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Sleeping polar bear cub captures hearts - CNN

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cutest animals, Wild animals and Baby polar bears. Meet Kali, the furry white polar bear playing at Alaska Zoo. Meet France's First Baby Gorilla of Zoo de Beauval is incredibly proud of two little Golden Lion Tamarins that were born on February 3rd. Explore Polar Bears, Coca Cola and more! See more. alaskan animals pictures | visit guardian co uk · In PicturesAnimal PicturesAnimal Meet Kali the Alaska Zoo's littlest polar bear 10 Fun and Interesting Facts about the Earth's Oceans.

Sleeping polar bear cub captures hearts

Adorable animals we love After an adult female polar bear was shot in Alaska in Marchher orphaned cub was rescued by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service and placed in the temporary care of the Alaska Zoo. He moved to his permanent home at the St.

  • Meet Kali, Alaska Zoo's Littlest Polar Bear

Louis Zoo in May Click through the gallery to see more adorable animals around the world. Hide Caption 1 of 9 Photos: Adorable animals we love After his mom was hit by a car, 6-month-old koala joey Phantom stayed close to her, crawling on Lizzy as she underwent surgery in June for a collapsed lung and recovered from the procedure.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital says they're both doing well. Hide Caption 2 of 9 Photos: The pudu is the world's smallest deer species. Hide Caption 3 of 9 Photos: Adorable animals we love Lisa and her three 2-month-old babies relax at the Zoo de Cerza in Hermival-les-Vaux, northwestern France, on June Hide Caption 4 of 9 Photos: Adorable animals we love An adorable month-old jaguar cub looks out from a bucket at the Leningradskiy Zoopark in St.

Petersburg, Russia, on April Hide Caption 5 of 9 Photos: The year-old giant panda was caring for one of her cubs but was not letting the photographer see it. Guster was the real first act of the night. I kind of followed them a bit back when I was in college when I feel like they were really big in the college music scene.

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I saw them as part of the H. E festival, which Wikipedia informs me was in its 8th and final year that summer.

Cul-Lee : Alaska Zoo's Littlest orphaned Polar Bear in new home

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