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Big Hero 6 Concept Art on display at Tumblr's Big Hero 6 Meet-Up. Big Hero 6. HD Wallpaper and Big Hero 6 - Hiro Hamada Concept Art. Transparent. Hiro Hamada x reader | Tumblr Hiro Hamada, Big Hero 6, Heroes, Fandoms Tadashi meet Jack Frost 11 Big Hero 6 Comic, Disney And Dreamworks, Disney . Bolt and Big Hero 6 crossover fanfiction archive with over 5 stories. It isn't until they meet Hiro Hamada and his friends that Penny realizes that she and Bolt won 't have to fight Calico on their own. Cover image by DAsKeTcHeRZ on tumblr.

I tried to make him a weapon because I was pissed off and out for revenge, so don't tell me I wasn't doing exactly what Callaghan did with my microbots.

Callaghan's not around to fix what he broke, so it's up to me. He stole them, and now I'm taking them back. Making them mine again. But Wasabi was nodding, Fred and Honey looked eager, and Gogo Gogo stood with one hand on her cocked hip, grinning at him.

He's got way more to worry about than what I'm doing with my life. Besides, he's in prison, he's out of our lives, so Every news outlet's covering his trial. What time is it? You guys want to grab some takeout? I just brought 'em in case you guys wanted to go Dutch. Fred held up the coupons in question, flicking them into a neat fan.

meet hiro hamada tumblr

I've been craving chow fun since this morning! Hiro stalled in following them, just long enough to lock up the bin of microbots and slip the headset into his backpack. One could never be too careful. An hour and a half into lunch was a moderately crowded time for the Lucky Cat Cafe.

By then the lunch rush had died down and the wait was almost nonexistent, but there were still enough people to blend in. It was the perfect atmosphere for a quiet lunch on one's own. Most importantly, the press hadn't found this place yet. A young woman pushed open the door, trying not to flinch when the bell jangled loudly. She couldn't help but feel stares from everyone already in the cafe, even though a quick glance around told her that no one was actually looking at her.

meet hiro hamada tumblr

She pressed her bug-eye sunglasses into place, tugged at the scarf knotted loosely around her neck, and stepped closer to the counter. Cass Hamada had a tray of dirty dishes balanced against her hip, but still took a moment to pause and smile at her. It was small, meant for only one or two diners, and tucked in the corner.

Away from the doors and windows, out of the main path of traffic, it was the perfect place for privacy. She seated herself, ordered a latte that was more milk, foam, and syrup than coffee, and settled down for a few hours of quiet. Her stomach gurgled quietly, and she cast a longing eye toward the pastry display.

"Hello Hiro!" - Big Hero 6 Cosplay Re-enactment

It wasn't as if she couldn't afford it. It was a quiet day for the cafe, and however much she watched the windows, she never spotted If she did, she would leave — she knew where the back door was, and she could leave a fatter tip as an apology for using it.

meet hiro hamada tumblr

But at least today, the necessity never came up. She watched the other customers through dark amber-tinted lenses as they dwindled and business went into a lull.

She was almost done with her current coffee. Maybe she would buy herself another strawberry-filled croissant. Three wasn't excessive, was it? Cass Hamada noted the lull just as she did, and at a quarter to three the customer looked up to see the owner making her way over. Carefully arranging her face into a smile, she greeted her hostess.

And I keep telling you, call me Cass. I start next semester. You're in, and that's the important part. Their reasons shouldn't matter.

meet hiro hamada tumblr

It was always on the tip of her tongue, in a veritable queue of words that meant the same. No more GE credits, no more writing requirement. I mean, doctors said it's She'd spent months in hypersleep under conditions that barely qualified as optimal.

Of course there would be consequences. I see her later today. My mind makes sense. Fragments were easier — she could eke out sentences piece by piece. Without elaborating, she watched Cass from behind the shield that her shades provided. Cass either took it in stride or kept her face skillfully blank.

There was no reason for her to believe otherwise. Once you're more comfortable with communicating, of course. She recovered almost instantly, mentally kicking herself.

I have to — do it. She was good at that these days. I try to think, but She didn't press, and for that reason alone Abigail could have gotten out of her chair right then and there and hugged her. But that was too bold, too personal. She couldn't do that, she couldn't bring herself to touch this woman — it was all she could do to manage looking her in the eye, and even then she usually had sunglasses as scant shelter.

For a cup of coffee, to talk From behind the the shield of amber-tinted lenses, Abigail focused on warm brown eyes the same eyes as Tadashi Hamada's eyes. You know that, right? She nodded, squeezing back in a moment of boldness. Since he had taken the chip out before he sent them back, it could be read that trying to save Hiro was something he was doing of his own free will - he no longer had the chip inside to compel him to protect humans.

It's not a specific moment, but it deserves mention: In particular if you have a brother, young or old, whom you feel is wasting his potential, this will get to you.

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It may not quite be what Frozen did for sisterly relationships, but it comes very close. Just the idea of Baymax: Tadashi built a robot. Not as a weapon, or as a soldier, or even as some sort of mindless servant.

Instead, he built a robot designed to care for people and is physically incapable of harming others, even on accident due to Baymax's inflatable, and incredibly soft, composition. And also manages to be so incredibly non-threatening in appearance that he can't even scare people on accident Which is important for someone who may be helping the elderly or those with a weak heart.

Tadashi succeeded in building a robot that is perfectly designed for its purpose Indeed, he build Baymax so well that even Baymax realizes how important his appearance is, among other things.

Baymax is generally implied to not have true AI Further heartwarming comes from the fact that this might well have stopped Hiro from becoming a villain in his darkest moment. Callaghan learns that his daughter is alive near the end of the movie.

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It becomes a Tear Jerker when he realizes he probably won't see her for a long, long time. When Baymax is returned from a killing machine back to his original state, the first thing he does is apologize to everyone for any harm he may have done and express regret at violating his health code. Sure, it's his programming because he's designed to be kind-hearted and caring, but it still counts. Honey Lemon hugging Heathcliff.

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If you look closely, Heathcliff gives her a brief smile—one of the rare times his Comically Serious exterior cracks. Fred after lamenting the distance between him and his busy father, discovers his father's secret superhero lair.

The man himself walks in and reveals that they're not so different in more ways than one, reciting Fred's gross underwear rhyme - and you can hear the joy and pride in every word. And then they happily hug each other. Also counts as a Tear Jerker: After the heroes have saved the day near the end, there's a gap where Baymax would have been standingalmost like a missing man formation.

While Hiro made upgrades and gave everyone else new abilities, he didn't make anything for himself except a suit. This could be either because he trusts Baymax to protect and fight for him or that there wasn't enough time to upgrade both of them and he decided to devote his time on Baymax.

Not a specific moment, but compare Baymax's first hug for Hiro to the last two times he hugs him. The first time, his eyes are wide open and staring ahead. The last times, both before sending Hiro and Abigail out of the void and when he's rebuilt and reunited with Hiro, his eyes close. Just like a human being does when they are fully, emotionally-invested in the hug. It's subtle, but still heartwarming and a great sign of his Character Development. Tadashi helping Hiro by grabbing his ankles and flinging him around, so he can "look at a different angle".

Plus, it's also a cute moment of sibling love. Look even closer, Hiro is letting his body dangle. What does this mean? He trusts that Tadashi won't let him fall. Hiro and Tadashi's relationship with their Aunt Cass.

She took them in, even though she never had any experience with raising kids. And even though it's not shown in a lot, Cass is a kind, motherly, and eternally supportive figure in the lives of her nephews. The scenes of the gang hanging out with Hiro, as he prepare his microbots.

Too bad, Hiro had to throw him.