Mass effect 1 meet with anderson

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mass effect 1 meet with anderson

entire epic walkthrough for Mass Effect here at IGN Guides, but now is on the map above) and speak with the renegade Captain Anderson. LEGEND (Map C1b) - Citadel Once More - WALKTHROUGH - Mass Effect - Game 1. Conrad Verner. 2. Charles Saracino. A. To the Lower Wards. B. To the will be stopped by Joker's message - captain Anderson will ask you to meet him in. Downloads · Mass Effect Forum 1 - Arrival You're immediately brought before the Council for what you think is a Instead, you're told that patrols have been stationed at every mass relay Joker cuts in to let you know that Captain Anderson left a message for you. You're to meet him at in the Wards at the Flux nightclub.

Now that you've been sold out by Udina, your only option is to make a quick stop back at the Normandy to determine your next move. If you've been pursuing a romantic interest, then things heat up slightly just before Joker cuts in to let you know that Captain Anderson left a message for you.

You're to meet him at in the Wards at the Flux nightclub. Any romance you're pursuing can wait - you'd best be on your way.

This triggers the "Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy" assignment. If you're looking for Paragon points, then you should turn him down as his cause will obviously hinder non-human races. If you're looking for Renegade points, then you should pledge support for his anti-alien movement.

Either way, you can unlock the Terra Firma Party codex entry when you investigate all of the available dialogue options. He's an Alliance negotiator with a big session coming up with the Salarians and he wants you to help him purchase a legal-but-restricted mental stimulant so that he can be at his best or so he thinks during the session.

mass effect 1 meet with anderson

If you want to end the assignment quickly and painlessly, you can use Charm "Then the game is wrong. This earns you several Paragon or Renegade points. However, if you actually want to be a gopher for the guy, then you can agree to help him and head over to Dr.

mass effect 1 meet with anderson

Chloe Michel in the Med Clinic. She now sells two new items - a Mental Stimulant and a Depressant. It would be easy to mistake one for the other, wouldn't it? Buy whichever of the two narcotics you wish and return to Elias. One way or another, you can depart and the only difference is in the cutscene you'll see.

During the conversation, captain will ask you whether you're ready to leave the Citadel. If you didn't complete some assignments here, now is the last chance to do it.

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All Citadel assignment which you didn't complete before chapters 3 and 8 will be available. There will be also some more - you'll find description in next paragraphes. After the talk return to Normandy and leave the port. He'll ask you to support his xenophobic political faction. If you explain him that humans are only one of many races and they shouldn't be favoured over the others, you'll gain paragon points.

If you agree with him, you'll gain renegade points.

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You can just refuse no morality points or say goodbye and walk away you can talk with him again before leaving the Citadel. He's Alliance negotiator who is before an important meeting.

mass effect 1 meet with anderson

He wants to stimulate himself to be on top on his game, but he can't buy more stimulant, because his monthly limit is over. If your persuasion skill is high, you can end this assignment now, telling him that he's addicted.

If you can't or won't want to use persuasion, you'll have to buy him the drug. Michel's clinic C1b-S and ask her to show you her goods. You can buy the stimulant Elias asked for paragon pointsor a depressant which should have the opposite effect renegade points.