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meet bros anjjan movies

They were formerly known as Meet Bros Anjjan with longtime collaborator Anjjan Check out the Indian movies with the highest ratings from IMDb users. Stream Chittiyan kalaiyaan roy movie meet bros anjjan kapoor by dukesilver from desktop or your mobile device. Presenting Awesome Mora Mahiya VIDEO Song in the voice of Meet Bros Anjjan ft. Khushboo Grewal from bollywood movie Calendar Girls starring Akanksha.

Meet Bros What made you settle on a name like Meet Bros? Artistes like Honey Singh and Badshah got instant recognition. Did that ever bother you? We are happy that a new genre has been discovered. In fact, with High heels, we have gone into their zone and made a successful song.

So we are doing their kind of stuff, but they can't make our kind of music. And that's good for us as it makes us multi-talented and versatile. How challenging is it to work with a newbie as opposed to established artistes?

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We use newbies for most of our songs or at least make sure there is one new person in every album. Nobody meets aspiring artistes here. All your songs since Baby Doll have topped the charts. Do you have a better understanding of the music that works today?

Musical duo Meet Bros, director Ram Mukherjee and actor Harshvardhan Kapoor

Hum khud hi itne excited hain, ki wahi dhune aati hai aur aadmi wohi jaldi pakad leta hai. Of course, we can.

Hum sad song ke bina khush hai. You seem to be taking pride in not learning music. It has been a blessing in disguise. So, we prefer to keep our melodies simple; they are more like poems that can be grasped and sung by even a kid.

How different are you both from each other? We are 90 per cent alike, but the 10 per cent difference is actually our strength.

meet bros anjjan movies

We are still learning about each other even after so many years. Manmeet is patient, I am aggressive. Has Anjjan parting ways with you left a void? I listen to music in the bathroom — whatever plays on the radio. That is the only time my phone is off. And when you walk into a party, chances are you are listening to your own work I am really looking forward to Party in the jungle playing in parties. It has an uptempo club beat — poora energy hai gaane mein.

Nightclubs ko hum jungle bana denge. We like to make people dance. Musically, the language they like to hear is party song. So we thought of making a song that people would want to download or play at parties after hearing it on TV. Did the channel give you the theme? They just showed us the earlier songs that they had got done. We created the song in three days. Then it becomes a situational film song. And even in films, none of the situational songs work unless the film becomes a blockbuster.

It is not for people who enjoy music in cars, clubs, on phones and in parties. It is only for directors who want to take the story forward. If only there is a hook that goes with the situation and the film is a hit then people hear it. Is that a thought you share with directors? We keep telling them music has to be independent.

If anybody wants our music they should take the music we have and not what they want it to be. If the song says: So they dance in the house or at weddings. It should be generic so they can relate to it. Situational music is not relatable at all. Have you ever been forced to make such songs? Take Do Dooni Char. Each song was situational. That music was a waste.

meet bros anjjan movies

If we got best newcomer awards for it, it was because we did the background too. So do you now make your point clear to the makers?

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Like the Party toh banti hai song in Bhoothnath Returns. The director was very particular about the situation but luckily, the producer Bhushan Kumar believes music should be commercially successful.

We worked hard with the writer Kumaar to get the words which worked as a party line as well as fitted the situation where a political party was fighting elections. It takes time to make a song and I can make only so many songs in my career.

Why should I waste time making songs which will do neither us nor the film any good?

MMIRSA - Official Movie Teaser - Souryansh & Saanvi - Meet Bros Anjjan

There are allegations of Chittiyaan kalaiyaan being similar to some Baluch song Bollywood is very popular in Pakistan and the UAE. There is this Baluchi group which performs at weddings. Whatever song they like, they write a version and start singing. When Babydoll came out, they did that and people started saying it is lifted. When Chittiyaan kalaiyaan came out, they even did a version of the rap we had done.

Anybody is allowed to make a version but they should give credit. We filed a case against them and they were knocked off YouTube. If they want it back on the Net, they have to give us credit.