwhile Duluth International Airport, atop the hill, is feet higher at 1, feet m.

The considerable development on the hill has given Duluth many steep streets. Some neighborhoods, such as Piedmont Heights and Bayview Heightsare atop the hill with scenic views of the city.

Skyline Parkway is a scenic roadway that extends from Becks Road above the Gary — New Duluth neighborhood near the western end of the city to the Lester Park neighborhood on the east side. It crosses nearly Duluth's entire length and affords views of Lake Superior, the Aerial Lift Bridge, Canal Park, and the many industries that inhabit the largest inland port. A rapidly developing part of the city is Miller Hill Mall and the adjacent big-box retailer shopping strip "over the hill" along the Miller Trunk Highway corridor.

The —10 road reconstruction project in Duluth's Miller Hill area improved movement through the U. The highway project reconstructed connector roads, intersections, and adjacent roadways.

level 5 state gymnastics meet mn twins

A new international airport terminal was completed in as part of the federal government's Stimulus Reconstruction Program. Geological history[ edit ] Lake Superior agate found on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth The geology of Duluth demonstrates the Midcontinent Riftformed as the North American continent Laurentia began to split apart about 1. Continental rifting is a recurring process in the history of the earth that leads to break-up of continents and the formation of ocean basins.

In the Lake Superior region, the upwelling of molten rock may have been the result of a hot spot that produced a dome over the Lake Superior area. As the earth's crust thinned, magma rose toward the surface. When insulated by overlying roof rock, the upwelling magma cooled slowly, and is therefore coarse-grained.

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In the areas where the rising magma erupted to the surface and cooled rapidly, basaltthe extrusive equivalent of gabbro, was formed. The lava flows that erupted forming basalt are exposed along the shore northeastward from downtown and at Leif Erickson Park. The deeply-formed igneous intrusions of the Duluth Complex can be seen at Enger Towerwhich is built on a knob of exposed gabbro.

As the lava solidified, gas trapped within the flows formed an amygdaloidal texture literally, rock filled with small vesicles. Later, groundwater transported dissolved minerals through the vesicles depositing concentric bands of fine-grained quartz called chalcedony. The color scheme is caused by the concentration of iron present in the groundwater at the time that each new layer was being deposited. The process went on until the cavity had been completely filled.

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Over time erosion freed the agates from the solidified lava, which is not as hard as quartz. The creation of the Lake Superior basin reflects the erosive power of continental glaciers that advanced and retreated over Minnesota several times in the past 2 million years.

Lake Superior was shaped by the geology of the Midcontinent Rift. The mile-thick ice sheets easily eroded the loosely cemented sandstone that filled the axis of the rift valley, but encountered more resistance from the igneous rocks forming the flanks of the rift, now the margins of the lake basin. In the final retreat of the ice from the Lake Superior basin about 11, years ago, meltwaters filled the rift's scoured-out sandy core. As the last glacier retreated, meltwaters filled the lake to as high as feet above the current level; the Skyline Parkway roughly follows one of the highest levels of the ancient Lake Superior, Glacial Lake Duluth.

At one time a large number of quarries produced the stone, sold as Fond du Lac or Lake Superior brownstone. It was widely used in Duluth buildings and also shipped to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee, where it was also used extensively. The weathered sandstone forms the sandy lake bottom and shores of Park Point. The average annual snowfall is The lake steams in the winter when moist, lake-warmed air at the surface rises and cools, losing some of its moisture-carrying capacity.

Using data on the minimum monthly temperature between andthe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration developed a "Comparative Climatic Data" report. Her Artistic gymnastics experience includes training at the Future Olympic Academy in Minsk, Belarus from age 9 to Later she transitioned into Rhythmic gymnastics and finished her athletic career as a synchronized swimmer on the Belarus National Team. His background includes coaching and developing recreational and competitive team programs over the many years.

LB joined IGM Gymnastics in August of and has been an exceptional recreational as well as boys and girls competitive team coach. LB spends his spare time with his wife and daughter who is currently away at college. Her achievements as a coach include coaching world renowned gymnasts such as Aliya Yussupova who placed high at the Athens and Bejiing Olympics and our very own previous National Team members, Michelle Milstein and Sarah Kudishevich.

Natasha has been with IGM since and truly enjoys teaching her students challenging skills, developing exciting and original choreography, and encourages commitment, discipline and safety. Brooke Stately After being invited to a gymnastics birthday party at the age of 8, Brooke started taking recreational gymnastics classes at her local gym.

State Championships

She started competing in Level 5 and continued with the sport through Level 9. While attending Burnsville High School, Brooke was a part of the cometitive cheer team and cheered for soccer and wrestling.

Brooke joined IGM in early and now coaches recreational classes and our boys competitive and non-competitive teams. Heather Van Bellinger Heather has been a coach since Heather loves working with kids and seeing their passion for gymnastics. As a coach, she sees value in the challenges of the sport and loves seeing excitement when gymnasts are finally able to perform hard earned skills.

Heather is married and has 4 kids; one daughter and triplets!

Duluth, Minnesota

Her interests are playing with her kids, painting, drawing, gardening, water skiing and working out. Andrea Dowzak Andrea has been involved in gymnastics for 25 years. She began competing for Lakeville High School in and helped her team win five consecutive State Championship Titles. When she is not at the gym, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, running and gardening.

Later on Carrie began coaching in at the same gymnastics club which her daughters were part of; Crystal reached Level 10 and Cheryl a Level 9.

level 5 state gymnastics meet mn twins

Carrie joined the IGM team in October of and since then she has been coaching a variety of recreational classes and also hosts super exciting birthday parties and day camps! She coaches because she absolutely enjoys teaching children. On her personal time, Carrie enjoys horseback riding and camping with family and friends. His mission is to develop superior character in athletes through challenge and competition in a safe and positive environment.