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The online lender wants to change your definition of banking—even as it takes advantage of Wall Street–style practices. Most student loan referral programs operate on a simple premise. If your friend uses . in-depth reviews! 1 Important Disclosures for Earnest. Users (defined below) are bound by these Terms and Conditions by A Qualified Referral means that all the following conditions are met.

Earnest Personal Loan Review

Discloses requirements, limits costs: Above average Lenders score highly if they limit fees and interest rates, are transparent about their underwriting criteria and allow borrowers to get personalized rate estimates before applying. Below average Lenders score highly if they cater to customers in varying locations, in different financial situations, and with varying citizenship statuses.

Average Lenders score highly if they offer longer than month forbearance periods, in-school and military deferment, and any other flexible policies that help borrowers during tough times. Average Lenders score highly if they assign borrowers an advisor, offer multiple ways to get in touch, and have in-house customer service. Websites should display full APR ranges, fees and forbearance policies. Earnest could improve by: Letting borrowers apply with a co-signer. Refinancing loans for borrowers in all 50 states.

Application or origination fee: To see what rate Earnest will offer you, apply on its website. Requirements Financial Earnest has a unique underwriting approach that considers the earning potential for your career and data from the financial accounts you connect. At a minimum, you need to connect the checking account where your paycheck is deposited so Earnest can verify your income.

You can also choose to connect accounts for your savings, investments, credit cards and other loans to give Earnest more insight into your financial picture. Applicant must have a written job offer for employment starting within six months or have consistent income.

Typical credit score of approved borrowers or co-signers: Typical income of approved borrowers: Eligibility requirements Minimum credit score: Earnest requires a minimum credit score of The lender looks for those with enough savings to cover two months of expenses, spend less than they earn, do not carry large amounts of credit card debt and have a history of making payments on time.

Earnest personal loans are not available everywhere — residents of Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Nevada and Rhode Island are ineligible. You must be 18, a U.

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Applicants must show that they are paid in U. The process begins with the borrower selecting a loan amount, terms and reason for applying such as credit card consolidationdebt refinance, or paying for a home improvement, security deposit on a rental property, vacation or honeymoon, wedding, a move or career development.

The borrower must then create an account, providing name, state of residence and email address. Applicants also will be asked to provide: Education and employment information: The application will ask for all of your educational background and work history.

Underwriters will use the information to get a picture of your academic and career growth as well as your earning potential to assess how likely you are to pay back your Earnest loan.

You must provide Earnest with read-only access to financial transactions in your bank accounts by linking them to your Earnest profile. Underwriters will look at your balance history and transactions only, not your charges, and will use secure data from your accounts and LinkedIn profile to verify your identity.

You also will be required to enter your Social Security number so that Earnest can run a hard pull on your credit. Earnest communicates through email once you submit your loan application. You may receive an email asking for additional information, and the final decision will be emailed.

You can find more details about your loan offer when you sign in to your Earnest account. You have seven calendar days to accept an offer.

Earnest encourages successful applicants to contact the company during this period with any questions or concerns. Earnest will transfer the money to you by the next business day after you accept the offer and provide your bank account information.

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