Live results 2015 state track meet austin tx

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live results 2015 state track meet austin tx

The official Track & Field / Cross Country schedule for the University of Texas Longhorns. Austin, Texas Mike A. Myers Stadium and Soccer Field. Location. Austin Convention Center .. Where. Austin Convention Center Austin, Texas USA. Get Driving Directions; Get Map; Get Weather. The official Track and Field schedule for the Air Force Academy Falcons. , , , , , , , , , , , , Recap · Results (PDF) Texas Tech University Logo San Francisco State University Logo . Austin, Texas.

The timing chip was simply attached to the back of the pre-printed, personalized race number.

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Online registration and scoring were processed through the race result 11 software and integrated into the organizers' website. New Passive Transponder Setting new standards It's time for another game-changing evolution!

Our new Passive Transponder is the only disposable RFID passive transponder on the market specifically designed for sports timekeeping. Wetness, sweat and body contact have no negative impact on transmission power or durability. Our transponder is optimised for use in sports environments. The foam spacer on the chip is now only half as thick, 1. This will save you a lot of shipping costs when ordering Chip Race Numbers.

Our systems and Track Boxes configure the SIM Card by themselves and search for the strongest mobile network available.

live results 2015 state track meet austin tx

Find them in the race result shop for rental. Patrouille des Glaciers Sky is the limit With its 56 km course, 4, m climb and 16 timing points, most of them only accessible by helicopter, Patrouille des Glaciers is a massive challenge for the participants This year's event was timed using 5, ActivePro transponders, 16 active systems and 40 Track Boxes, of course scored with race result The 8 months long registration process also ran through my.

We are very proud to have been part of that adventure again, and thank the Swiss Army for their trust in our solution. Aroundvisitors at the Expo of the Rome Marathon, the biggest running event in Italy and one of the most beautiful in the world! We are very satisfied of the result and we thank you all organizers and timers who spent some time with us at the booth. A special thanks to Franco and Luca for the delicious Italian products that they have given us!

The Australian session will take place later in the year, at the end of the season in the Southern hemisphere. Almost timers attended one of our 8 sessions in 7 different countries so far.

We thank everyone who attended and hope the contents of the session will help everyone make the most of our solution this season. He has been very happy with the performance of the race result system and says: As every year, this conference is a great opportunity to connect with race directors, timing professionals and industry partners. We are excited about all the interest in our technology and look forward to a busy timing year ahead.

Revolutionize your way of timing! This brings you a totally new event experience, live and interactive, especially for fans, relatives or the media. The automated process race result uses to encode and place tags on bibs saves us a lot of time and reduces stress leading up to the race.

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On race day, the quick set up of the foldable mats with race result systems is another big time saver for us. To see a short clip about how the race result timing transponders were programmed and made their way onto the custom bib numbers, click here.

live results 2015 state track meet austin tx

The event included distances for everyone: The Sportstats timing team used 23 race result systems on course and streamed live results data through rtrt. On January 9,it printed the 1,th race result tag for US timers.

Note that these numbers are only tags on a roll printed in the US and do not include tags on bib numbers or any tag orders printed at our headquarters in Germany for the US market. Congrats to Mark and thank you for all the hard work in getting these tag orders out! We pack everything Our new packing service In this holiday season, we have a present for you.

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