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meet greet rihanna diamonds

*RIHANNA DIAMONDS TOUR VIP ALL ACCESS MEET & GREET BACKSTAGE PASS WITH LANYARD*. EUR ; Free Postage. From United States. Re: Rihanna - Diamonds European Tour I hope she adds a Scottish date. No Meet. She only just kicked off her Diamonds World Tour on Friday. And things have not gotten off to a good start for Rihanna.

The first video interlude titled "Le Sex Shoppe" features Rihanna dressed in white dress and a suit smoking a cigar while the words "sex" and "temptation" are whispered throughout the video.

meet greet rihanna diamonds

The second segment begins with a cover of Prince 's " Darling Nikki " where Rihanna, dressed in a suit and holding a cane, rubs against her female dancers. A brief guitar solo follows performed by Nuno Bettencourt.

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Rihanna returns to the stage atop a pink tank shooting puffs of smoke, with her and her dancers dressed in military gear, to perform " Raining Men ".

After climbing out the tank, Rihanna then performs " Hard " dancing around the stage while her dancers wield pink rifles. A mashup of "Breakin' Dishes" and Sheila E.

meet greet rihanna diamonds

The second video interlude features Rihanna wearing a red dress while waving sheets of chiffon in the air and ends with the spoken line: The song then moves into a solo version of " Hate That I Love You " with Rihanna sitting in a chair next to the guitarist.

The segment ends with " California King Bed " with smoke covering the stage floor, followed by another guitar solo by Bettencourt. The third and final interlude features a remix of " Pon de Replay " with images from Rihanna's music videos. The next song, " Rude Boy ", features Rihanna surrounded by her male dancers with various television screens in the background.

meet greet rihanna diamonds

Rihanna then puts on a pair of sunglasses and chants with the audience for " Cheers Drink to That ", followed by " Don't Stop the Music " with vigorous choreography.

His delivery was so poor, I could not understand anything that he was saying, other than those songs where he repeated shouted, really the same two or three words over and over again.

So the venue was filled with adolescent girls, many of whom would be too young to attend a show such as this, so had parents in tow.

meet greet rihanna diamonds

Except that they needed to be women. He did no I. Seriously, what an idiot. I guess it is one of his fantasies to have a captive audience of 14, people watch him get off by demeaning random young women on stage.

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Maybe he should have been replaced with another artist after pleading guilty to attempted grand larceny a few months ago. I miss the awesome Calvin Harris, who opened for the last Rihanna concert.

That was an incredible show — one I was sure could never be topped — and I knew I would see her again once she announced the next tour. I was also lucky enough to meet Rihanna backstage after that show, which was a great experience.

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Since, she has released Unapologetic, which is another top album for the Barbadian pop singer. There are some truly amazing new songs on this album, which I will get to a little later. I think with this tour, she has some more still and silent moments to really dig into the vocals of the songs, and that she did.

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