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Badges for Penguin and Ed Nygma from Gotham (tv) I love them, I think theyre adorable. Designed by me, you can either buy Penguin (purple) or Ed (green) Badges are 38mm in diameter with a pin back. Meet the owner of IDFYTI. Corey Michael Smith as Edward Nygma Jeff Neumann/Fox Bullock, when he finds his badge inside the stomach of a dead pawnshop owner (yea, gross). The real Bruce receives a letter from Selena asking that they meet. Enygma, Edward Nygma, Riddler, Gotham, City Police, Novelty ID Badge Film Prop for TV Costume and Cosplay • Halloween and Party.

I see the truth. I see your truth. I see that you've spent your whole life trying to kill it, but you can't--it's too strong. You revealed it to me the other night. I want to set that free, I want to set you free.

I would never try to change you, Jim. Your sense of mission--it's part of what I love about you. I thought it was my devastating good looks. I mean, why do I keep picking creeps? Sometimes, with men, you need to read between the lines. Sometimes, with men, you need a drink. All Happy Families Are Alike [1. Or just breaking stuff? Can you feel the buzz in the air? When this old man dies, a new day begins.

We will rule Gotham. We are building a dynasty. We will whip this town like a rented mule.

Gotham Season 4 Episode 17 A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting. - DC World

That was your father's. He gave it to me a long time ago. A spur-of-the-moment birthday gift. Such a beautiful knife, and I have men with guns to protect me. He said take it. A knife is a good friend when you have no other. You were that close. The point of the story, Jim--your father was the most honest men I ever met.

But he carried a knife. I'm going to take your place, old man. I'm going to be king of Gotham! You're going to burn in hell! I do worry about that. But you first, old friend. I'm the king of Gotham! Damned If You Do [2. That spelled how it sounds? I mean, a bomb, inside the house? I mean, you're having a laugh, ain't ya? I was going to tell you. I wanted to present it as a fait accompli.

Don't start talking French to me. I'd serve a sandwich to Beelzebub, but that's me. You may assist me if you wish, but if not, some tea would be nice. Do I kill him now? No, make him a nice cheese toastie - yes, kill him now! Just wanted to be clear. It had to be done, Master Bruce. This was the key to exposing Wayne Enterprises. Everything I worked for, everything my dad worked for, is now gone!

If I knew what was down here, I would have never helped get you in. Look around you, look! A bulletproof vest with two studs in it. Whatever is on that computer probably killed your dad, and I'll be damned if I watch you suffer the same fate, Master Bruce. I'm trying to protect you. I'm trying to keep you safe. I want you to go. I know you're upset I want you to go, and never come back. Very well, Master Bruce. Leery little scallywag he was, he was too smiley by half. Anyway, Lucius, one day he comes bowling up to me, and he asks me to do him this right iffy favor.

Oh, it doesn't matter what it was. The point being, against my better judgement I agreed to do it. Couldn't help himself, he let me down. So I tucked him up. What is a kipper? It's a type of smoked fish. Very nice with eggs and brown toast for breakfast. Them you can trust Which kind are you? Both kinds of people would give you the same answer, wouldn't they? There lieth the problem, Lucius; you see, I need to confide in you.

And I need to know that you're trustworthy. Perhaps I should decline your confidence; I don't like the sound of these 'kippers. Yeah, well it's a bit late for that, unfortunately. I mean, it's you, after all, Lucius, that created this mess when you told young Master Bruce that his dear old dead dad was a 'stoic'.

See, there's a problem: I've got no one else to turn to. I have to confide in you. I mean, just to be crystal clear about this: If it turns out that I can't trust you I swear on my mother's grave, you, my old sausage I have only the best intentions for Bruce Wayne.

Mayor, you want to know what I really am? Shall I tell you? I'm an ardent student of human nature. Fascinating paradox, we are. So wise, and yes so foolish. So brave, and yet so fearful. For instance, this is a glass jar. Inside of it is a hairy spider. A tarantula, I guess, but I'm no expert. In a minute, I'm gonna open that little hatch in the front of your box. I'm gonna drop the spider inside, and I'm gonna close it.

I open the hatch, you speak to your lovely secretary Maggie on the telephone, you tell her you've run away with some woman and you'll be sending written instructions shortly.

