Meet girls in rio

meet girls in rio

That in itself makes it an excellent place to meet girls in Brazil. People are a little more chill and less, um, Feminist than in Rio (we'll get to that. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular cities among sex tourists all over the world. There is plenty of action to be had, and the girls here are. Fabricio's YouTube: Obi's Favela Tours: ▻ Get Coaching:

The Nice Guy’s Guide to Meeting Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Expect their shields to be up! Fashion wise, they often wear light, colorful summer dresses with flower shapes and forms on it when out at night.

They like to show some skin if possible and almost all of them are tattooed. Brazilian girls know how to move their ass. You will see that sort of dance in almost every club if the music is right, but it is not like the grinding in the US: Trust me, it is better to just enjoy the show and hit on them from the front side using words initially.

In regard to the international girls, I must say that most of them are also seeking a crazy ride. Nobody comes to Rio to be bored to death. The vibe is sort of contagious. Brazilians love to kiss.

It is almost impossible to leave Rio without making out with a chick here. It is just sort of happening to one. There were times when girls asked us if we want to kiss and so on. It is not that much of a thing and it does not mean a lot. At one night, a friend of mine has literally made out with a dozen of chicks at a festival without getting laid.

Another time I have made out with a chick that made out with like 5 or 6 others the same evening, some times while I stood like two or three feet away from her. I heard that on Carneval you have people lining up to kiss each other and then go to the next. Getting laid can be another story. Sometimes we found that it came quite easy, but some other times a girl that made out with you like 30 minutes ago would not talk a word with you at the end of the night.

In any cases, you should definitely be direct. There is no shy in Brazil, especially not in Rio. Keep your smile up, maintain eye contact, do not be too reactive, have fun and do not give a shit. In short, body language and bravery are the key drivers of your success. Do not be afraid of touching the ladies even in bars or during the day.

If you ask yourself if you should go further, touch, kiss, grab her or whatever you should probably do it. Have a bit of an eye on the Brazilian guys.

Their super aggressive game can be very annoying especially if you are out with female friends but there are one or two things that one should learn from them, in my opinion. Speaking Portuguese is a big asset down there but it is definitely not necessary to get laid.

The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Guest Post)

The biggest pimp I met in town slept with like 30 girls in 3 months without speaking more than ten words or so in Portuguese. As mentioned above, body language and directness are the key. Just grab her waist and point towards the taxi if the time is right.

She will probably just smile and wave her index finger if she does not want to leave with you. In that case, just laugh a bit and form a heart with your thumbs and index fingers an You can try again later… If you are not speaking the language, you will usually encounter situations where you talk to a girl or a group of girl and you do not understand anything anymore.

Just nod and let her talk with her Portuguese speaking friends for a while. Do not remain there waiting for her. Maybe talk a bit with your friends or with other people walking around in the venue or get a drink or whatever. After some time you might make out with her a little bit more. Make sure, that you are there when it is time to leave the club. If you do speak Portuguese, you are definitely in a huge advantage. The flirting culture is very out going.

What ever you would text a western girl, at least double the amount of naughtiness. It is socially acceptable to say so. Imagine the best 10 parties you have been to in your life. They could all happen on the same day, same time and you can impossibly attend all of them. There are all sort of nighttime activities so you will definitely find your self well entertained down there.

meet girls in rio

You should also know, that the nightlife can be pretty intense. You will not understand one word of what people say, it is loud, people are jumping around half naked, there are dogs running around some times, you smell weed everywhere, beggars want to collect money, others might try to rob you and some times you see groups of guys kissing each other… bottom line: At the beginning it can even be a bit shocking for the average stiff westerner.

My tip here is to keep going out as much as you can to get used to it. We found, that there can be a severe difference between flirting with rich, high class Cariocas and the average, not so rich Carioca girls. Being with a gringo is cool, when it comes to the more working class part of the country. We sometimes felt, that being with gringos can be perceived as a downgrade among the richest Brazilians, though. Also, they might expect you to speak Portuguese with them in order to be successful.

There were many parties where neither me nor my friends had the slightest chances with the girls and after all, I think this is one of the explanations to this. Tinder is the best way to go if you are only interested in plain sex.

