Meet christine lyrics translation

French Pop Stars Christine and the Queens Debut in NYC | Observer

meet christine lyrics translation

Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine and the Queens, talks pop, This March a semi- translated version scored stellar reviews in the UK. some drag queens, and her bilingual lyrics confront the shame she's felt as a young queer woman. The day after we meet, she is due to leave for another intensity hit in. It's by Christine and the Queens and it's called 'Saint Claude'. was met with hostility, thankfully young people are very interested in politics There is another thing that is taboo in France: the meaning of freedom of speech. Christine and the Queens is back with her new album Chris, and she's more a name she says only her parents use — is jetlagged when I meet her at The . love me for the whole me, usually meaning young, macho men.

It was always a back-and-forth, so when I got the chance to release the album in the U. I chose the ones I wanted to translate because I wanted some to be quite direct and more efficient, and I wanted people to understand exactly what I was saying. I wanted that song to be quite clear.

So for international artists, the music industry, or the movie industry, is about expanding your approaches. On that note, your performance includes a lot of dance.

Feminism, gender fluidity, and France: In conversation with Christine and the Queens

What is the impetus for making that so much a part of your live performance? The character Christine was born with the dancing. It was a huge part of her from the beginning, but Christine is about being more daring, more carefree.

meet christine lyrics translation

For me, being free of being self-conscious came through dancing as well. Christine right away had an attitude and dance moves, and the more I did that, the more I wanted to do that, the more I wanted to work on it, on my own at first.

Then I met an amazing choreographer, Marion Motin, who has this mix of languages. She can be really manly; she brought hip-hop to me because I did a lot of classical ballet. Diablo is more hip-hop and like, breaking bones, whereas Nick is voguing. I love singing and dancing, and not using any backup vocalists, to try to do it all the way.

At first it was quite hard, but now I feel like an athlete. The performance aspect of it. Yet Christine and the Queens occupies a really niche place that none of them are touching — wearing masculine clothing, etc. Whereas many of those artists are capital-W Women.

CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS - Christine/Tilted (Lyrics + English subtitles)

People usually get the playful side of it: Kanye West for president. Do we have to wear dresses just to be feminine? Is there another way to be feminine?

Touring with someone like Marina, the audience has a lot of very young girls. For a show like this, are you conscious of the feedback from the audience, and not just from people who are at the front row of the pit? I really rely on the energy of my dancing, and my quite simple, masculine outfit, to make people curious about me. Back in France, I have a full show, an hour and a half.

You get to have an aesthetic and sing all the songs.

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This reminded me of a scene I had lived in Clarksdale, Miss. One night we went to see a film in the theater at the center of town. The movie was 45 minutes late and all of the sudden a well-dressed black man came and talked to us.

Christine and the Queens - Christine lyrics + English translation

He wanted, as the owner of the theater, to welcome us. White people in Clarksdale drive 30 miles south to find the first multiplex. After the attacks, many second-generation children of immigrants refused to respect the minute of silence imposed by the state in schools and some voiced their solidarity with the terrorists.

They ended up in jail; amongst them was an 8-year-old kid. Such a speech is inherent to a society of reification, xenophobia, self-proclaimed hegemony that privileges orthodoxies and tries to suppress all dissonant voices. The values of the unique and exceptional French integrationist secular republic should be protected at all costs as they face an unprecedented challenge from the communitarianist forces of Islam.

Many of those, even if not especially religious, see the constant attacks on Islam as a not-so-subtle reaffirmation of their status as second-class citizens.

Being an Islamist becomes a de facto rallying cry, a badge of honor easily flashed in the face of a vastly racist country. Her words encountered such an avalanche of indignation that she is still today paying a steep price with kids waving bananas at her as she passes by.

France never came to terms as Germany did so successfully with its fascist past and this might be an impediment to its economic recovery as nearly 20 percent of its immigrant population is left ostracized.

meet christine lyrics translation

The recent sale by France of the overly sophisticated Rafales planes to Egypt, which was celebrated as a national event, in the face of the panoptic militarization of data by Google, is indicative of a country out of touch with the world already revolutionized by the tech industry.