So which is it, Choice A or Choice B? There is no spider. But if you don't do what I ask, you'll wish there was one. Why are you doing this to me? You're part of a great endeavor. Monsters are coming, Mr. Who will cleanse this city in blood and fire. Very soon, little man, you will be dead, and the world will go on without you.

No one will even remember your name. No, that's where you are wrong, old lady. We will leave a mark on this city. We will spread across it like a virus. Do you know why? There's nothing more contagious than laughter! That was strangely pleasant. That's gonna leave a mark. What you call sanity is just a prison in your mind that stops you from seeing that you're just tiny, little cogs in a giant, absurd machine. Why be a cog when you can be free like us? Just remember - smile.

The Last Laugh [2. Not kill him - destroy him. Body and soul Alfred Pennyworth: Besides, there's going to be a magician. And you like magicians, don't you?

You know what I said about being normal? So, uh, how do you go from being in the Royal Marines to a butler? Well, it is a bit tedious after a while. You know, parachuting into one global hot spot after another. Warlords putting ridiculous bounties on your head. Gets a bit boring, really. So, tell me, do I kill? You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.

He was just a kid. Every evil bastard in the world was "just a kid" once. You son of a bitch! True, but not the point. Let's talk about what I want: Chang's - be careful, the man is a crook - and, oh, I don't know, a pony. You got 10 minutes or I start killing people. And remember, this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, y'know, don't let people die. So, Lee, how's Jim doing? I hope he's not blaming himself for this Essen-being-killed thing.

You are one crazy bitch. You know, I'm gonna make a prediction. Within a year, Jim and I will be back together. Want to know why? Because we're both the same. We both have a dark side. And one day, we will tell our grandchildren about this man-eating harpy who almost tore us apart! But in the end Barbara grabs a knife and lunges at her, but Jerome catches her arm.

Hasn't been 10 minutes yet. A year ago, I held Fish Mooney's umbrella. Now she's dead, by my hand, as is Maroni. Falcone is in hiding, and all of their businesses are mine. They all underestimated me. I suggest that you do not make the same mistake.

Darlin', I got no freakin' idea. We've been doing crazy stuff all day long. Crime unpunished is a crime in itself.

'Gotham' season 3, episode 15 reveals how the Riddler got his name

Come on, Jim, we've seen his type come and go. Idealists, always looking to walk the straight line--Gotham doesn't have straight lines, it's got twists and turns and dead-ends. Anyone who doesn't wanna get shot, raise your hands! Who cares if you're free? What good's freedom if you're alone?

What good's family if you're a slave? Let me do the talking. Just smile and make like we're friends. That's an extra hundred. You're in deep water, Mr. That is where penguins thrive. It's the onions that bring it together. The sweetness and the acid, am I right? Mmm, half of good police work is the ability to sit on one's ass when it's called for. If that were true, you'd be commissioner. Why are you helping me? Maybe you remind me of me You've got a future here, Butch.

You're a hard worker, and you're loyal to a fault. And now he's dead. My kicks did it? Maybe it's because he's fried like a taquito! What do you call a three-legged cow? You're cute, for a doctor. You're cute, for a gangster. Mommy's Little Monster [2.

You don't have the stomach to kill me yourself? No wonder your family was run out of town. You come from a long line of cowards. I'm going to kill you. You tell us what the hell is going on with Penguin, or we leave you with Zsasz.

Bruce Wayne meets Dr. Edward Nygma - Batman Forever

You can't do that. We can totally do that. You come around here again Who the hell are you? And you're a piece of gutter trash. Let me ask you something: Would anyone miss you if one day you were just I'm here for Gilzean. Anyone who leaves now, leaves alive. Anyone who stays, dies. You have 60 seconds to do the math. I had high hopes for you. I thought you were prepared to make the hard choices, to do whatever it takes to rid Gotham of its monsters.

I've just decided I'm gonna start with you. Tonight's the Night [2. I don't like this any more than you, but it is the only way. This is you, Jim. This is all you. She sucked you right back in, didn't she? Because she still has a hold on you.

Her sickness and yours feed off each other. You see an abyss and you run toward it. I'm just doing my job. He's a psychopath, Barbara. He's laughing at you. And when he's done with you, you're just a loose end. You really don't like this Galavan guy, do you? Yeah, well, I can't help but consider it, Alfred. There's a fine line between extortion and negotiation. Yes, there is, Master Bruce, but there's still a line.

