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love to meet news24

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The marketing team organised live reads on radio, which made News24 the local breaking news site on the event in South Africa. Restructuring[ edit ] Despite the fact that News24's traffic continued to climb, it was still struggling to turn a profit and in September the operation was restructured again.

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The editorial team was cut back to Heyl took over as business manager, while Bryan Porter became editor. News24 became central to all of Media24 Digital's sites and re-launched in December For the first time News24's potential to traffic users to other Media 24 Digital sites in the The new template included strong homepage focus areas showcasing content from other News24 was the company's best performing digital unit in terms of usage and revenue with remarkable Y-on-Y revenue growth in and The South African internet market had few "at home" users.

love to meet news24

Dial-up internet was slow and expensive, which resulted in most people accessing the internet from work. News24's online usage would peak during office hours and significantly drop at night and over the weekends. It was decided that News24 would launch on DStv's interactive platform to strengthen its brand usage during off-peak hours. The columnist section was launched in midfocusing on news analysis, as well as financial and sport commentary. Porter remained as editor and Jannie Momberg and Elmarie Jack as news editors.

Lohmann sought to monetise News24 by restructuring the advertising model, extending the product offering and focussing on a more service-orientated approach to advertisers. MyNews24[ edit ] News24 introduced a user-generated content section in to reflect the web 2.

This section in effect replaced the letters section of the site and allowed users to have their articles, and later photos and blogs published. Facelift[ edit ] In May News24 underwent a facelift to update its look.

New features on the site included: Inside News24, which offered users links to more in-depth content from other Two new sections, Opinion and Multimedia, were created as well.

love to meet news24

MyNews24 experienced major changes as users could now rate content and authors, user-generated photographs featured more and the leaderboard allowed users to track the performance of their articles. Over two million users[ edit ] In AprilNews24 became the first South African website and online news provider to reach more than two million domestic unique browsers UBs in a month.

Including international readership, the site reached over 2. As expected, the site quickly flourished on the mobile platform, offering a new channel of accessing news for users who do not access the web through a computer. News24 Kenya was launched in Octoberfollowed by News24 Nigeria in June in a bid to create a presence in other African territories.

As expected, the growth of the sites has been most obvious on mobile. Regular columnists feature on the site and deliver comments on events in the news. Reportage on business news is done through Fin Entertainment news is reported on Channel This section allows users to publish their own articles and photographs.

Cathryn Reece, who was in charge of running MyNews24, said that it took some time for it to take off, but that the number of unique users have grown from 5, in toin andin May They spoke on the phone for a couple of months for at least three hours every day.

Slowly they realized, they are made for each other. The bond between them started moving beyond friendship.

And, they were both ready to take their relationship to the next level. As Sameer says, 'We did not realise when and how we fell in love. Amit, mustered up the courage to ask Sameer out on a date. It was he who planned a very romantic evening at a cozy Mexican restaurant.

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Sameer was extra touched by Amit's efforts. That evening was very touching, emotional and special for the two. And more so, because the young lovers shared their first kiss that very evening.

love to meet news24

That beautiful date lit a spark that got these two together, forever! How did they convince their families? While Amit and Sameer were sure about their relationship and its future, they had a difficult task ahead because their conservative Indian families had major reservations against homosexuality.

It was Amit's family that took it harder, with lots of tears and awkwardness. It took them about 3 to 4 years to accept their son's relationship status.

love to meet news24

To help his family come to terms with the situation, Amit even took them to a psychiatrist, who helped them understand that homosexuality is natural. Amit proposed on Sameer's birthday,April 21, And, an ecstatic Sameer said yes. They took almost a year to plan their wedding. Sameer's sister, his family, and all his friends helped in organising the special occasion. They decided to get married in Columbus, Indiana, since both of them lived and worked there.