The Nice Guy’s Guide to Meeting Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A decent western account can get hundreds and thousands of matches in only a few months. My recommendation here is to take some time in advance and have some decent pictures made of yourself. I know it is annoying to ask a bro to take a picture but do it anyway. It will pay off, trust me. Have some cool hq gringo photos of your self doing cool gringo stuff in stylish gringo clothes and you will find yourself swimming in matches.

You can impossibly text all of them if you play your cards right, and from the ones you meet are most likely down to have sex with you the first time they meet you. They certainly do not expect a candle light dinner or anything. I recommend you to be a gentleman, but you do not have to overdo it. Some times it is enough to just meet at the beach, chat, drink a bit and then suggest to go to your place for some random reason.

meet girls in rio

You should know how to handle the rest… When it comes to fashion, the Brazilian men are certainly not on the western level. The shops are neither that decent. I recommend you to bring everything you need with you. The shopping is really not worth it. Saying that, you will not need to look like Versace or so when out in the field. Brazilian girls are not looking for fashionable men.

They do not really care, I think. Being fit is more appreciated I would say, so work out a lot before coming to Brazil, if you can. Be careful with expensive accessories. It is often recommended to not wear expensive watches and that, because you could get robbed easier.

When you are down, though, you will see tons of people wearing jewelry and it is no brainer. The idea here is the same as with the other safety tips: It often happened to us that the girls offered us her phone number or Instagram after making out. Most of the time it was their polite way of saying good bye.

At that time, the game is probably over for you. Try to prevent this from happening and keep the girl entertained until it is time to leave the venue. If she offers you her contacts, take it anyway and try if you can meet up with her some time during the week.

There is just too much going on for beautiful Latinas.

meet girls in rio

Even if they are super into you they might not be anymore one or two days later. If the girl actually replies and you get her to agree on a date or tells you that she wants to see you, the war is still not won.

It is a Carioca thing to make appointments very quickly without actually intending to attend them. This will almost guarantee the deal. Meet at a cheap beer bar, grab some dinner, hit the beach, whatever you want.

There are always lots of tourists in Rio, and many choose to spend their time at the bars trying to soak up the local culture in a sense, so there is actually a good chance you may encounter an international traveler or two who may be looking for some company, which may be to your benefit. As far as Rio girls you meet in a bar, they tend to be rather cliquey, so happening upon a group of people and introducing yourself is a good way to get a foot in the door on some prospects.

After just a few minutes, you will be considered a part of the group gaining instant approval, which is quite important actually. Leblon and Copacabana are great areas for bar hopping, and so is Lapa. Jobi is a great local pub, and gives you a good opportunity to meet some regulars from the area while avoiding some of the bigger, louder bars in the area.

If you are more into strip clubs you may want to check out the two most popular joints in this category: I have marked all locations on the map at the end of the guide. Lots of choices, lots of lines, and lots of girls to be met for sex.

Still, if you have an obvious gringo vibe going on, you might draw some extra attention to yourself. Girls here like to be put on a pedestal, and the process is sort of like hunting in a way. Look around, scan some targets, and move in.

The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Guest Post) | Naughty Nomad

Dance with her for a while, get her a drink, feel it out. In fact, you may end up ficando-ing numerous girls that night. Get their numbers and meet with them the next day to seal the deal. Teatro Odisseia and Emporio are popular clubs that are always a bet for a good time, with plenty of girls to be found on the weekends.

There are numerous exotic clubs in Rio as well, often full of prostitutes and dancers that will be all over you all night, hoping you buy them drinks and take them home.

Make sure you go earlier in the day for better results. The standard procedure involves coming into the front desk, checking in with a receptionist, getting a temporary locker to put your stuff in, and moving on to the area where you can meet and mingle with the girls.

The basic manners always apply as well. Rio Girls on Dating Sites Meeting Rio girls on dating sites is an incredibly efficient way to meet them for sex without having to go out and do all the work — especially if you are in town only for a few days.

It can also be a way to meet some more willing favela girls without having to go out and brave them.