Anything that makes Captain Barnes tight-ass nervous, I'm all for. I need to know that one of you isn't going to get sucked into all these mind games that Miss Kean is going to be pulled out there. Not to worry - no one's ever accused me of getting sucked into mind games. A Bitter Pill to Swallow [2. You know what I like about those glasses? I nearly crossed the line. Let me tell you something about the line. My third tour, we're stationed in the desert.

We captured three insurgents, when this sandstorm kicks up. Then we start taking fire. We're getting lit up.

I come across one of our prisoners. His hands are zip-tied. But he figures what the hell, he's gonna use the sandstorm to try to escape; so I jump him. And I take my gun and I jam it in his mouth.

I figured it was just a threat; show him who's boss, you know? Next thing I know I just pulled the trigger. Blew his head off. That kid woke me up every night for years. Until I made my peace with him. Captain James Gordon and Detecive Harvey Bullock arrive and make their way quickly inside the building.

The Headmaster thinks Tetch is depending on him. Bruce points out the clock to Captain Gordon which Jim shoots a bullet to stop the clock from ticking in hope it will break the hypnotic spell. Which it seems to for a moment but the Headmaster raises his hand as his pocket watch is another hypnotic trigger. Jim shouts for everyone to get down as the Headmaster presses the button on the detonator and explodes. One of the waiters still dressed in his Arkham Asylum uniform is having difficulty serving the food.

Jerome spontaneously names them The Legion of Horribles in which he asks a chef to write it down. Whilst he was in Arkham he came up with a plan which he could turn Gotham into a Mad house, he is now on the cusp of making it happen. First Jerome thanks Mr Oswald for holding the brunch, in which Oswald is happy to help out an old friend. Mr Crane is developing a new chemical compound which is coming alone dreadfully in which Jerome liked his pun.

Mr Freeze being the science man, Jerome needs a lab a big lab which Mr Freeze see no problem in getting. Carl the waiter gets told of for serving the food without his tongs which I have to admit had me chuckling as Jerome went from calm to sinister in seconds. Tetch returns and Jerome grin is bigger then ever as the information that Tetch has for him will bring all the elements together.

Myself personally I thought Oswald looked completely sure whether he wanted part of this unknown plan but at least Oswald could take back the underworld. Alfred is back this week and is present as Jim questions Bruce about what he knows about Xander Wilde. If Bruce knew he would tell Jim but Jim questions if he actually would. Jim does have a point in that Bruce could of been killed but I think Bruce would of definitely passed on any information he knew any. Jim final warning that if Bruce gets involved in the ongoing case Jim will press charges.

Harvey has been talking to an administrator at Saint Ignatius. Wilde is child prodigy and now works as a top Structural Engineer at a company called Meyer and Hayes. What does Jerome want with a structural engineer? Jerome is sharing a elevator with an older lady she is looking a little apprehensive as Jerome stands next to her with a shot gun and tries to whistle along with the music in elevator.

Jerome tells her not to bother contacting security as they are now headless this line had my fellow Dc world team member John Hammond in fits of laughter! Jerome makes his way to room where a meeting is being held. Jerome clicks the shotgun which gets the attention of the people in the meeting. Jerome finds this funny, with the shotgun pointed at Mr Hayes he demands to know where he can find this proxy.

Jim and Harvey walk out of the elevator to people running and screaming. There are gunshots as Jerome runs down the stairs to greet Jimbo his old buddy and pal. Jim and Harvey take cover with guns aimed.

Harvey confirms that no one has ever met Xander Wilde and he did go through a proxy to handle any dealings with the company. Hayes did know the identity of the proxy but unfortunately he not talking anymore, Harvey indicates to the body bag. With no driver license and no other trace Xander Wilde seems to be a ghost. One thing for sure Jim and Harvey have come to the conclusion that Jerome finding Xander is personal.

Jim notices a drawing of Wayne Plaza on the wall the designer is Xander Wilde. A group of people are gathered and are waiting quietly. Spotlights shine on a stage a lean tall figure in his now trademark green suit and black bowler hat.

The stage is set with a big green question mark in the background. A lady assistant called Leila stands next to wheel that she spins to choose which terror the contestants will face if they loose.

