Meet acronym meaning

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meet acronym meaning

An EDI message - for the exchange of classification structures and definition, . DOR, Demande d'Organisation de Réunion / request for organising a meeting. This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of IRL is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation IRL means. MIRL, Meet In Real Life. We've collected and defined over B2B sales acronyms and commonly used . is expected to meet over a given time frame; it reflects a company's overall.

Due Process In general, a course of legal proceedings according to rules and principles established for enforcement and protection of private rights.

Extended School Day A provision for a special education student to receive instruction for a period longer than the standard school day.

meet acronym meaning

Extended School Year ESY A provision for a special education student to receive instruction during ordinary school vacation periods. Facilitated IEP A group leadership process in which a trained individual helps keep the IEP discussion focused on your student and the education issues.

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA A federal law that regulates the management of student records and disclosure of information from those records, with its own administrative enforcement mechanism. Functional Analysis Assessment FAA An evaluation process to understand the purpose, motivation, and correlates of challenging behavior s in order to develop a positive and appropriate Behavior Intervention Plan BIPinstructional supports and services.

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Functional Curriculum Life Skills Curriculum A curriculum focused on practical life skills and usually taught in community-based settings with concrete materials that are a regular part of everyday life. Inclusion [or] Inclusive Education A belief that every student is entitled to an instructional program that meets his or her individual needs and learning characteristics; a commitment to build and maintain an assured sense of belonging for all students, regardless of strengths or challenges.

Parents have the right to ask for and obtain an IEE if they disagree with the results of an assessment conducted by the school district.

meet acronym meaning

Insufficient Not meeting the legal requirement of IDEA by failing to provide the necessary detailed information and evidence to support a Due Process Complaint. Least Restrictive Environment LRE A federal mandate stipulating that, to the maximum extent possible, students with disabilities be educated with their non-disabled peers.

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It is not a prerequisite to filing. Modification A change in curriculum or instruction that substantially alters the requirements of the class or its content standards or benchmarks. Prior Written Notice PWN A notice supplied to the other party that includes a description of the action proposed or refused by the school district or by the parent. Compliance Complaints are filed here.

meet acronym meaning

Related Services [aka] Designated Instruction and Services DIS in CA Services required to assist an individual with disabilities to benefit from special education, including but not limited to: Special Education SPED Specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of an eligible individual, including the specially designed instruction conducted in schools, in the home, in hospitals and institutions, and in other settings.

The name, "World Wide Web Consortium," appears as the first heading on the organization's home page. The abbreviation, "W3C," is enclosed in parentheses in the same heading. A dictionary search form. A Web site includes a search form provided by an on-line acronym service.

meet acronym meaning

Users enter an acronym and the form returns a list of possible expansions from the sources that it searched. A medical Web site.

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A medical Web site provides information for both doctors and patients. The site includes a set of cascading dictionaries; a very specialized medical dictionary is first, followed by a second medical dictionary for the general public. The cascade also includes a list of acronyms and abbreviations that are unique to the site, and finally there is a standard dictionary as well. The standard dictionary at the end of the list provides definitions for most words in the text.

The specialized medical dictionary yields definitions of unusual medical terms. Definitions for words that appear in more than one dictionary are listed in the order of the cascade. The meaning of acronyms and abbreviations is provided by the list of acronyms and abbreviations.

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Expanded forms of Abbreviations. The expanded form of each abbreviation is available in a programmatically determinable manner. User agents that speak the text can use the expanded form to announce the abbreviation. Other user agents might make the expanded form available as a tooltip or as contextual help for the abbreviation.

meet acronym meaning

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