Edward Nygma (Gotham)

Ed introduces the first contestant Lars from The street Demons. Like all good game show host Ed talks about the hard times he has fallen on but Lars is happy to be there with The Riddler and Ed admires his spirit like a true person from the Narrows. How does the game play in The Riddle Factory? Ed asks Lars a Riddle then Lars asks The Riddler a riddle and if he gets them both right he takes home cold hard cash.

Ed stands in the spotlight with his thumbs facing downwards to reveal Lars is wrong. The answer is ton. N spelt backwards it is not. Leila spins the wheel of misfortune as the crowd chants. Ed asks what brings her majesty down to his part of The Narrows. Ed is doing far better then what Sofia Falcone is from what Ed understands in an impressed tone.

Lee tells Ed whatever he is doing is over but Ed speaks to the audience and tells them he has been informed by their Queen that she wants to shut them down. The audience boos and Ed hears democracy the people have spoken and Ed reminds Lee his name is The Riddler.

They stare at each other for a moment and Lee decides that she will be the next contestant on The Riddle Factory. A blonde lady enters an apartment carring groceries she locks the door behind her. By her expression she knows someone is in the room. Jerome comes out from a corner and asks if she has any ice cream?

Jerome finds this flattering and asks little miss proxy where Xander is. Proxy who we find out later is called Ecco Francesca Root-Dodson points out a large cage in the room. Ecco knocks Jerome out with two moves and contacts someone on her cellphone that she has Jerome.

Grudy is drinking alone in a bar when Oswald walks in. Grundy is wearing a flat cap and tweeded suit. Oswald calls Grundy Butch and is a little surprised when he sees his pale face. Oswald moves closer and heard Butch was different and is honest Oswald likes his new look. Grundy wants to know what Oswald wants, he starts with Grundy probably knowing about the Arkham breakout. Oswald goes on to explain he has just come from brunch with Jerome Valeska and he has big plans for Gotham.

Oswald is confident that Jerome will flame out and this will give Oswald the chance to reclaim the underworld. The truth is which makes Grundy chuckle is that Oswald needs a good man like Butch by his side. Grundy is happy to be on his own as he already did that job once before. Oswald finds this amusing as all he sees is a man with nothing. Grundy warns Oswald to be wise in what he says to him as he is definitely not the same man he used to be and neither is Oswald.

With one last try at reminding Grundy how they used to run the town together they were friends. Grundy tells Oswald to look at him as Tabitha will never love him again and the slaughter swamp turned him into a monster. Grundy throws Oswald flat on the floor and tells him to get leave and if he ever sees Oswald again he will pop his head off like a flower. At Wayne Manor Bruce wants to get something straight with Jim, one minute he wants Bruce to stay out of the case then next minute Jim wants his help.

Jim ignores Bruces annoyance and tells him they believe his father Thomas knew Xander Wilde. Alfred explains that Thomas Wayne kept notes and dates on all meetings and climbs a ladder to find the diary associated with Wayne Plaza. Alfred opens the book and finds the entry of when Thomas went to meet Xander. The location address is Anisley Drive out by the old rock quarry, Bruce realises that this man must of been important for his father to go out of his way and meet him.

Jerome wakes up in a cell of concrete which he finds interesting as he chuckles to himself. There is a camera which Jerome calls out as encouragable or is that himself.

Somebody is watching Jerome on lots of television screens he knows exactly who is watching him. An alarm goes off there is a car approaching. Harvey and Jim use their torches to try and find the house as they are surrounded in woodland. Jim shows his badge to the camera and tells the person who is operating the door that they have come to see Xander Wilde. Jim and Harvey enter tentatively, Ecco is there is greet them and take them to Xander.

Jim asks how long Mr Wilde has lived in his underground construction, Ecco answers in a methodical manner six years.

Ecco talks into entry pad which opens the door. Jim thanks Mr Wilde for seeing them, Xander is stood with his back to them and when he turns around Xander is identical to Jerome. Xander asks if he can put his hands down. Jim apologises as he did take them by surprise.

Jeremiah also lived at the circus and he was taken away from Jerome for his own protection. Jeremiah explains how different he and Jerome are. From an early age Jeremiah excelled in Math and design where Jerome showed it in the mutilation of alley cats.

On Jeremiah tenth birthday Jerome held a cake knife to his throat and attempted to set fire to his bed.